Is it legal to work while sick?

I work at McDonalds I have been sick the past 3 days I called off the past 3 days they told me to go to the doctor today for a note I did they said it’s just a virus and I can go back to work tomorrow I even told them I work at McDonalds with food and they still said I’m good to go back tomorrow despite how I feel and my boss says I have to go back tomorrow. Is this even legal going back to working with food while sick?


Once the doctor says your fit for work then yes it is legal for your job to get you to come back to work

If your dr says you can work then you can work

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I don’t think there is a law saying you can’t go to work while sick, people do it literally all of the time. Unfortunately the times we live in prioritize profit over employee well being sometimes. Wear a mask and be sure to wash your hands often.


I always go to work sick! It’s the world we live in. Everyone is sick. Push through and get to work

Its not illegal, your not supposed to go into work if you are vommiting, have diarrhea, or a high fever, and it is recommended that you are symptom free from any of those three things for 48 hours before returning to work, and they are only concerned about that because those are the three biggest symptoms with foodborn illness. I have a virus and ive been working every single shift, at my fast food job, everyday, i where a mask and i wash my hands hand more frequently.

If you’re throwing up, diarrhea, have a fever then you definitely shouldnt be at work especially working with food but if its a cold etc then you should go

For the customer’s sake please wear a mask. But I think it’s so wrong of employers to require you to go to work when you don’t feel good.

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I’m currently sick with the common cold. I work with young babies and toddlers 6weeks - 3 years old.

I still have to come to work if the dr clears me.

I have to wash and sanitize my hands constantly and wear a mask.


That’s what gloves and masks are for. Should be wearing them in the food Industry really but if you are practicing proper hygiene, no fever, no longer contagious you should be fine to go back to work. We all do.


Wash your hands a lot and wear a mask. You’ll be fine.

Legal yes, sanitary probably not but depending on what it is a mask really does help

Unless it’s airborne there’s no reason you can’t. They only asked for a doctors note because you were out for three days. After three consecutive days it’s required

If No fever, no vomiting you can work. Doctor said your good to go back to work.

This is not meant to be rude but honestly unless you have a fever , vomitying, or diarrhea, u are ok to go back to work . Unless is was a serious illness, unfortunately we all catch viruses and bugs but especially if the dr said you’re cleared to go then you just need to make sure to take the precautions, wash hands , wear a mask if you’re coughing /sneezing. If u think about it if that was a law then no one would be at work :sweat_smile:. I’ve work so many times not feeling good but unless I’m actually throwing up or fever I take some over the counter meds and go back to work, I have 3 kids to support and I work 2 jobs. One being a restaurant as well and we even have signs up saying o let manager know if you’re if vomitying , diarrhea or have a fever cuz then they’ll send you home because that’s an issue

I guess it would depend how sick to me , if you wash your hands properly and don’t cough on food then your not likely to spread any virus. People work sick all the time even doctors , but if your so sick that your so light headed or nausea you may fall or get sick everywhere I would probably stay home more for your safety.


Been at work with fevers, bronchitis, covid, mad :poop:’s, shoulder and elbow injuries, boot for a massive sprain to my ankle, jacked up back (pulled 4 major muscles) cuz guess what you run out of sick time and still gatta pay the bills…

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Go to work. When the customer la start complaining, they’ll send you home. It is legal to work you to death

If the doctor cleared you to return to work and they are aware of where you work, go to work.


if your vomiting, diarrhea, and have a persistent cough those are the nonos in the food industry

Working around or with food is not good. While sick Safe food handling rules say stay home while sick


Nope, there’s no law against it.

I work in a Drs office and I had strep and they said I was fine to go back in after 24 hours on antibiotics. So I was working still feeling like crap :joy::sob: sometimes it just is what it is, we still gotta work.


If your state requires training on safe food handling and certification, then no you are required to stay home. And the safe food handler manager in charge for that day is required to send you home.

I’ve worked sick many times in Healthcare. Be conscious of your hand hygiene and wear a mask. It will be fine.

Yes you can go back to work if you don’t have a fever throwing up or diarrhea. If it’s just a virus then you will he good to return back to work most of the time for a virus you should stay home 24 to 48 hours before returning back to work.


Yes you can work sick we all do it.

If the doctor cleared you for work then they can terminate your position if you don’t go in :woman_shrugging: it sucks but that’s how it goes, but general rule you shouldn’t work if you have a fever vomiting or Diarrhea


What people need to start doing us calling food safety places like public health for instance in Canada. Yes there’s gloves and masks but that doesn’t 100% protect others. There should be more laws about sick days etc. That’s how viruses are spread mostly, in workplaces.


Not actually illegal to work sick. I was told it is a health violation if you’re actively vomiting or contagious or fever. Otherwise wear a mask and gloves and use lots of over the counter medicines besides anything else prescribed and dredge on.


Say you have a fever :woman_shrugging:t4: you aren’t suppose to work with fever or vomiting/diarrhea

I have work in the food industry for Over thirty years as long as you are not running the temperature vomiting or diarrhea you go to work

McDonald’s let me work drive thru while actively vomiting when I was 17. I text my parents from the bathroom to come get me because my manager would NOT let me leave. She even offered to put me in the food area so I wasn’t “running around too much”

Just wash your hands & don’t sneeze on the food.

It isn’t illegal. I’m a line cook. So, I work around food and cook for a living. As long as you’re not actively throwing up. Wear a mask. Wear gloves. Wash your hands. If you’re lightheaded, you can barely stand or walk, then it can become dangerous and no, you should not be working. If you are throwing up and running a fever while at work then no you should not be at work. But, if you are not experiencing any of those things. Then yes, you can work. Most likely, you are not contagious. It may be a virus that isn’t airborne. Just take precautions.


As bad as it sucks if the doctor gives you an all clear to go back to work then you need to go back to work. As long as you’re not running a fever, vomiting, diarrhea. Those kinds of symptoms then you’re fine just use proper hygiene.


A lot of people work while they are sick. If the Dr. released you back to work, you should be good to go. If you’re still not feeling well go to the ER. If it’s that serious they will admit you.


Do you have a fever or diarrhea? If not then you’re not contagious anymore. Sounds like maybe you just don’t want to work there anymore if that’s the case then put your notice in and find a different place. That’s probably why they both told you to go back to work because they know you aren’t running a fever or have any other symptoms and probably just getting over the end of the virus. I bet if you don’t go back in soon that they’ll fire you since you got the doctors note stating you can return to work the next day. Make your decision and if you have kids think about them

Sounds like your looking for someone to justify you simply not wanting to go to work…imma guess your in your teens too😂 maybe 20s

Usually if sick and work around food u shouldn’t be there especially with cough food service in schools don’t even want u there. And after so many days get dr. Excuse.

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I work in healthcare, they’ve told us even if we have Covid and we aren’t “symptomatic” we are suppose to work wearing PPE! Suck it up

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It’s legal but not right !

You’ve been off for 3 days & haven’t been to the dr, so i see your employers point. As for the dr, they cleared you & you’re most likely not contagious especially if you’re not vomiting or running a fever, if its truly been 3 days & you are running a fever or vomiting thats obviously more than just a virus that needs to run its course & you need to go to the er. Sounds like you’re just looking for an excuse to miss work to me.

McDonald’s has other things that you can do other than handle food (wipe down tables, take out trash, sweep floors, etc) so that’s probably what your manager will be having you do instead of handling food. People go to work sick all the time. It’s just how it is.


Either work sick or get fired ,that’s how it is sweetheart


There’s NO law against it but those of us with chronic illnesses and weak immune systems surely wish there was a law against it…
This winter alone I barely went out still got really ,really sick all of January an half of February lost one family member and one friend to influenza A :grimacing:
It’s not fair to the workers either shouldn’t have to work feeling like crap that’s #1.
There’s something here in California it’s NOT COVID but it’s called the ‘30 day cough’ :mask: it goes away then comes back worse UGH.

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Drs.lokin out for companies instead of their patients…:thinking: WOW

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My friend works at a hospital serving food. She currently has covid and still has to work.


Why not just go to the doctor and get a note?

I know what generation you are :rofl:


Nope, it’s not illegal. Im a teacher and I work sick a LOT. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Most people work while sick…

Unfortunately in the US yes. I was hoping COVID would change that. But we learned nothing.

I wish it was fucking illegal. I’d have a permanent drs note. lol if you’re in America, sorry about your luck. You gotta go. 🩷

Wear a mask, wash your hands

McDonald’s don’t honestly care if yr sick.or not just as long as you making there money for them. I was a manager for them for 5 yrs and worked the whole time I had covid. All they said was keep yr mask on lol.

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Think of all the healthcare workers who go to work to care for sick patients, because they are short staffed and have to make a paycheck to care for their own family. Everyone works while sick. Unless you have a communicable disease such as Hep A then you can work.

Do you have fever with a sore throat, vomiting, diarrhea, jaundice, or open wounds with pus? Those are the symptoms we must send home for per food safety guidelines.

Yes… you can even work with covid now

Wait, hold up here-- You can NOT go to work when you’re sick???:astonished::astonished::astonished::astonished:

Just be like alot of people & just quit obviously you don’t need or want a job very bad.

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I hope the illegals don’t get jobs in food industry or health care. They may sloppy health physicals if any!

Sounds like you just don’t want to work.

Is it illegal? no. Is it incredibly unethical? Yes.

U can go back as long as you are not vomiting, have diarrhea, or a soar throat with a fever.

Yes clearly u aren’t contagious anymore

You can’t work for 3 days after your last sick.

No 24 hours need to be off work with gastro if working with food

Given the quality of McDonalds food your sneezes will probably add extra vitamins.

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Because the Dr said you could is why… lol your probably not contagious. You just have what everyone else has.

Tell them to shove it more jobs out there who care about u not there pockets!

Your actually supposed to work sick, even with covid :rofl: taking 3 days is extreme.

I worked at taco bell and never called in. This includes days where I had a fever and body aches. Fast food doesn’t give a shit about their employees. At the end of the day, we’re all replaceable to them.

If the doctor said go back to work go back to work not all viruses are airborne they wouldn’t have cleared you if it wasn’t safe. You sound lazy tbh. It’s one thing to not trust your employer but now the doctor and employer have both cleared you for work


I used to work sick all the time , at McDonald’s at , nursing homes , sick it up butter cup time to be an adult ,I was a single parent with bills to pay had no choice


Is working sick illegal? Girl I have bills to pay is not working even(an option) legal

You shouldn’t be working around food if you have nausea or diarrhea. It is a health precaution.

If you’re still having symptoms like fever, vomiting and diarrhea then you should stay home but if you’re just feeling bad without symptoms then you can work, just wear mask and wash hands often.

Just let snot drip into them burgers I guess :sweat_smile:

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You would be amazed at how many Healthcare professionals treat you while contagious.


Hygiene (hand washing, not coughing on food)
Gloves and mask!

As a mum we work through illness with our kids even with influenza or similar.

As an employee, if you are deemed well enough to return by a gp and are without fever, vomiting and diarrhoea then you should return.

I worked through Ross river and barhma forest virus.

If every employee took time off every time they felt tired, a bit unwell, slightly sick our economy would be at standstill.

I went to work once with walking pneumonia because my coworker wanted a family night with her kids :upside_down_face: while having my own 4 month old baby at home that I had to breastfeed on my breaks lol

Do you want your job or not?

You have the right to refuse

If your doctor has cleared you you are
Good to go. Wear a mask
And nitrile gloves to
Minimize passing the virus on to someone else. There is non law that says you can’t stay at home because you are sick…

The doctor said you can go back so yes

Unfortunately these days employers don’t care about their employees well being anymore as long as they are getting money. If you feel better then go. If you don’t feel better stay home. Most places like that aren’t going to fire you for it. You may get written up but I’d gladly take a write up if it meant not going to work feeling that way and taking a chance of getting others sick.

I got in trouble for leaving work early at another fast food place even after I vomited on the manager’s shoes :woman_shrugging:t2::rofl:

Pull up the "big girl panties "and go to work…

Only you know your body, so if you truly do not feel physically well enough to go to work, then call out sick.

If the boss says you can work when you’re sick then you can work. My boss won’t let us work while sick, they tried to send me home this week a couple times from my allergies acting up lol each business is different

Shoot you’re in food service, you either call in dead or you better be there! Lol no in all seriousness I’m sorry. At the end of the day I agree, it’s nasty and people should have more sense. I was just treated at urgent care by a PA who was visibly sick AF to the point she was having a horrible coughing fit and had to leave the room and came back several minutes later. :nauseated_face:

It’s sad our country prioritizes profits over health and well being. If you need another day or two to get healthy, take it. Neither the doctor or the job can dictate your choices. Free will is a thing- but it may have consequences. If it does- I would be calling every local news station to let them know. Just remember if you died they would replace you tomorrow so take care of your health. It’s literally the only thing you have.

just wear a mask you can get a warning or fired if you dont go back because your not booked off what you going to do sneeze onto our hamburgers

I’ve always worked while sick, as long as I’m not fevering or shitting myself.

Poor little troll, you know you are lying!!!

IF YOURE SICK STAY HOME ! Don’t need to spread it to everyone else at work ! And I don’t care if you have bills to pay a few days off work isn’t gonna make you homeless and if it does then you need a better job

As you have plenty of comments telling you already, no there is no law against working while sick. Suck it up and get used to it.