Is it mean to tell my 5 year old to stop asking me questions?

Is it mean to tell my 5 year old straight up to stop asking me questions? He questions me when I go in any room, when I open a cupboard in the kitchen, stand up from the couch, open a drawer, get dressed, park my car in the garage instead of the driveway… you get the point lol. I feel like I’m interrogated all day and I know he’s just curious but I’m already overstimulated by the noise and touch and the toys and mom duties. Is it rude? I want to say it nicely but I just feel like I can’t find the right words.


One day he’s going to be 10, 12, 13, 16 or 18 and barely talk to you. Soak up all this time while you can mama!!


Enjoy the fact that he is curious! Try turning the question to him - when he asks what you are doing ask him what he thinks you are doing and, for example if he is watching you wash up and he asks you what you are doing (for the 100th time) be a bit silly and tell him you are weeding the garden! Once he gets over the surprise of a silly answer you can move the conversation somewhere else, or carry on having a silly game! I found it broke up the interrogation and gave a chance to stretch the imagination!


Instead of saying dont ask me questions,i would just tell him "mommys really overstimulated rt now,i meed noone to talk to me foe the next 30 minutes please. Another idea is when he asks a question,ask him what he thinks the answer is,good luck

He’s learning this !! Be patient you will Absolutely miss this faze !!


I had a curious child too. I told him to save all his best questions for bed time and we would talk about them, and if he would ask me questions before bedtime I would not answer it and remind him to save it for bedtime. 99 percent of the time he forgot them by bedtime. I also told him to look it up in his kids dictionary (my son was reading at 3) and that was helpful also.


I feel like this is what all kids do, and while it can be frustrating it’s also important to not make them feel like they can’t ask questions…since it’s how they learn.
My daughter will be 5 in July and we’ve started telling her “not right now, my brain can’t handle any more questions” or “my brain is full. Ask me again in a bit” it holds her off usually just enough for a mental minute, but then starts right back up :sweat_smile:


It’s so frustrating!! My 4 year old is the same. But I still answer them lol. He’s curious and learning. Id be concerned if he didnt ask anything. I also ask him a lot of questions too. (It’s secretly my payback, but he loves it :joy:)


(mom duties is all about your child) and questions is how they learn.

Sounds like you need some time out
Get a friend or family to mind your child once a week.,. Or put in after school care or something…
You don’t have to love every minute of parenting but sounds like you are not coping at all


My 6 almost 7 year old still does this. ALOT of times it’s questions he knows the answers to already. It drives me crazy. And sometimes I do have to tell him to stop asking me questions. But it is also important to let them ask sometimes even when they already know the answers as they’re learning through it.


It’s not rude to set boundaries with your child. My 9 year old does the same thing. It is frustration when it’s all day no matter where you go or what you are doing. I get it. Just tell him in a nice way that he doesn’t have to know or have a reason for every move you make.

Maybe tell him you have so many questions then he can go play… idk be creative about it. Maybe say 10 questions and after 10 you need to pick up 10 things. ECT I remember my kids always asked. That’s how they learn, I usually look up the hard ones together on Google, and talk about it. Make it a learning experience. Sounds like he’s smart.


As a mom who had a very overly active ADHD boy :rofl:. Not only myself but many other friends and family would just have to tell him nicely. Hey buddy you’re out of questions for a while or something along those lines.


Omg some of these suggestions are crazy and precisely why so many adults struggle to communicate.
Instead of telling a kid to stop, be quiet, I’ll only answer x amount blah blah blah… tell your child that you just need 5 minutes to finish what you’re doing or have some quiet time because you’re feeling xyz and then you’ll come and chat about (insert topic) and redirect them to something then go about your business. It’s a way to teach them patience, teach them that mama needs some quiet right now but not completely dismiss their want and need to talk to you.

No, it is not mean, nor is it rude.

I have always been straight forward with my children. If they smell like onion, better me tell them than someone in school, if what they have on don’t look right on them, better me tell them than someone else in the street, if my daughters make up looks ridiculous better me tell her than someone make fun of her in the street. I don’t sugar coat anything for my children.

Give the kid a daily question limit to encourage him to really consider what questions he wants to ask. It will take some coaching (" Are you sure you want to spend your questions on this?") for a bit to establish the new practice but it really does help. You can also tell him “mind your business” in a gentle or silly tone to remind him that not everything you do is something he has a right to know about regardless of how mundane it is. I also agree that it’s helpful to respond with a question that encourages him to make inferences to answer his own questions. It’s a valuable skill that he’ll use throughout school and life in general.


Try to change the questions into a little discussion. That way they can understand about logic and start trusting themselves.
When your child starts asking questions reverse it by saying "why do YOU think mommy/daddy is …? Hear what they are thinking and train them to start thinking things through.


Some kids are like that my almost 8 year old still like that he been like that since 3 and he loves to just flop beside me and say did you know and go off about his useless knowledge I was like that as a kid I’m full of useless knowledge and facts and he loves to just ask questions he wants to know how everything works he wants to be a scientist when he’s older honestly I use to get annoyed not anymore that’s just how he is my other kids are not like that I know I’m going to miss it one day but on the other hand my nephew he’s 3 is like that when he’s over he loves to fallow me and say what you doing auntie

You are his world and curious to know why you do things. I was the same with my son at the start but after a little thinking I now answer all his questions and he is a very smart young boy he is almost 10 now

When my daughter was 4-5 she asked a lot of “why” questions, pretty much for everything.
I finally was like “I don’t know baby :weary:”… and what do you know, it worked. that was a good enough answer for her. :laughing:

My child asks questions constantly , some questions he knows the answers to I think he just wants to hear himself talk sometimes idk. I just have to ask if he can kindly take a break from asking so many questions becomes my brain needs time to rewire :joy:


This is actually really sad my five year old does this and I love teaching her things. I mean I get it kids talk too much but……

Just say honey, instead of asking questions all day mommy will tell you everything you need to know…Nope, that wont work either​:laughing: Enjoy your little bundle of curiosity They are Sooo incredibly Precious​:grin::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

My 7 yr old thinks it’s fun to ask math questions allllllllll the time……we have a big family. We all tried to go with it at first and answer they were easy math questions :joy: 2+2=4 kind of thing well noooooooow it’s like what’s 8028363+937251689 ??? What??? Really man I don’t freaking know :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: we would try to tell him we didn’t know so he’d say some smart stuff like ask google finally it was enough we had to tell him people don’t want to answer math question all the time and asking google isn’t always the answer. We know tell him to ask google himself on his tablet (parental controls)


Curiosity is awesome, if you make him stop how will he learn? One day he may not talk to you at all! And you will miss it!
My son was ans is like that still today, I miss him being little though

He has questions because he is a curious child, which is normal. What is not normal is not having patience to answer all his questions, you have to have patience with them and I am guilty of sometimes not having the patience with mine as well when I was younger. It’s completely different with my grandchildren now . It’s hard to explain, but just try your hardest to be patient. They are grown up before you know it.


My 9 yr old still does this

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I tell my kids to stop asking me questions all of the time. I even play the quiet game for a few mins of silence


Answer the questions that how he learns. Take the time to listen,

I answer as many questions as possible. HOWEVER. That shiz becomes too much sometimes. Mine ask me math questions constantly. And bombards me with questions in the car. Often I just say I need a talking break. He gets in after a bit. Or I redirect him to music. That works pretty well.

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Love the curiosity and definitely encourage it, but totally understand needing some quiet from that. Maybe after a battery of questions, tell him you need some quiet time and tell him (don’t ask, tell him, this time is not an option for him) to go look at books or do something else quiet. You could even set a timer for say 15 minutes. It’s very good for kids to also learn how to play by themselves.

Turn it around and ask him: why do you think I parked in the garage? Why do you think I got up?
Asking questions isn’t bad and many times littles do it for comfort (to know what’s going on).

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Ask him questions back! I know it’s annoying lmao. I also ask my son to try and figure out the answer, then he has to think critically. The question phase doesn’t last forever.


That’s what kids do. That is how they learn about the world around them. If you show frustration now with their questions then they may not come to you qhen older with questions as to “not bother mom” one of these days you may miss all those "questions " This is a phase and will eventually pass…enjoy him while he’s little!

Ok don’t judge me …do it back to them…ask question after question they eventually get it…mine did lol


Google and YouTube are fabulous for these things! My kid would ask us stuff we couldn’t answer anyways​:sweat_smile: So I taught her how to do the speech to text in the search bar. It’s actually hilarious to watch kids have to reconfigure how they ask a question lmao :rofl:

Sometimes mine is just filling space so she talks​:face_with_diagonal_mouth: She will also yell for us (and other people too​:laughing:) from wherever she is and then just be quiet and say “I love you,” and Sometimes even forget she just said it so 30 seconds or less later, do it all over again​:crazy_face: She’s just bored we’ve come to realize though. And like, there are worse things than them wanting to say I love you an extra 25 times a day I guess :woman_shrugging:

They won’t be little forever babe. I get overstimulated a lot too but I have to remind myself at 8yo that soon she’ll be an unhappy teenager and I’ll wish we could have these days back😭 So I play into it

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I hate to tell you but theres a possibility it’ll never end​:sweat_smile: i have a neurodivergent sibling who is 17 & still asks questions like a toddler. It’s even more infuriating when they could just google things​:melting_face::sweat_smile: I’d redirect and tell him no more questions for right now. It’s not rude if you don’t say it rudely. :grin:

Is this a real question? It’s frustrating but he’s curious & in those questions he’s learning. That’s how we learn also.

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Awww… I’m sorry for laugh reacting it just made me think of my own lot at that age! And I have one who is about to hit the age again… Say it however you like, whatever your child could handle. I’ve told all mine to quit it, leave me be plenty of times! They’re all fine and happy still :slight_smile:


Ask him what he thinks use it to problem solve with him. I get it though but don’t make him feel like he cant ask questions. That’s not his fault. He is learning. Lots of families can’t hear their kid talk at all. Be grateful :pray:

It does get frustrating, but they are learning. Maybe redirect their attention or say not right now I have xyz to do, when mummy has time we can sit down and you can ask me anything. I’m ND myself, so is my son, so he understands me telling him I’m overwhelmed but my daughter doesn’t. It’s great they want to grow and expand their knowledge, but they also have to learn things like boundaries - when is too much, what can be annoying to others, when is a right or wrong time to ask something etc

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My child does this too and you no what? I don’t care and I let her ask how many questions she likes and i answer them, BECAUSE SHES LEARNING AND SHES A CHILD. I’m soaking it all in because one day she won’t need me or want me. So enjoy it while you can, and be grateful you have a kid at that .

I tell mine she’s asks to many questions sometimes I also tell her it’s a great thing but it’s also ok to explain to your kids you need a minute of silence… I’ve snapped told mine to bugger off lol I also go in and tell her why though and obviously that I’m sorry. She understands and then I ask her for a few mi Ute’s and she 100% finds something to do and she’s back at it later. I never want the questions to stop I just need a break from them!

Kids learn by asking questions…it’ll stop eventually I promise, just go with it for now


You’ll absolutely just succeed in hurting his feelings and then he won’t talk to you as much. I know because I accidentally told my kid to be quiet and stop talking (I had a migraine and he has always talked non stop from the second his eyes are open until he’s asleep at night) and now he doesn’t want to talk to me anymore and he plays in his room. He’s 7. But I was dying in pain and there was so much noise around me and he doesn’t talk he yells. (I’ve had his hearing tested and he’s fine). I feel guilty still and it’s been months. I’ve tried explaining to him what happened but he doesn’t care. :frowning:


Why do you have children. It’s up to you to expand their mind. If you won’t answer questions for him, don’t expect him to have any interest in education.
My parents were the kind to say, “children should be seen not heard.” If you shut him up, he’ll lose his inquisitive behavior. He will not have an interest in education. That will be on you.

Mine are 17, 17, 11 and 9. The questions don’t stop. In fact it might increase. Some days I feel like my 17 years old thinks I’m one of those magic 8balls. I kid you not I had an eye twitch for 2 years straight when 2020 hit.

Just enjoy the tiny little tyrant, I promise you’ll miss all the questions some day.

But yes, it is extremely annoying especially when already overstimulated

My kids are 11 and 15. They now use me like a walking encyclopedia. They both ask me over 500 questions a day, Ive always asked them to stop when I’m overwhelmed and they understand since I explained it to them dozens of times now. Did my make it a permanent thing just let him know your brain isn’t happy and needs a break from questions for the day, the first several times he’ll forget and you have to explain about why people need quiet time but it gets easier

Designate times when you get a break so you don’t feel so put upon. Have 15 minute breaks (put a timer in his room so he can see how much time he has left) where he has to play quietly in his room, or designated half-hours to watch his favorite TV shows quietly (popcorn snack occupying his mouth might help). Two to three of each break per 24 hours max though. Ask him to look for/fetch something/check on something for you if you’re about to lose your cool.

Narrate what you’re doing so he doesn’t have to ask. Show him how he can do things to help you. The more curious he is, the smarter he’ll be. I’ll bet he loves age-appropriate puzzles. And yes, ask HIM lots of questions. The answers may be surprising and funny and make your day.

Put him on the phone or invite other people of all ages to talk to him in person, giving you a break. Take him places where he can ask questions of other people. Museum, library and religious institution kids’ programs are great for this. Is he in preschool? Can you hire a babysitter occasionally? Would inviting over another mother and child and getting the moms to answer the other kid’s endless questions help change things up?

It’s mean to say “stop asking me questions,” but you can offer a different activity for him to do. “Instead of asking questions right now, can you see if the washing machine/dryer has stopped?” “…can you build a castle with your legos?” “…can you pick out three books to read together tonight?” “…can you jump rope for 10 minutes?” “…can you do 15 jumping jacks?” “…can you sing me a song?”

Remember your “tone” of voice sets the mood for the day. He sounds really bored? Try having him do some creative art projects. Whiles he’s doing that, tell him mommy needs some quiet time right now , then we’ll talk? Then set the timer. Don’t let him see you are so annoyed

My kids do this too and my daughter will talk non stop :joy: it’s kids that’s what they do they are exploring the world still. Let them ask questions that’s how their little brains grow into learning communication.

Try ashwaganda, it helps with mood support and stress. I get mine from Costco. It’s been a LIFESAVER!

I would look up some therapists videos on how to tackle things like this…I feel like you would probably get the best and healthiest advice there!

Why not tell them they can ask you x more questions. Or find a way to have them find the answer them selves. Maybe have them ask Alexa/google

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I feel this. My youngest tells me every two seconds that he loves me lol. Now don’t get me wrong, i love hearing it! But theres times hes saying it cuz he has nothing else to say n he wants to talk “momma can i tell u something”? (Alot of times while im talking to my husband or someone) And ill say sure peanut. He thinks for a few seconds and goes “i love u!” Cuz he couldn’t think of anything else to say. As much as id like to go 3 min of quiet, i still make sure i respond each time with a i love you too. Cuz i know one day im gunna crave hearing those words and miss what its like now. Its a phase. Maybe if u start explaining things as ur doing them when hes around that could help? Other than that id say just keep answering his questions because at least hes learning.

What helped me with my daughter is to ask a question back, like what do you the cupboard is being opened. Especially if it was one that was already answered previously. It puts them in the mind set too try and figure it out. The questions wil be there untill he feels confident he knows whats going on.

Kids learn by asking questions no matter how annoying it is one day it will stop and you’ll miss it so answer the annoying 100 questions a day…

Sometimes If I’m in the middle of a task or need minute … I tell my child that. "mommy needs a minute. " “Hold on to ur question until I’m done with this”

I feel your pain. From a mama of a little girl that never stops talking and asking questions. You do begin to feel Overwhelmed and over stimulated . My daughter is 7 now and when it gets too much I try and say please can you just give me a few minutes of quiet so I can hear myself think. She doesn’t seem to mind.

I tell mine my ears need a break right now so that way I can hear their questions later. It’s ok to take a break sometimes and explain to them that you’re feeling overstimulated :heart:

You getting overstimulated by motherhood and all that entails is worrisome. Why did you have children? Once you have kids your life is not yours. They should always ALWAYS come first.

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Never give up a teachable moment. In a very few years you will wish he cared enough to ask. Patience, Mom, this will pass all too fast.

Just explain to him “Hey buddy, Mommy’s head is FULL of words right now. We need to be quiet for a little while to make room for more words, ok? Can you go do XX activity quietly for a bit?”

Suck it up. That’s how children learn.

Yes never make your littles stop talking/asking, I would say “cause apples are red” if asked silly questions, give silly answers.

Ask him questions… answer his questions with questions

Yea it’s annoying ! But it’s a good thing! He’s curious

He’s a child. Your child. Children are curious. I feel like ur mad selfish. This post screams immaturity. Nobody is a perfect parent and everyone gets frustrated. But to be so annoyed with your child u don’t want him asking u questions, to the point ur asking fb for advice, is insane. I truly don’t mean to be judgemental but I literally can’t help it right now bc wtf did I just read? Do u understand that is how children learn and grow? You’re gonna give that kid some real mental issues smh grow up ffs

Pull your big girl panties up
He is a 5 yr old child
This is how kids learn
If you can’t handle the little questions now
Your in for a rough time when they get old enough to ask you more difficult questions

In 10 years the child won’t talk to you so treasure the conversations!

That’s how they learn…:roll_eyes:

Its a phase. But Annoying yes.:joy:

Poor child to deal with such a hag

Is he looking for attention? How much time do u spend w him doing stuff , reading, playing…

He’s being a normal kid, try being a good mom.

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This is how they learn, though, so it’s important to not make him feel bad about it. If you’re getting frustrated, just remove yourself for a bit. I go sit on my porch.

Very normal. My daughter is 10 and still does it

Mine does this. It’s a stage. I do my best to answer, but when I can’t, I explain “I can’t answer questions right now, I need to think.” It works most of the time. Sometimes he wants me to elaborate and I will just say “I’m overstimulated” or “I’m merging right now and have to focus on driving and keeping us safe.”

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It’s definitely OK to say … hey enough!. We all need that brain space . I’ve told my kids and I’ve told my grandkids … Kids need to learn yes although its ok to ask questions, but it’s also a time and place and the questions have a time limit . As they need to learn when they go to school they will also need to stop, shut up and listen… And they can’t continue to talk …

When I see or hear a kid asking questions I absolutely LOVE IT!!! Yes it can be exhausting for sure but what’s on the plate is u and ur child. U are ur child’s home from the time they’re born till the time YOU TEACH THEM TO BE INDEPENDENT so this kid in my opinion is a genius!! At 5!!! The fact that the kid is curious and asking so many questions at 5… lets me know he’s alert. His brain is growing so wonderfully and different parts of his brains are being developed right now to make him so curious. With much love and respect, u could ask him well what do u think this does or how do u think this works (so he can learn to try to figure it out himself and be more independent). :smiling_face: Be so appreciative that his brain operates like this bc not everyone’s does lol kids are stuck to tablets and computers and all them electronics and don’t even bother to ask questions. Any. So this is so good. U got u a little genius on ur hands, momma. So what I’d suggest if ur up to it and if h don’t already do it is maybe setting educational things such as puzzles and coloring books with educational things on it or something he can learn to be independent on and learn to do himself so he can ask questions and learn about them bc his brain is doing such an amazing job growing right now. The questions will never stop lol but know ur baby feels a safe spot with u to come to u and be like mom show me how this works mom show me what this does or what’s this do. He’s looking up to u in so many ways right now. He don’t have words to say it but I’m sure he appreciates ur patience and teaching him everything he knows all the way up to adult age. That’s why I say we should never take our mothers for granted yall/we do so much without even noticing or realizing that they taught us every single little thing from whipping our ass to pumping gas. :woman_shrugging:t2: we do that shit like a boss too. But yeah u got this girl, just breath and know ur child’s brain is doing an amazing job at growing and again breath :laughing: but u got this.

Kids do that. It’s how they learn. You have to find ways to cope.


Take a breath momma.

We all get it - but on this one it’s better to teach self control than to teach them they can’t come to you.

Try making a game out of it - all questions are to be written down, you only get one paper a day, and all questions must be held until 1pm.
Give him a newspaper reporter badge and a special hat for it.

It’s fun, helps them tell time, helps teach self control, helps them learn to write, and it helps You breathe.

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I didn’t mind so much when mine were little. Kids usually grow out of it. But my son has Autism. At 25 he still asks questions non stop. The doctors say that is what people with Autism do sometimes. I usually tell him to think about it and ask him if he can give me the answer. Sometimes I tell him to Google it, or that’s what Google is for, or I don’t know - I’m not Google. But in the evenings when I am trying to relax and unwind, it’s 20 questions about every commercial and every part of every movie or show. I tell him it’s not interrogation time, it’s time to relax and I can’t answer questions right now. I also bought him a sign that I put in the living room where he can see it. Sometimes I just point to it and he will think about it for a minute and then Google the answer. But then he always wants to extensively tell me what the answer is. Lol

Welcome to motherhood. Suck it up like we all do. My 5 year old NEVER stops talking. ALL DAY LONG.

You’ll miss it later. My oldest nearly drove me crazy, but she eventually grew out of it. Now I have a cat that does the feline equivalent of “mama? Mama? Mama? Mama? Mama “!

My daughter (now 18) use to walk around singing ALL the time. At times it drove me crazy. I never once asked her to stop as I knew one day she’d grow up and I’d miss it. She just graduated HS. Let him ask questions. It’s a phase. It won’t last forever. Soon he’ll be in high school and look at you like he’s annoyed you even walked in the room. Enjoy his happy little self now! :joy::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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In a way bc a childs natural instinct is to be curious and ask questions…

You need to enforce boundaries do not feel bad


Sounds like your the 5 year old.

I told my son he has 10,000 words a day and when he’s talking too much I tell him he’s close to his limit and save some words for later :joy:

It’s not wrong of you to want some quiet every now and then and not be interrogated for your every move. I just tell my kids that mommy needs some quiet time right now, can we save questions for later? That usually works for us.

It’s the curiosity phase of life and will happen again when they are older too.

It’s a good thing they ask questions cause it’s a learning experience for them and helps build character when they are older.

My daughter had severe adhd as a child and would drive me nuts with questions. So to help us both out I gave her a question journal and told her i would only answer her random questions she wrote at night…maybe you can try that. (words she couldn’t spell she would doodle pictures.

Yes. Who else is he going to ask?

Totally get it. I have 2, 4, 5, 6, and 8. I’m exhausted of the constant questions every day.
Sometimes I say we should make a list of their questions and have the older ones write them down and we do “question time” after they are done writing and I take their writing time to take a breather.
Have him draw pictures of his questions in a notebook and you can also use it as a keepsake and make notes in it as he grows

This is how they learn.
Take some time for yourself when needed and when you can, but don’t discourage him asking questions.

I miss all the questions The one tv commercial is the one where the little girl “Does crabs have eyebrows” Lol. Too precious :heart:

Young one, you are your child’s first teacher. Things & knowledge you take for granted he is just learning, seeing and/or understanding. These years and times will be gone in a blink of an eye. You cut him out now - who truly knows what the repercussions may be later.

Wow! My kids did the same things ! They are now brilliant minds that are going places!