Is it normal for a 4 year old to have loose teeth?

I have a 4-year-old son, will be 5 in September, he showed me that his bottom front tooth was loose. I tried not to show I was scared but is that normal to have a loose tooth at that age? No rot, or miss colored teeth and I watch how much sugar and such he eats


Has he ever fallen and hit his mouth?

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Maybe call your child’s dentist and ask? I really don’t know :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Can be normal. Did he get his teeth early? Typically if they come in early, they fall out early.

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Yes it is normal in some children by the age of 4 years to have a loose tooth! :slight_smile: my daughter lost her first tooth this year she is 5

my oldest lost her first tooth at 4

If he got teeth early, it’s possible that they are loose. Usually it’s about 5 or 6 so it’s not too early

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Can be normal yes ! My son was a very fresh 5 losing his first tooth.

It’s rather normal my son started to get loose teeth at 5 and his still going and getting his big boy teeth now

My oldest lost her first tooth when she was four.

5 or 6 is the common age, but some kids lose them at age 4. It’s okay.

My kid is 6 and has lost 3 teeth. Lost his first at 5. 4/5 is normal

One of my daughters lost her first at almost 5 and the other at 5. So I’d say pretty normal.

My sons 5 and lost 2 so far. Dentist said its normal

Yea my daughter had her adult front teeth in my the time she was 6

My son, who is now 13, started getting his teeth at 4 months old and he lost his first baby tooth at 4 years old. He lost it naturally and seemed to be fine.

Yes. 2 of my 3 kids lost bottom front teeth before turning 5.

Formal dental assistant here…
Yes. Normal.
Even normal to not lose baby teeth and keep them forever.

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My dentist did an ex ray on my 3 year old and said he can see her grown up teeth will be pushing threw when she’s 4

Normal every kids different lost my first at 5 my oldest lost his first at 7 my middle at 6 usually around 4-8 kids start getting loose teeth

Not typical but it does happen. Most kids lose their first teeth closer to 6. As long as you’re monitoring his dental hygiene and sugar intake, you should be fine. My daughter wiggled her own first two loose because she wanted money from the tooth fairy, and she’s 6.

Its normal losing his baby teeth u should no this

Oh yeah. Good luck Mama!

Totally normal. 4-5 is when they typically start losing teeth.

My daughter lost every single baby tooth and had all her adult teeth by age 8. Her dentist was shocked because they’d never seen another kid do that at such a young age. My younger daughter is only 5 and has lost four teeth already with two more loose now. It’s uncommon, but it does happen. Mine are proof. Lol.

My son lost his first two at 4ish. He also got his teeth very early like had 2 front teeth at 4 months old, so it makes sense that they started falling out fairly early. Dentist said early but normal.

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My daughter lost 2 of hers right before she turned 5 in August now the adult teeth are already poking through. :grin:

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My 4 year old son has a loose tooth too. It’s normal. He’s getting ready to lose his front tooth. He got his teeth in early at 5 months.

Yes! He’s just growing up fast! My little one was born with teeth and lost a couple when he was 2. It’s completely Normal just need to make extra dental visits!

My daughter lost her first one just before she turned 5. My son didnt lose his first one til around 6.5. It varies with each kiddo

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Omg the same thing happened last night with my daughter. She will be 5 in May freaked me right out

Umm yes that’s called loosing their baby teeth


That’s when teeth start to loosen.

It can happen. Sometimes they won’t lose the first baby tooth til 7.

Sometimes asking google first is okay


I was told the earlier they get them the sooner they lose them my girls had teeth at three months and started loosing at four-five

Now would be a good time to take your child to the dentist, if you are in Australia your child will probably covered for up to $1000 worth of dentist work/check ups (ask reception about it before booking the appointment)

It is normal though.

Yeah. Every kid is different

It is different for all kids. Some lose them early and others late.

I bit into a frozen waffle and lost my first tooth at 5. It could be natural, or maybe he did something like that, but I wouldnt worry about it. They are baby teeth.

Call a Dentist not sure

Yup, lost my first one before 5

My son lost both his two bottom teeth before he turned 5. Every kid is different

Yes I lost all my baby teeth before I was 9

My grandson just turned 6. He has lost about 7 teeth. He started at 4 almost 5. They keep falling out like crazy.

Yep, especially if your son got his first baby teeth early. Children whose baby teeth came in early usually lose teeth before children who’s teeth came in later. It’s different for each child but I wouldn’t worry.

Yes it’s at that age they’re losing their baby teeth

My son was 6 when he lost his first tooth but withing 3 months he had lost 6 and 4 of them happened within a week of 1st tooth so can happen at any age any pace

It’s unusual, but not necessarily something to be scared of.
If you’re concerned. Take him to the pediatric dentist

Every kid is different. My 7 and 8 year olds have only lost a couple teeth but their 6 year old sister has lost 4 in the last 2 months. All my kids got their teeth starting at 4 months and had all by around 2. At one dentist appointment I said that one of the kids has all their teeth and they didn’t believe me until they looked lol

My son lost his first two teeth not long after his fourth birthday. He got his teeth in really early & he started losing them early. He just turned seven and I’m gonna estimate he has almost half his adult teeth. His dentist isn’t worried about it. Just make sure they’re/you are keeping them clean & it shouldn’t be a problem

He’s almost 5. It’s normal.

My son lost his 1st 2 teeth at 4. He will be 6 in 4 months & has lost a total of 5 teeth & had already grown in 2 of his adult teeth. He also has 1 or 2 that ate loose

I wasn’t quite 5 when I lost my first tooth. It’s normal.

Ex dental therapist here…it is on the early side but nothing to be concerned about. You might find he develops physically more quickly than other kids his age too

If you are worried take him to the dentist

My daughter had all her teeth by 11 months and she started losing her teeth when she was about four and a half 5 she got her first loose tooth and she’s been to the dentist and everything’s perfectly fine your son is fine

My daughter lost 7 by age 5.5. It happens at completely different times. As long as nothing is discolored and they’re having dentist visits per usual you’re good.