Is it normal for a 9 1/2 month old to not have any teeth?

My youngest daughter is 9.5 months and still hasn’t gotten any teeth. Is this normal? Her older sisters both got their first tooth around six months. I will be asking her pediatrician at her next appointment, just wondering if anyone else has had this before. Thanks.


My first didnt get his first tooth til 10 months on the dot. My second got hers the week before she turned 13 months. Every child is different :blush:

I had twins. Girl twin got her 2 front teeth first at 4mo. Her twin brother didnt get a tooth til he was 13mo. All kids are different

My youngest was about 10 months when he got his first tooth. I honestly wouldn’t worry, they’ll come when they’re ready

My youngest didn’t get his first tooth til almost 11 months

Mine were getting teeth by 2 months old but my ex sister in law’s son didn’t get any until he was about a year, it’s fine. They all grow their teeth at different ages. Consider yourself lucky, the older they are, the healthier and stronger their teeth are, to quote our pediatric dentist.

My son had all of his by 1 and my daughter didn’t cut any till she was 1. All kids are different!

Maybe just a late bloomer? I would bring it up at your next appointment as a general question.

My daughter did cut teeth until 11 months, my son had almost 6 teeth before his before his first birthday, and my 6 month old doesnt have any yet, I’d say its normal.

My little boy had only a third of a tooth visible on his first birthday party. :woman_shrugging:

My son didn’t get any until he was 11 months but then 4 broke through all at once

Yes both mine walked before they got their first tooth

My daughter is 8 months old and doesn’t have any either and I did ask our pediatrician and she said it’s completely normal. She actually said she has patients who are 15mo that still don’t have teeth.

Yes its okay… My son and baby brother developed late… Didn’t get teeth till like a year old

My youngest didn’t get his first tooth till 11 mo and even now at 18 months he only has 5 teeth

Yes. My son got his first tooth the day he hit 10 months.

My son was 13 month before he got any x

My middle child didnt get his first tooth till after he was one.

My son didnt get his first tooth until 2 weeks before he turned 1. Then soon after, they started coming one after the other

My third that’s now 18 months old didn’t get his first tooth till he was about 10 1/2 months old, my first two got teeth about 4 months old. All kids are different don’t stress about it too much.

yes all children are different…the longer it takes for them to get them the longer they have them is what the old Moms around me always said…my oldest got her first tooth 5-7mos maybe and then my second didn’t get hers until she was over a year…they’re all different

My 3 yo didnt get his first tooth until he was 1 yo

Yes completely normal! My second didnt get her first tooth until 13 months :blush:

My son didn’t get his two top teeth in till he was 10 months old.

My first born daughter didn’t get hers til she was 11 months old but started teething at 7 months

My oldest got his first tooth a couple of weeks before his first birthday. Then the rest came in within a couple of weeks.

Yes it is normal my 1st baby got her 1st tooth on her 1st birthday! They say the longer they take to come in the healthier the teeth! Idk if it’s true or a myth??

My daughter got her first tooth at 15 month. I was so worried about it. I kept asking the her pcp and her dentist about it. Then one morning i looked in her mouth, 4 teeth at the same time.

That’s about when my toddler got her first. And it wasn’t even one of the bottom middle two like it’s supposed to be. It was one of the top ones that goes NEXT to the front teeth :rofl::rofl::rofl:

My daughter didn’t get her first tooth until she was 13 months old she has all her teeth now and they are beautiful

I didn’t have any teeth at all until I was 15 months old :rofl: my mom says she thought I would be bald and toothless forever

Mine got his first tooth at 14months chill all kids are different

My son didn’t get any until 11 months

All 4 of my kids didn’t get their first teeth until they were 1 year old.

It varies wildly. I wouldnt be too concerned

My daughter just got 4 teeth all at once at 11 months! My pediatrician said it’s not common but normal. Nothing to worry about.

My daughter is 14m about 15m with no teeth. My oldest didn’t get them till she was 16m

My daughter had 3 by 7 months, my son is 11 months and just had his first break the gums yesterday. His pediatrician told me that until 18 months they don’t really worry about the teeth. All babies are different.

My youngest didn’t get hers till she was 13 months old.

My two year old was almost one before she got her first tooth…each child is different

My little one’s teeth didn’t come in until the day after her first birthday. She got two top ones that day. I was the same way as a baby. It’s normal!

My oldest got 4 teeth at once when he was like 10 months old

My son didn’t get his first tooth till he was 12 months old

My son and daughter both didn’t get teeth till after they were 1.

Yep. Completely normal and no need to worry yet. My son didn’t get any teeth until after he was 11 months old…and then they started coming 2 or 4 at a time.

The pediatrician and dentist told me the longer it takes for their teeth to come in, the better they will be.

Mine is almost 11 months and still not teeth.

One of my children didn’t get teeth til she was 11 .5 months old

My daughter didn’t get teeth until she was 13 months old and then she got them all at once

Every child is different.

Mine didn’t til she was about 16 months. It’s only worrisome if they make it pass 18 months

My first born had 8 by 6 months my second is 10 months and only has 2

The longer it takes their teeth to come in the stronger they’ll be. That’s what the dentist told me anyway

Yes it is. Every child developed different my daughter got her first teeth when she was 10 plus months old and then she only had 4 teeth till she was 13 months

Mine got her first at 9 months and then got a lot very quickly

First baby didn’t get hers till almost nine months second baby got his first teeth at 4 months. Kids are just weird little creatures lol

My daughters were both 13-14 months before their teeth started coming in and then they basically were constantly getting 2 at time

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My girl didn’t get her first tooth until 15 months

We have pictures of myself at 11 months old with no teeth. at all. Smiles with just gums.

My nephew just got his at 10months. And other nephew at a year. They come in when they come in. I’d be worried at 2 or 3 and not having them :woman_shrugging:t6::woman_shrugging:t6:

My nephew did not get any teeth until he was a year old

Yep it’s normal. My daughter was exactly 10 months old when her first tooth popped through.

Mine didn’t get any until he was 13 months. Dentist wasn’t concerned, just said he would lose them later than other kids his age. He’s 11 now and still has several baby teeth.

My daughter didn’t get any till she was 11 months old my son was 9 and half months when he got his 2 front ones

Mine didn’t get teeth until about ten months. Some kids don’t even have any yet at 1 year. It’s fine.

My daughter got her first tooth at 15 months! It’s fine. No worries

11 months is when both my kids got their first teeth, it actually can be a really good thing for the teeth. Totally normal too.

Yes my son didn’t start getting teeth until 11 months old and he was just fine.

My youngest was almost a year when he got his first tooth. He has the straightest, best teeth of all my kids.

My daughter started getting teeth late too but she was fine

Every baby is different, my baby girl is 9 months and has her two bottom teeth completely through, and the top front one is trying to break through. Baby is fine!

I was a year old with no teeth still
And I actually still have two baby teeth at 30 years old!

My kids didn’t get them til after 1

My oldest son didnt cut teeth till a yr old. But when he started oh my… He cut them dang near all at one time.

My baby girl didn’t get her first tooth on her first birthday. The pediatric doctor said theonger

I had three children and all of them eat their first Birthday cake without teeth.

Ours didn’t really get teeth till 12 months.

My daughter didn’t get her 1st tooth til after her 1st birthday. I heard that makes the teeth stronger but who knows if that’s true. Do not stress over teeth. They’ll come when they’re ready.

My baby didn’t get his first until after his first birthday

My daughter was a year old before her first tooth decide to come through mu youngst daughter was born with two little already there

The longer it takes for them to get teeth the healthier they are

Many don’t get teeth till around it even after they are a year old and it’s totally normal

My daughter didn’t get her first tooth until a week before she turned 1. And didn’t get anymore for about a month!

My son is now 2 and has all the teeth he should have. With that being said, his first 2 (front bottom 2) didn’t come in until he was about 10 months and finally came through at a year old.

My oldest didn’t get his first tooth until he was 13 months!!

My daughter got her first tooth before her first birthday after that they wouldn’t stop popping out. Dentist said she had thick gums

I didnt have my first tooth until 18 months old. Dr told my mom not to worry until around 2

Yes! I heard that the longer it takes for them to come in the healthier their teeth will be when they grow older.Everyone grows/develops at different stages in life & not the same as others

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Yes. My daughter turned 1 with no teeth. Soon after 4 started coming out

My daughter walked (9mos.) before she had teeth!!

My daughter didn’t cut her first tooth until the night before her 1st birthday :baby:

My ped told us that it is normal some just take longer. One of my twins only has two of her teeth and they will be 2 in July.

I didn’t get mine till I was 2 :rofl:

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My friends son had first tooth on his molars jaw ? Ya I was shocked that was weird ? Each child develops in their own ways there’s no perfect rules for kids,

Mine got a tooth around 10 months and only had 4 until about 16 MO

Yes it’s normal. Some babies are slower than others. No worries.

They say the later they come in that means the healthier the teeth will be.

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My grandson got his first tooth at 13mths old

One of my sons was months before a tooth came thru.

My daughter didn’t get her first tooth until a week before her first birthday. I thought she was going to have to gum her birthday cake.