Is it normal for a baby to sleep all night?

Is it normal for a 3 month old to sleep all night it’s been almost everyday he’s sleeping 7-8 hours straight Not complaining but this is nice


If this is your first child, it’s just their funny way of making you think having babies is easy lol, that second child will never sleep lol


Enjoy it!! The only time to wake a sleeping baby is if they need to eat. Meaning, they are having difficulty gaining or maintaining weight and dr has advised.


He should be fine as long as he is eating good while awake and is thriving which means maintaining or gaining weight the way he should. So I’m saying at 3 MO he will be fine and it is nice and well deserved after all the long nights.

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My daughter done the same thing at 3 months it was lovely and she still does great sleeping she’s 16 months now!

If all else is well like eating, wet & dirty diapers, normal when awake no lethargy, no fever. Then your good, ENJOY!

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All 3 of mine did, much earlier than that.

Totally normal…it has to be this way otherwise nobody would have more than one child. Lol.
Trust in the fact that any future babies you have are going to be nightmares to get to sleep…
Sincerely, a sleep deprived mother of 3 :sob:

My youngest son slept through the night from the first night he came home from the hospital


My youngest daughter I had to wake her up to feed her and when I went to change her diaper she would get mad at me! I would always wake up and go check to make sure she was breathing

My son has done this from day one he is now 9 and still does it .

Yes ma’am it’s a very good thing He definitely is not mixed up with his days and nights. Enjoy your new baby and the rest.

My third child slept 12 hours a night from about 6 weeks on…until he was 2.5 and then woke up all night for about the next two years :rofl: Enjoy it!!

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My kids slept through the night by 6 weeks. Yes, it is normal.

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My son slept through the night bringing him home from the hospital. Enjoy it

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My girls slept threw the night 6 and 8 weeks

I would like to know why God loves you more than the rest of us. Lol

My son started sleeping through the night at 3 months old I kept waking up every 2-3 hrs to check on him but after like 2-3 days of doing it I said screw it im enjoying this sleep while it last :joy:

He is 8 years old and still sleeps through the night

My one child was a sleeper but unfortunately slept through the day instead of night. Enjoy it while you can

Yep. All 4 of mine did from birth. I had to wake them up for feedings lol to me, it’s normal.

My grandson has been sleeping 12 hours a night since birth. He’s 3 now and still does but never naps. So be it😆

lol, yes! Lots of them do! My youngest did!

The stuff i see on here man!! This is so fake

Both of my children slept all night .

Enjoy it mamma and be thankful lol

My girls slept really well.

If this is your first… IT’S A SETUP!! Enjoy this, but know any subsequent kids will be joys (read nightmares):rofl::rofl:

Just go with it :laughing: my youngest had to be awoken a lot bc he was so chill all the time.

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Enjoy sleeping baby and enjoy your sleep especially if sleeping all night .

Some babys are like that some are not as long as they’re having normal wet diapers they are good

Yeah I had a kid that started sleeping through the night at 6 weeks. All kids should be as easy to raise as she was. She’ll be 24 next week.

Never wake a sleeping baby. He’s fine. My youngest did that.

be happy & get some rest while baby sleeps

As long as he’s gaining weight well and isn’t starving, he’s fine.
Some pediatricians may want you to wake him for a feed at some point during the night while others won’t. There’s no right or wrong as long as he’s developing fine.

We’re fortunate all of our kids slept all night. My now 10 yr old was an early riser (5 am and still is) but we didn’t even complain because we knew how fortunate we were and we’d gotten a full night’s sleep

Wait till he’s a teenager

About half my kids have slept through the night since birth

my oldest woke all through the night for a long time. my second only the first month and last baby woke for up to a year… enjoy it as long as baby is growing normal has good appetite while awake it should be fine

My oldest slept through the night 7/8 hours straight from 2 weeks on same for my youngest but my twins showed up and showed out they was up every 2 hours till 3/4 months then the would sleep for 4/6 hours

Yes. They need sleep. If the baby is hungry, they’ll wake up to eat. I just made sure to change mine as soon as they woke up.

My daughter slept thru the night from day one! She went to bed about 8 and slept till 9 the next morning. She was never under weight, the Dr told me I HAD to wake her up at night to feed her…but I wasn’t going to wake a sleeping baby :sweat_smile:

It’s okay. Just tell us you’re God’s favorite.
It’s fine🥲 Brag posts are cool too.
*sips 3rd espresso of the day on 3 hours of sleep.


I had 2 babies that did and it was greatly appreciated because me and sleep deprivation do not mix well :rofl:by 3 months old, they were already surpassing their growth rates so I wasn’t worried (about night time feedings)
I also had 2 babies who did not sleep through the night till well into toddler-hood, mama, enjoy this baby’s sleep pattern while you can :joy:

My 4th baby was the only one of my kids who slept through the night since birth. She usually slept from 10pm to 8am. The nurse would come in my room and wake me after having her, telling me I needed to wake her up and feed her. I told her to get out and mind her business lol. She is now a healthy 14 year old

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My Daughter was sleeping through the night at 2 days old until one of the nurses decided she needed to be woke up. We were there an extended period due to complications with me baby was great and healthy. I asked the pediatrician on the floor if she needed to get woke up every 2-3 hours during the night she said no as long as baby is thriving to let baby sleep

Yup. Normal. My sons was sleeping through the night at 2 months.

My 2nd child slept all night the first night at home. He was only 4 days old. I kept getting up to check on him.

Yes both mine slept 7-7 every night

It’s fantastic and not abnormal. Just be aware that they do go make a mental leap that causes them to go through a sleep regression at 4 months. The Wonder Years app is fantastic and will let you know when leaps and periods of fussiness are coming based on neurological research.