Is it normal for a breastfed baby to spit up yellow?

Is it normal for my breastfed newborn to spit up yellow it was a lot of spit-ups, and the hospital told me it’s fluid he swallowed at birth I feel like somethings wrong with my baby and after he spits up he wants to keep eating


I would wanna call your pediatrician and let them know and see what they tell you rather be safe the sorry if your have a felling that something is wrong go with your gut it’s usually always right


It’s because he’s not getting full because he doesn’t keep it down. Call pediatrician if it continues and/or if losing weight

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Oh and i understand you are a mew mom, but like Regina said. Go with your gut. If your pediatrician wont listen, get a second opinion. You know your child best. You are their voice. Meaning dont stop

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Join Exclusive Pumping- Evidence Based Support Group ! Alot of great help here

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Could still be colostrum but definitely go with your gut and get a second opinion

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Newborns only need about an ounce every couple hours, dont overfeed them, and the yellow coming out is common, and thankfully it’s coming out

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My baby sounded really raspy when nursing like there was lots of flem, and eventually she spit it up and the raspy sound went away

Colustrum is yellow. Hes overfed but wanting to sooth suck. As al ways check with your pediatrician but this sounds pretty standard

Pediatric Advisor 10.0: Spitting Up by Infants (Reflux) Spitting in infants information

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Pediatric Advisor 10.0: Breast-Feeding Essentials Breastfeeding 101

Could be colostrum. That’s yellow. Call the pediatrician to check

I shared those, because I worked in pediatrics for 20 years talking to parents on the phone in regards to their infants. Most likely, the baby is fine. However, if the spit up is yellow, that can be a sign that there is bile in it, which can mean that the baby is having some issues with digestion. If the baby is fussy along with continuing to spit up, or if you have any concerns about lack of weight gain, please go see your pediatrician. It’s hard to know exactly what to say, without knowing a full history on the infant and your own diet and medication intake as these all play a huge part in making the best decision on how to proceed. The good news is that most babies with reflux do not need medication or to be changed to formula. However, there are some infants that do benefit greatly from these treatments, but there is not a one size fits all plan. In the end, your level of concern and the baby’s well being are of primary concern. Please trust your gut. I always trusted that our parents when concerned had a right to be and 99.999% of the time had every right to be.


Oh and one more thing. Infants have a very strong urge to suck. You may benefit from a trip to see a lactation consultant. Sometimes babies will attempt to use their mom as a pacifier. This is not going to end well for either of you. Again, talking to your pediatrician is probably a good idea.

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We arent doctors but there should be a nurse hot line to ask or google it. I nursed 2 kids and prob wouldve have worried.

Ask your pediatrician.

how new? Up to the first week can still have colostrum which is yellower than regular milk


Like… stomach acid, bile, starvation kind of yellow?

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Honey ,call your pediatrician. Do not take medical advice about a newborn from strangers on the internet.:heart:


My first baby did that. We would have to lay down towels around where I was nursing her bc every burp it was projectile spit up. We were told to hang in there that her tummy may settle down and to keep her reclined after feeding. Turns out she had some allergies to dairy and I had to give up nursing bc I just couldn’t clear it from my system. It was a bittersweet when we figured it out. I would try 1 small bottle of formula just to see how baby reacts and you may get your answer. If not, keep calling the dr.

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What did the baby’s pediatrician say when you took the baby to the doctor? Or did you not bother and just went right to Facebook? Seems like if you thought something is wrong you would seek medical attention.


I’m a mother of 4, newborn photographer and ex-nanny and I’ve never seen yellow spit up? That would worry me too.

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My oldest woke from a sleep at the hospital gasping to breath - nurse turned on her side got a syringe bulb n sucked yellow gunk from her inside cheek/throat. It was from her swallowing mucus through the canal at birth.

If you think something is wrong take your baby to be checked out by a pediatrician at a hospital… It’s always better to be safe than sorry

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I’m not sure about the yellow, but if it’s projectile vomit then it could possibly be an allergy to the milk. 2/3 of my children had vomiting with every feeding, but one had blood in his stool and the other projectile vomited and they both had milk protein allergies. I’d definitely talk to your pediatrician so they can run tests to know for sure.

Its important to have a doctor with after hours number . Call your doctor

If you feel like something is wrong -go with your gut, keep asking until you get answers. I would start tracking when, how much and even take pictures. It helps you explain what is going on. Mom’s know best!

My eldest 7yrs ago & breastfed woke me in the middle of the night 5 hours after Labor by projectile vomiting-coughing 2ft into the air I grabbed her and ran to the nurse’s station in an absolute panic!! They said the same thing all the stuff that fills their lungs & belly in your womb needs to come out. It happened twice more over the next 48hrs on a much smaller scale & she’s been fine ever since is now 7yrs old

Just to be sure you may want to bring her to the pediatrician. We can’t say that it’s just normal. Sometimes it is sometimes it’s not.

My daughter did that at 3 months. She had to have a intussusception. When they opened her up two fix the intestines, they discovered that her appendix had to be removed. It was on the verge of bursting. She was only 3 months old. Pla seek medical advice asap


Honey you need to take the baby for better treatment please don’t look after what comment they put down here just Tryna take the baby for better treatment

This happened to my son during the first few days of birth I only pushed for a few minutes before he was born so he had a lot of fluid in him still. It still happens occasionally but now it’s more from reflux

If u need a piece of mind call ur pediatrician. If still not feeling right go to er . I didnt breastfeed but my daughter couldbt keep milk down and throw up alot never yellow since she was on formula … so u have a good supply??

It can be normal. My daughter came out so fast that she was unable to get all of the gunk out when she was born, so she spit up a lot of grossness and the hospital and her pediatrician assured me it’s normal.

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It is fairly normal in the beginning. Make sure you are keeping him in a position where he does not choke on the spit up. And if it continues beyond a couple of weeks you need to speak to the pediatrician he could have acid reflux and yes breast-fed babies do get reflux. :heart:


Your milk can be white to yellow even a bit green depending on what you are eating and what baby needs from you. If he is in distress take him to see someone but if he is eating, peeing and pooing has no temp and content most likely fine. But you are also the mum so if you are worried see someone a mothers instincts should not be ignored


My LG is breastfed and I was worried about exactly the same thing at the start, it was bright yellow! I found it strange as everyone said with my first ‘you don’t need to burp / wind a breastfed babay’ but with myb2nd its definitely a must, she has been a very pukey baby but it has lessened over time, rub babies back and wind and hold upright after each feed (muslin cloths at the ready) we also used infacol for a bit, as long as wees and poos are as they should be then should be OK but if you’re worried speak to your health visitor, although they arent routinely visiting because of CV the team should still be available on the phone and I think they’ll probably come out if you really want them too, it will probably seem relentless but it does get better with time :blush:

It can be normal but when you take your baby in for their first check of you when I mention that

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She answered her own question. She said the doctor said its because baby swallowed fluid in womb

Pull him off and make sure you burp in a lot. The first couple weeks your milk comes in strong and him trying to swallow as fast as his mouth fills up with milk puts a ton of air in his belly. All 3 of my boys have done it. It will get better I promise. Also if you are engorged try pumping some off first so it doesn’t come out so fast. Breathe mama youre doing great and so his he…


Call LaLeche League hotline or consult your pediatrician for quick expert answers. Breast fed babies do spit up. It is common for the colostrum to be yellow. It is rich in fat for the new baby. It may be white, blue tinged as baby grows.

Could be acid reflux try changing your diet I had to do that with my son when he was new. The acid reflux medicine the pediatrician gave him was horrible so I changed my own diet and it helped a ton

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Yes. I just pulled out my sons baby clothes for my last one. Reminded me how much he threw up and that ut was yellowish in color. He was an EBF baby except for a few random times I was in an emergency and needed a hand. My son was an over feeder when I made him slow down and burp him more often it was better.

My youngest son was vomiting yellow stuff after he was born. He had reflux we later found out. Happy, healthy almost 12 yr old now

We’re currently in the hospital because our baby had bright yellow projectile vomit. Turned out to be Pyloric Stenosis. He’s doing much better now. Keep a close watch on your baby and if you feel like something is wrong contact a health provider.


Newborns will spit up fluid for just a few days.

It can be normal or it could be acid reflux. You can try to pump and use a bottle (I used playtex baby for both my boys). It will help with the flow of what he is getting and you can burp him with a better idea of how much he has eating.

How old is your baby ?

For the first few days after birth, yes.

If a breast fed baby spits up at all uh yeah it should be yellow. If my kid drinks a red Gatorade and throws up later it’s gonna be red.

If they’re super newborn it could be colostrum, tell their doctor and they’ll start monitoring for reflux.


Always consult your physician. Not Facebook experts

have you checked the colour of you milk as yours maybe on the yellow side x

No that’s usually a sign of acid reflux

First baby milk is actually yellow, it becomes whiter with time

Colostrum or newborn milk is yellow.


Burp very frequently and if that doesn’t help. It’s possibly over feeding which can also happen with BF babies.

Trust your gut! Get baby checked until you’re happy with the result.
Also, feeding on demand, especially earlier on is great for establishing your supply. Keep it up, breastfeeding is so rewarding!

My daughter did that when she was born for the first 2 maybe 3 days and then it went away. The hospital told me the same thing they told you, that it was fluid swallowed during birth

My son had to have the CPAP machine when he was born, the cord was around his throat and he was choking on the fluid he had gotten in his mouth. My hard core labor nurses handled it like a pro. Listen, if you think somethings wrong, go to the doctor. My son had this issue, my breast milk was almost yellow in color and so when he’d throw up, his throw up would be yellow. My thing is how is the baby’s stools, are they normal or different? That’s how you can notice an infection right away, a difference in their stools. Xoxo momma

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It could be acid reflux and he’s vomiting stomach bile. When I was really sick during pregnancy, this would happen to me quite often

My son did that a lot some of it was the fluid from you know inside but him particularly he had really bad acid reflux so he would feed throw up everything he ate and then feed again and he would literally be eating all day and throwing up we went through all kinds of different things until we could figure out what worked for him

My baby spit up yellow for the 1st 2 weeks. But it was really the colostrum… he also swallowed a little fluid at birth …he was completely fine

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If he starts projectile throwing up and not keeping his weight but constantly eats have him checked for pyloric stenosis. My son had surgery at 4wks and I wished I’d known about it sooner

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Yup. Mine puked yellow and white. Both are gross :joy: