Is it normal for a newborn to throw up?

Need advice. I’ve spoken to my baby’s doctor about her throwing up, but all she told me was to nurse on each boob for 5 minutes, which I tried. I did not help. So I’m wondering if it’s normal for a newborn to throw up once a day? She seems completely fine besides the throwing up. Hate worrying that somethings not right. Anyone else experiences the same and it so what can I do to help prevent?


Could be acid reflux…talk to her doctor about it…they can give her something to help with it


Is it acid redlux? Try keeping her sat up after eating and see if that helps?


Spitting up or projectile vomiting?


It might be your let down. Mine was super forceful and would cause a little puke once in awhile

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If the doctor says she is overall healthy than it’s nothing to worry about. While breastfeeding is important, I would pump and mix some A.R. formula (added rice startch) into it. She still spit up but not as much. I was more interested in her keeping her fluids and food down. Otherwise ask your doctor about acid reflux.

Could also be something with your diet or excess lipase in your milk


Projectile vomitting? Or spitting up?

My newborn projectile threwup a couple of times, then stopped. Maybe overfeeding? I told my doc and she said its fone since she stopped doing it

Babies do need to be burped or the air they gulp in while feeding will sit in the stomach and cause regurgitation.

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Both of mine breastfed and both of them threw up a couple times a day everyday for awhile. I assume it’s normal.

Could be reflux. Elevate her for 30 minutes after each feeding and see if it helps.


My daughter was the same way. I made the choice then to mix with formula and it helped then I just make the complete switch to formula. I know its not what you want to hear trust me but I’m just giving you my story. I hope you figure something out that works best for you guys

My son would throw up and it turned out he had a milk protein allergy. It may not be the case for you about it’s worth it to look into it.

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Only once a day? lol! Jealous. I wouldn’t worry about it, unless it’s with each feeding, the baby isn’t thriving (gaining weight/meeting milestones), or the baby screams constantly (especially when laid flat on the back or turned on the stomach). Doctor knows best. You’re ok.


My daughter would throw up every feed. She was diagnosed with gerd and a slow moving gut. My daughter unfortunately now has a gtube but she also gains weight now and no more throwing up.

Mine (twins) did the projectile vomiting and turned out they were lactose, I had to stop breastfeeding and move them to Nutramigen and they never did it again. They’re 6 weeks now…

There’s a difference between spit up and projectile vomiting. Could be anything from acid reflux to pyloric stenosis.

My daughter projectile vomited along with a few other symptoms (reflux, gas that caused her pain, green frothy poop, mucus in stools). The pediatrician said nothing was wrong and she was fine and that babies do that some times. I decided to stop eating dairy to see if anything changed and after 4 days she stopped projectile vomiting and 7 days I noticed a difference all around. It took a good month for her to be normal. Trust your gut. Mama knows best.

My first son spit up once after every feeding. My second spot up a few times after every feeding. They were both breast fed and as long as they weren’t losing weight because of it, they were fine. Now, if your baby is running a fever, that’s a different story but yes, newborns spitup all the time. Especially if they eat too much or too fast or aren’t burped enough.

Could be some thing you ate,or acid reflux

do you burp her after feeding her? it could be because maybe she has to burp and she’s laying down so it all comes up?

My baby had swallowed amniotic fluid during the c section. She kept puking every time I brest fed. They said to keep feeding her and when she spit up it would make the amniotic fluid come up too. She got over it. As long as she gains weight at home she should be fine. All babies lose weight hefore leaving hospital.

I had this issue with my daughter. I eventually figured out that it was due to extra air that she needed burped up. Halfway thru a feeding, I’d stop and burp her then continue the rest and burp once she finished. The throwing up stopped almost all together.

My 6 month old projectile vomits all day. With my first, the pediatrician put him on zantac for reflux and it helped tremendously. With my third, they say as long as he is gaining weight, there isn’t anything to worry about

Might be lactose intolerant and need to chang milk

its just once a day??? id say it would be something to do with her maybe getting air while feeding… try burping her half way through feeding then again after… if it was everytime or almost everytime she ate i would say it was something to worry about but just once a day id start with the burping then move my way through possible propping her up a bit more while eating etc.

Do you burp after each boob

I mean, spit up is extremely normal until they’re like 7-9 months. Especially if they weren’t burped enough.

We hade the same problem with our daughter when she was only 3 weeks old but she was projectile vomiting after every feed, she was fine besides that then she lost 80grams in 3 days and then was diagnosed with Pyloric Stenosis. So she had surgery on in at 4 weeks old and now she is completely fine no throwing just can’t stop her from eating
Just ask the doctor about it as sometimes they don’t think of checking for it
Hope she is okay

make sure you are burping her. spit up from newborns is extremely common, if she is only doing it once a day, I’d honestly be happy with that. my newborns spit up after almost every feeding if I didnt stop them to burp often enough.

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My kid basically showered us with vomits for like 7 months, minimum 5 times a day!! I burped him and gave him a break while nursing but nothing changed​:woman_shrugging:t2:. He’s fine and healthy :blush:

My son threw up often. I would say as long as she is happy and gaining weight it’s ok. Make sure she’s burping after feeds and keep her upright.

Once a day? Most babies will spit up a little after almost every single feeding!

I wouldn’t say it’s normal but some other babies do that when they lying back flat. Mine had that and they explained it but part of her inside wasn’t fully developed but as she grew that stopped so relax your baby is ok. Will grow up and will stop

Is it projectile or just spit up? Most babies spit up especially if they are eating too fast and don’t burp. If it’s projectile make sure your dr knows it!

Yes totally normal unless she seems to be in pain before hand then it could be reflux

My baby threw up CONSTANTLY. Just change the position you feed her. Sit her straight up and down. Let her drink an ounce and then burp her. And dont lay her down for 30 or so minutes after a bubba. Also, A.R formula if your formula feeding.

Burp for 10 or 15 minutes could be acid reflux

Mine only spit up 3-4 times throughout the time she was bottlefed. Maybe your baby gets too much air while it eats? Maybe eats too much? I know some babies are born with reflux problems, maybe check it out?

Oh my goodness! Once a day?! You are so friggin LUCKY it’s only once a day, I wished mine only threw up once a day when she was a newborn

Throwing up or spitting up because those are two very different things.