Is it normal for a six year old to have potty accidents?

My daughter is almost 6 years old and has accidents still.

She does not wet the bed. Of course since she was a baby she has had constipation issues. I tried changing her diet and not letting her drink sodas or letting eat junk food. I don’t know what to do.


My daughter is 7 and has chronic constipation. About once a month she’ll have a pooping accident. I don’t get mad at her and her teacher knows I’m case it happens while she’s at school. I always send her with flushable wipes and extra underwear just so she can have it in case it does happen.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is it normal for a six year old to have potty accidents?

When my step daughter is in a situation where she doesn’t want to be, she will pee her pants.

If she’s constipated often she might not be able to help it but it could be other things like stress, a new sibling or something new in her life making her anxious or possibly something else that might need your attention. Talk to her and talk to her doctor.

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If the child is very constipated, they can lose control over the bladder. Fix the constipation and she may not have accidents anymore.

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I’d speak with her doctor.

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Have her doctor refer her to a urologist. Rule out a medical reason. Anxiety could also be the cause if there aren’t night time accidents.


Add more oil to her diet like coconut oil to Mac and cheese and Applesauce every day. My son had major issues and this helped him with more normal :poop:

I would say not normal and she needs to see the doctor.

My step daughter last time pee the bed when she was 7 and that’s because she said she was lazy to get up lol I warned her the consequences that would happen if she does that again so she stopped doing it. Alright did that work haven’t done it since then.

She needs more plants in her diet. She might be avoiding the toilet because it hurts to poop.

Shes 6, since a baby she’s had constipation issues and still having accidents…has she saw a doctor??


My now 8 yr old went through this last year. She kept pooping herself and couldn’t help it. Took her to the Dr. It was constipation, we used miralax as a laxative, and she hasn’t had the problem since.

My pediatrician put my daughter on mirelax

If it gets where it’s often then I’d just see a doctor bc she could have bladder problems, First I’d try sitting her down and talking with her about it :purple_heart: I have a close friend who’s daughter was 9 n 10 yrs old and had to put pull ups on her at night bc she slept so hard she would not get up to pee lol so I started waking her up at diff times and she eventually caught on :muscle:

I would take her to the doctors bs other stuff can be going on specially is she’s constipated they call lose control of their bowel movement have her pediatrician referred you with a GI doctor good luck :four_leaf_clover:

I would ask your doctor to see a urologist.

Give her fresh orange juice when my little girl ccant go it works a treat !

Try miralax I took my daughter to the dr when she was that age and that’s what she prescribed. She said she was scared to go potty out of fear of having a bowel movement and it hurting.

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Probably has emotional issues. Also if she gets anxious bowel are uncomfortable. Later on she may get Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I would definitely check with a Doctor.

Could be the constipation. My daughter was having accidents so i took her to the dr and it was the constipation (even though she had a bowel movement everyday) this was over a year ago and she still takes miralax daily. The constipation stretched out her colon so she lost the ability to know she had to go…It took 11 months of daily miralax, laxative and a couple cleanouts to get where she wouldnt have accidents…she has now went 3 months with no accidents.

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I would talk to the dr. Plus you could try having her go to the bathroom like every few hours or something like that so she can at least see if she can go to the bathroom.

My kiddo had severe constipation issues resulting in a celiac diagnosis. I’d have her checked out by the doctor, blood test, that kind of thing. Find what it’s stemming from before just dosing her up with reactive meds. I’m nuts though and don’t like medicine, would rather fix the problem from the root. :slightly_smiling_face: good luck!

Give her fiber every morning miralax is a light stimulant which shouldn’t be what you go for first because her body won’t try to do it itself if it’s constantly getting help. My daughter had this problem forever and the fiber drink (one in the morning) worked perfectly eventually we were able to stop the fiber and she’s been good regulating on her own as long as we remind her to try to use the potty everyday

Our boy gets stuffed up and has poop accidents that were working on at 8 … medicone… he tells us when he goes so we can intervene if needed… and dad showed him positions that make pooping easier… more water… doctor visits scans etc.

If you think it’s due to constipation, my son has had constipation issues since he was a baby. His GI doctor recommended Pedialax chewable laxatives daily. The only active ingredient is magnesium so it’s safe and not a stimulant. He’s 55lbs and takes 1.5–2 every night and goes every day.

You have to get her tummy to work regularly, water plus plenty fiber and fruit. The constipation puts pressure on the bladder. My little girl was the same but when we sorted that out it was 100 times better. She even got bladder infections from it.

The constipation is causing the accidents. She needs to be seen by a specialist.

my 7 year old is going through this right now, i just took her to the doctors yesterday, she gave me medicine and told me to get meralax to do a clean out, then one cap of meralax a day after today. anytime she has to poop she gets scared because it hurts so she will have little accidents in her underwear.
its a slow process but one we are working on together to get her to the point where she wont have accidents anymore, her doctor said its common in kids this age that have constipation problems.
i would set up an appointment with her doctor to discuss this issue!

mirralax makes some children have bad side effects. Always change diet first. If an emergency with a hard bowl movement in a toddler when it’s already too late there are toddler suppository that help soften the already hard stool. Calm your child first and follow the directions. Look for the foods that help us go to bathroomand get a good vitamin and probiotic. Try eliminating things like dairy and sugar or cutting back. Toddlers do go through this when they learn to fight what you are trying to feed them.

Talk to her doctor about it. My son has ADHD and when he was that age it was like he didn’t realize he had to go until he practically was. When I brought it up there was a multitude of causes he reviewed with me. Dietary issues seemed to be the most common of the ones he reviewed with me but he reviewed some illnesses as well. Never hurts to ask

Increase fruits like grapes, prunes, pears, peaches. Ask dr about possibly introducing a probiotic or feed her yogurt. No bananas they can cause constipation or no more than half banana. No applesauce. Sliced apples are good. Give vegetables. Maybe ask if she has to go potty so she has time to make it to restroom. Hope this helps.

My oldest has constipation problems I use half a top of miralax with mineral oil every other day and Sena maybe 2 times a week ask your doctor

It could be that she is just a very busy 6 year old that doesn’t want to stop playing long enough to take a potty break

It could be a book of things. Get in contact with doctor.

Juice (pear, white grape and Welch prune juice highly recommended ). The recommendation for juice is 4 ounces or less per day. …

Prune juice – this is a mild, natural laxative that works in some children. Prune juice may taste better if mixed with another juice, such as Apple, Apricot or Cranberry juice. You can freeze prune juice to make icy pocicles. At least three servings of vegetables each day.

Increased water intake (for children older than 1year of age). …

increase the amount of non-dairy fluid and fiber your child gets each day.Peanut Butter, High-fiber foods include fruits and fruit juices that contain sorbitol (Prunes,Bananas, Mango, pear), vegetables (broccoli, peas), beans, and whole-grain breads and cereals.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is it normal for a six year old to have potty accidents?

If they are frequent accidents I would get her checked for diabetes. The same thing happened with my 6 year old daughter. We thought she was ignoring the urge, then we thought uti, turns out she was in DKA and her sugar was in the 700’s. She was immediately admitted into the PICU. It is better to be safe and ask your doctor than to ignore it.


My grandson is 6. He wets himself sometimes still. He’s to busy playing to take time out to use the potty. It’s normal.

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It’s normal it’s because they are too busy having fun they hold it in till they pee. You just have to remind them to use the restroom and they game or toys will still be waiting


Please take your child in. My daughter when she was 7 was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (juvenile diabetes) and she is now a brittle diabetic. ( one sign on this is breath that smells really sweet) My grandson was having accidents but with his bowels and he was put on miralax because his bowels hadn’t fully developed…its best to just have them checked out and not take any chances

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Completely normal! They are just busy playing or doing something that they forget to go potty. It gets better as time goes on. We have to remind ours to “try” to potty. It has helped but as a mama, i know we get busy and sometimes forget as well.

Each child is different, but have her checked by a dr. My sister did until she was 12, it could be a bladder issue

Yes normal. My son is 7 and obviously fully potty trained, but still has accidents sometimes. Probably about 2 a month, but sometimes non for months and sometimes a few in a week.

My daughter had issues like this and the dr said to adjust her miralax (she’s been on since 1) and it worked.

absolutely nornal, sometimes when they get involved in something they dont listen to their urge that they need to pee. so tell her to listen to her belly…and well eventually she will be fine

My son is 4 and almost completely potty trained. If he is having lots of accidents I set timers for every 20 min. He hears the timer. We stop what we are doing. I tell him to listen to his belly, butt, and front. Does he have to go? That usually helps him get back on track.

Our doctor has us give our 6 year old a glass of miralax every day in oj it’s helped a lot

Give her probiotics every day.

Yes. Very normal they get too busy and forget.

It is quite normal expect it in summer months when they don’t want to come in from outside when there playing

Please have her checked for type 1 diabetes

Probiotic and check for food allergies

If she’s having accidents during the day it’s because she is ignoring her body because she’s too busy playing. That shouldn’t really be happening, but it can be avoided by the parent simply having them to “try” to use the restroom every hour or so. Our rule was “you don’t have to go, but to have to TRY to go”. They always went lol. My daughter still frequently wets the bed. She is 7. My son did at that age, too. I have found it happens when they haven’t had enough water during the day. Still trying to find a solution with the pediatrician though.

Get her check for uti.

Same issue when my girl was 4. Miralax once a week and we haven’t had an issue since.

I had an accident at 1e years old only because i didn’t feel like getting up at 230am

It’s normal for a kid to have accidents it’s nothing new it’s nothing to worry about.

Don’t compare. Each col4d is different.

If she’s had constipation issues since she was a baby you need to look into her diet. My kids have dairy intolerances. Drs never tested him for it or even listened when I’d mention it. We had to figure it out on our own. Limit dairy & he’s fine.

Try mirilax… or try taking milk/lactose out of her diet. Adding fiber and a kid probiotics

Constipation in children is awful. My little guy was in and out of childrens/drs so often due to constipation as an infant and throughout the years. After years of temporary fixes, and continual accidents, finally I found a dr that had a better solution.
There comes a time that sometimes after constipation has been around for so long that it causes expansion and it makes it harder for us to read our bodies. We cant tell when it’s time to go. So finally when we can feel the sensation it has been so long and we are so full that it can cause pain to use the bathroom
For kids and adults this obviously can be very painful and instill a fear of pooping
And of course once it hurts, we dont want to do it again.

My dr had us add miralax to our diet. 3 times a day for 3 days and then just once a day for up to 3 months. It seems long, but its retraining our system/body. So now when you feel the need to go it’s more immediate. And it helps ensure that bathroom time is a bit more pleasant

Changing diets can definitely help but it’s not always the solution. I’ve also added fiber one snacks to the diet. They aren’t awful but not the best. My kiddo eats them, and every now and again I do too!

Wishing you the best of luck! I know this is a rough time

Look up “encopresis.”

It’s time to see a stomach specialist (GI doctor)momma. Not normal.

Constipation, UTI, and diabetes are the most common medical reasons for bed wetting once they are potty trained. After you have ruled all those out then work on behaviors. Have a more regimented elimination schedule such as cutting off liquids at a certain time and having them go to the bathroom before bedtime.

Her bladder may not be fully developed. Talk to her pediatrician.

Constipation can be the cause. See a GI Dr. They will probably do Mialax every day

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