Is it normal for an 8 year old to have acne?

Is it normal for an 8 year old to have acne? Seems early to me but my little guy is already starting to:(


Talk with your doctor. With my oldest she was early onset puberty at the age of 9. She had acne and other stuff.

Yes it is when some kids develop faster than others because my second born son has had acne since he was about 6 under arm hair and pubic hair by 8yrs old and my 12yr old oldest still hasn’t even begun to grow hair or even get acne

I’ve read it’s becoming earlier for kids these days, because puberty is starting earlier than ever as well. Sounds like it’s becoming a new norm honestly. I’d start a really good skin regiment with them, and consult a dermatologist for sure.

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What does the doctor say?

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See a dermatologist……it could be a sign of celiac or gluten intolerance

What did your pediatrician say?

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There’s a certain type of skin condition that’s in the family of acne that only effects kids under 10 years of age, my daughter has it and they gave us a special cream that works and gets rid of it. We seen the dermatology clinic at children’s hospital so this is the information they gave me, bc my daughter is only 6 and has what appears to be acne, but it’s actually something closely related to acne that only effects kids. I doubt what your 8 year old has is acne bc that is brought on by certain hormones