Is it normal for an infant not to nap?

My 2 month old does not sleep during the day… Is this normal?? Or should i talk to his dr?? Cuz he will sleep like maybe 30mins and be awake… Is he to young to fight sleep?? He’ll close his eyes then wake after a bit… He isnt fussy as soon as he wakes up usually… But sometimes can be… He isn’t went/poopy… He is fed… Burped… Ect. But sometimes still doesnt help and he still is up… Ive put him in his bed and let him whine it out kinda(he doesnt cry just whines to make himself heard lol) Like i say i just wanna know if i should tell his dr or if this is normal sometimes


My second baby was a power napper, would sleep maybe 30 minutes. I would put him to bed with a book, and he would lay in there just blabbering to himself. I wasn’t a napper either. He will sleep when he is tired, just get him on a quiet time schedule, meaning he just lay in bed to rest. I would tell all my kids, they can’t grow until they close their eyes


My almost 8 month old has been like that since he was born. He’ll more so power nap a few times during the day. I think it’s fine. He sleeps better at night because he doesnt sleep much during the day so it works out for us.

My 4 month old daughter does this. She takes 10 min naps here and there. It’s normal. You’re little one is fine

Thank you all! He does sleep all night and wakes up at 3:30 and 5:30-6… But sleeps the rest of the night! And morning… Its like once it hits his 1 o’clock feeding he doesnt sleep much after that.

It’s normal, every baby is different. Just keep up the good mommy work. As your little one gets older you’ll learn a schedule. Right now yous are learning each other


Put him in a baby swing. Swing was a life saver for me. My kids would sleep hours during the day in it

Normal is up to u. If he is sleeping thru the night don’t worry about it.

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My oldest two after 18 months never took a nap!! Ugh.

My son is the same way. It changed after the 6 month sleep regression. But before that it was 20-30 minute increments. Some babies are like this (according to my doctor)

My youngest is my only child that has ever done that.
And she is also the one who started sleeping threw the night the easiest.
Take it as a blessing

My son is 6 months old now and started fighting sleep around that age too. He typically takes 2 small naps (30 minutes or so) and 1 good nap (1-2 hours usually). You really just have to figure out what works and try to keep a routine, if he’s not super fussy and over tired then I’d say there’s no problem. Although I do understand the frustration of those short naps especially when you want to get something done while baby is sleeping.

My son wouldn’t nap once whenhe was a baby but he would sleep the whole night.

He’ll sleep 30 mins at a time but how many times? I think the more important thing than the length of his naps is how many hours total in a 24 hour period is he sleeping?

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Of he is sleeping at do not worry. Not every baby needs as much sleep!