Is it normal for baby to spit up a lot when being burped?

Why does my baby puke so much when being burped? is that normal? first time mama here and baby is only a week old


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is it normal for baby to spit up a lot when being burped?

Burp more often. Feed in a semi upright position. If bottle feeding, try anti-colic bottles. Dr Brown’s work great. It might be a sensitivity to the formula also. Try a gentle formula like Gentlease.


My boy only did it when I fed him with a bottle and didn’t burp him every little bit he drank. If babys being fed formula it could be sensitive stomach. If baby drinks too fast could be getting to much air. Give them a break for a few seconds to slow it down

It’s normal for most babies to sick up a little but if it’s more than a mouthfull each time you should speak with your pediatrician… My son projectile vomited after every bottle and was diagnosed with gastric reflux at two weeks old so he had to have Gaviscon sachets in his bottle

I would go to the Drs and ask about reflux and lactose intolerance. My daughter had reflux and would spit up a lot even way after feeds. Also look at other formula or cut back on your dairy intake if breastfeeding.

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Usually acid reflux. If you are concerned please call your pediatrician. Let them rule out an allergy to lactose.

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Could be 3 things.

Oral ties, acid reflux, or dairy allergy.

Spitting up can be normal but not in excessive amounts.

My 1st baby would just about vomit the whole bottle back up. Went to a GI specialist who assured me she would out grow it and she did around 6 months. She was also very colicky. Good luck!

Speak to your doctor about it. It could be acid reflux. If you’re feeding formula it could be too much for their little stomach.

Burp every couple ounces, maybe there’s too much air in your little ones tummy. So when baby burps milk comes up with it.

My babys doctor told me that even an once of spit up is fine. She said take a shot glass, full it up and dump it out and see how much it looks like. It looks like a lot coming up.

Need to burp baby during feeding. Let baby nurse 3-5 minutes then stop and burp. Then feed again and burp, etc.

Give more breaks and pull feeding away if baby sucks too fast and could be getting air and burp more than once during feeding I had a child with bad acid reflux and had a feeding tube try Similac for spit up it’s a little thicker see if that helps

I had to hold my son in a sitting position and I’d also stop halfway during feeding burp him let him finish then burp him again

Mine has been like that spat up so much, he’s now a month old and is spitting up less. I’ve been told it’s a normal thing.

Baby is either over fed or has drunk his milk too fast.


My son did the same thing. It was acid reflux. He could not handle dairy and had to switch to soy milk.

Could be too much air while feeding. Burp more often. Breast or bottle? Breast: does your milk come out too fast at first? Express some milk first… untill initial milk slows down… this first milk is like drinking water for babe, also has a higher sugar content… don’t toss it. The milk that comes later is more fatty /solid and is like the solids for babe. So… may need to feed more often so milk isn’t under so much pressure to come out fast… or express a bit first… also can sit babe up more while feeding and burp more often

Maybe a sensitive stomach. Maybe ask your pediatrician if you should try sensitive or soy formula?

Mine stopped after we changed to prosobe formula. Talk to your doctor to see what they think.

Reflux or burp more often.

Dr Brown bottles is the best

Some do some dont…is he vomitting up his whole feel or just a bit…he may havve wind. Hold him a bit upright when feeding and burp halfway thru

It is normal but depends. Maybe drinking to much in between burps. Could also be a sign of reflux but usually if its projectile. If its formula might need a more gentle one. Talk to the doctor don’t go by what anyone says on here but after three kids could be any of those. There are a lot of symptoms of colic also. Def tell dr about all of this. I would start w only half ounce in between burps could be as simple as drinking too much at only at a week old

Don’t shake the bottles, feed in an upright position and Burp halfway through :heart:

Could be to much air during feedings. Burp more often. If it continues seek advice from pediatrician.

Don’t pat like they do in the movies. Rub the back gently instead. If your bottle feeding, it could be that the formula disagrees with them. My HV was adamant this wasn’t a thing but changing the formula I used when I wasn’t able to breastfeed stopped them puking up formula. They never puked up breast milk.

You’re doing a great job.

How much are you feeding her

I dont remember the medical terminology but it isually caused bcuz of a flap thing that doesnt shut . They outgrow it … my daughter did

Could be reflux too. Speak to your doctor. Could be over feeding. Cut back half an ounce and feed semi upright. Imagine eating thanksgiving dinner sized meals several times a day. If the baby is upright a bit it may help them feel fuller quicker and not over eat. Stop after each ounce, pop a pacifier in their mouth if they are sleepy, and burp completely. The pacifier may help sooth them while you are burping them (one of mine would raise Cain if you stopped feeding to burp him). Then feed another ounce. Some babies just suck the nipple for comfort and aren’t really wanting to drink/nurse. If you are nursing it’s hard to tell how much they are getting. It’s trial and error. But if they are peeing often and pooping, they are at least getting what they need.
Reflux or over feeding is my guess. No momma wants to cut back food if a brand new baby… just slow it down. How much is your one week old eating? Two ounces is a lot for a new tiny tummy.
If nothing helps and the docs aren’t sure, you may need a specialist.

Sometimes not enough hind milk if you are nursing. Nurse only one side per feeding to ensure you empty your breast completely. The hind milk is very important for growth. It’s called block feeding. Google has more info on it. If you are formula feeding, maybe bottle position?

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