Is it normal for hands to go numb while pregnant?

Has anyone’s hand or fingers ever went numb and tingly before while pregnant? I’m 37 weeks and my hand keeps going tingly. I’ve never had this before and not sure if it’s normal.

Yes I did while pregnant. My legs also if they dangled to long.

Carpal tunnel!! I had it so bad while pregnant I would be in tears from the pain. My doctor ordered arm braces and they helped. It went away right after birth.

Yes I wore braces it helped alittle it will go away after the baby is born

Mine do it every day and night, 36 weeks pregnant and was told to sleep in a different position but that’s really hard when you’re this pregnant

Yeap had it in m left hand only. Went away after birth

What does the doctor say?

It’s pregnancy carpal tunnel. I had it my whole pregnancy. So painful and annoying

Yes I had pregnancy carpel tunnel, it’s not pleasant. Get yourself some wrist guards to sleep with if a night and it will help :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It can be normal with the increased fluids in your body and they after the wrists which can fair numbness and carpel tunnel. Always check with your doctor.

Carpal tunnel syndrome. Id def mention it to your obgyn. I had to wear wrist splints during my first pregnancy, it went away after I gave birth

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Its pregnancy Carpal tunnel. I had at 35 weeks and gave birth at 38 weeks and had it for another four weeks after baby was born.

Carpal tunnel alot of woman get it during pregnancy talk to your doctor they can write you a script for hand braces

Drink some lemon water. I tried the splints and all the treatments and nothing helped but this

pregnancy carpuk tunnel. sleep with your hands elevated, wrist guards and bio freeze help alot