Is it normal for my 17-month-old to walk on their tippy toes?

Hey mommas, I have a quick question. I’m an FTM, and my 17-month-old son has been walking around the house on his tippy toes. I’m not sure if this is a normal thing toddlers do at this age. He does it frequently at home then sometimes he goes back to normal walking. I have a check-up appointment for him in December and I’ll definitely ask there. I’m just wondering if any of you have experienced this with your little ones. Thanks!


My son did it. Hes 3 now and hasn’t done it in a while

I used to do it as a child… Turned into a dancer lol. Both my girls did it too. 1 is a dancer other is a gymnast/cheerleader lol

Mines 12 now. He’s fine.

My 20 month old daughter does it every once in a while.

Classic sign of a.d.h.d


My son has done this since he started walking he is also autistic x

My oldest did this. Dr. Said everything was fine. She did seem to have a lot of sprains in her ankles thru the years. She is 25.

Have him wear shoes.

Most definitely. All kids do

It is very normal but can hurt them like mentioned, I encourage to put shoes on him as much as possible!!

Yes… My daughter always wanted to be taller… Lol they get over it. We had a rule… Regular walks outside of the house and tall walks inside the house.

Its normal. I knew this girl who would curl her toes and walk on them. Looked so painful but she enjoyed it lol

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My 3 year old still does. I’ve seen a pediatric orthopaedic surgeon, and all neurological reasons were ruled out. Final diagnosis was idiopathic toewalking, or in other words, no reason for it. They recommended casting to bring him flat, but I’m opting to wait a bit and see if I can’t help him grow out of it.

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Put shoes on her so she can’t hurt the toes bones

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I am not very sure, but since you have an appt that’s a good start, but when my son was being tested for Autism they asked me if he walked on his tippy toes, he didn’t, but he still got diagnosed with Autism

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All 3 of mine did this!

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Pretty sure almost every toddler does that

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I still do that to this day​:joy::joy:


My husband is 37 & still does it lol. No issues. Hes done it since he was a child. He has very strong calf muscles though! & he works on cars for a living, & it has helped him balance & keep his legs in shape!
But when he has shoes on, he walks normally with no issues. Id say dont worry Mama.


Good lord my daughter is 8 and ALWAYS walks on her toes! Everywhere she goes, tip toes :weary: I constantly tell her to walk on her feet though but she’s done it since she could walk.

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My daughter was the Sam way at that age. She is 13 now and still does it. The Dr never thought it was a problem


My son did that for years and hes fine


My 9 month old does this, following.
Her dr. Said she’d grow out of it but I vividly remember walking on my tippy toes constantly as a kid. Even still do it now at 25 when I’m not thinking about it. I’d ask his dr. It can cause back/leg problems later down the line.

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He’s trying to grow up. Lol

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Both my kids have done it before. I belive it is a stage most kids go through. Both my kids have stopped doing it.

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One of my younger sisters is almost 18 and STILL walks on her toes lol never any issues though!

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Did you use a walker? Not the stand and push walkers but the ones you actually sit them in. They have been known to cause toe walkers! Happened with me as a baby.

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I still catch myself doing it sometimes :sob: and my son does it too

All babies do this. Just the part of learning cool new things they can do.

Both of mine did this

My 2 year old does this! Sometimes she even tried running like that. :joy: It’s perfectly normal :blush:

It can be a sign of autism but if the child has no other signs then I wouldn’t worry

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A sign of autistic spectrum. Needs other factors too. Just ask pediatrician

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My daughter is 2 and does a lot. My son nEver did. I still do🤣

Yup he bounces when he runs too

My friend’s son did it until he was five turned out perfectly normal

My 6 year old grandson walks on his toes.

It’s not a sign of autism


my eldest daughter did she’s grown smart and beautiful my other kids didn’t

My friends daughter was doing this regularly and she ended up having to get little feet splints to keep her from doing it and special walking shoes. They said it can damage the tendons in there ankles. She is also receiving physical therapy. I guess it depends how much your little one is doing it. I would def mention it to her dr.

Most children outgrow it. Kids who continue toe walking beyond the toddler years often do so out of habit. As long as your child is growing and developing normally, toe walking is unlikely to be a cause for concern. -google lol

My almost 3 year old still does this. It’s completely normal

I’m 25 and still walk on my tip toes, I’ve never had any issues, it’s just how I’ve always walked

Friends baby does and it turns out her hamstrings are super tight so I believe they are doing some physical therapy and stretching exercises :blush:

Call early intervention and take babe into physiatry doctor. Orthotics might be needed

It is very common and a normal stage, but do encourage normal walking as much as you can. Some kids do it so much that they require surgery to lengthen the tendon.

I’m not trying to be negative at all when I laugh at this buttt… I’m 35 and I still do this. All of my kids but 1(he has CP so pretty much cant) walks on their tippy toes.

My kids do it. But it’s also an Autism Flag.

My almost 2year old does it all the time. I think it’s funny lol

When my daughter was 3 they were ready to operate. She ended up in leg braces & physical therapy for 3 years to avoid surgery. By 3 she physically could not walk flat because her tendons were stretched. Her pediatrician said it was no big deal. I saw an orthopedist for a 2nd opinion. Definitely get it checked out. Most kids aren’t as extreme as she was but still get checked.

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My cousins daughter did this all the time got to where she prefered to walk with her toes bent under.they had to operate when she was 13.i cannot remember the name of the procedure but it left her in a cast on the both ankles most of that can do something to that sure this was extreme but definitely worth mentioning to the pediatrician

My son does this and my pediatrician put him in early intervention and occupational therapy . It’s also a sign of autism as well.

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You are wise to speak with your daughter’s pediatrician at the next appointment. I know two who needed corrective PT and special shoes.

I babysit for a 17month old girl. Many times she’s on her tip toes. I laugh and say wonder if she will be able to do it when in ballet :joy:. Pretty sure it’s normal

My son’s dad has just had to spend $130 on new shoes for our 9yr old because he’s been a tippy toe walker his whole life and it has damaged his feet so badly that without the shoes he can barely walk from the pain in his feet and knees. Will be getting a referral to a specialist soon for his feet to see what can be done

My daughter use to do this when she was younger and she’s autistic, but it’s also very common for little ones learning to walk to do this.

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I did my son did and two of my granddaughters did we all outgrew it

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They used to call me tippy toes… I eventually grew out of it (don’t remember age) but my mother brought me to Shriners hospital and they gave use exercises to stretch out if that didn’t work they were going to clip ? ( something) but yeah deff the earlier the better to intervene

Yes it very very common if are worried start doing stretches with his

Bee Moxey 2 out of your 4 :laughing::cherry_blossom:

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My son is a toe walker. He has SPD. We tried occupational therapy and physical therapy to no avail. I remind him to walk flat, but he stays that way for all of 5 seconds. He began when he was a baby and never stopped.

All my kids walked on their tiptoes my oldest one is pigeontoed she is almost 19! Doctor told me to put her shoes on the wrong feet and that would fix it it never did

Sometimes an autistic trait.

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This is also a sign of muscular dystrophy in boys. Especially if they push their bellies out for balance and have enlarged calf muscles as well.

Think it’s a boy thing my son ran through the house like a gorilla on all fours for years he actually never crawled he ran like that til he did walk I wouldn’t worry to much

Both my kids did it…grew out of it


My daughter use to walk on tippy toes all the time she is 15 now and perfectly fine lol… ask a dr. But many children do it and nothing is wrong with them!

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It can be normal, and it can be not normal, best thing to do is talk to the child’s doctor


I’m probably no help on this, my mom said I used to run and walk on my tippy toes. when my older brother tried it, he had to go to the Doc cause his weight crushed his toes. So, yes, I do agree with asking about it. but as for me, I just turned 26 on the 5th. and i still run on my tip toes sometimes.

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It’s common for autism, my daughter did it too

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I agree that its normal and should grow out of it, but if by 3 or 4 years of age and its still happening, I read an article that hightop shoes will help.

My child does it. I did it

Very comman, but tey to correct it, if not corrected he will walk like that for life and mess up his legs, knees, and back, I was never corrected and I still wait on my tip toes, it horrible, and only way to fix it now is to have surgery to cut my achilles tendon, stretch it and see it back together which = 4-6 months off my feet and then physio

My friend walked on her tippy toes until she was 5 years old.

My son’s will be 2 on Dec 1st and he does that my sister also use to do that when she was little

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My oldest did for a little while and we made him wear shoes all the time to walk in even in the house and he stopped eventually. Definately bring it up to his doctor though cause sometimes kids dont stop doing it and have to wear leg braces. They even talked about clipping something in his leg if he didnt stop walking on tip toes, im so glad he did and yours will probably too :wink:

Yes it is all my babies did

My youngest would do this sometimes but it didn’t last and now was normally

Perfectly normal! They outgrow it, and the plus side? Great calf muscles! :hugs:

As a kid, I literally use to curl my toes and then walk on them. It freaked everyone in my family out. So I’d say it’s normal. He’ll grow out of it.

It’s common, but it needs to be corrected or it will lead to ankle problems. When you see it happening gently push their feet down flat again.

For everyone saying “it’s normal! My 6-13 year old does it!”

You really need to get your kid checked out. Toe walking past toddler hood is not normal, and should be a cause for concern.


My daughter does it. She was recently diagnosed with mild autism and I was told it can be an indication

My son used to do it, and then he just stopped one day.

Get a pair of walking shoes

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My husband still does. I try to get him to stop because he’s diabetic and has had a lot of surgeries on his toes. So I would try to get them to stop before they get to old. It gets to be a lot of pressure on the toes as you get older and bigger.

Make him wear shoes unless going to sleep. Get the old timey kind of shoes with the hard sole, le what our parents wore as toddlers. If not corrected could cause problems later in life.

Yes, some do. Check with his dr.

Sm bbs do walk on tippy toes!

My 3 did it as toddlers. Now a family friends baby does it but because she has squeaky shoes and they won’t squeak if she’s on tippy toes :joy:.


My hubby did it, and one of our grandsons. Now everyone is normal

my daughter did it for the first two years of her life and the doctors said it was all normal

Children usually grow out of that by age 3. If you are concerned I would mention it to the MD. The MD could recommend a PT he/she is thinks it is warranted. Encourage your child to walk with heels down as much as possible and note if calf muscles feel “tight”.

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It seems to be mostly boys and they state it’s from an insecurity. They can and mostly do go out of it by age 4.

My oldest son does it and so does his dad.

My oldest did. She was just exploring new things she could do.

It’s normal but try to encourage him not to it can become a problem as he gets older my son started young and now at 7 he still dose it if he’s walking or running a lot which he loves to do his legs will start to cramp and hurt him we have to use Tylenol and a hot rice pack to sooth them the doctor said since he walked on his toes so much his  Achilles’ tendons did not stretch as they were supposed to my sister had the same issue and had a hard time playing sports she loved because of pain I hope this helps I’m not try to scare you just sharing what I know best thing is to encourage him to get off those toes good luck!!

I understand that this can be caused by too much time in a bouncy. I don’t know if this can trigger tippy toe issues, but it does seem like there could be a connection. Perhaps heavier shoes, like sneakers, with arch support can help.

My son did that when he was like 10.5 mo the old. He doesn’t do that anymore though.