Is it normal for my 3 year old to be so shy?

Hello, my question is my daughter will be 3 in February, and I’m a stay at home mom, so I’m with her all the time. We don’t really get out n play with other kids cuz of COVID…but she seems to be really shy… she will even hide from the neighbors lol, but we only see them once or twice a week …even less in winter. She’s fine with my mom n dad n her uncle and cousin …is this normal? I know every child is different n no, she’s not in preschool or daycare or anything.


My 4 yr old is very shy in social settings. Nothing wrong with it. My girl is even shy at kindy(daycare) she’s also very sensitive. I dont see it as a problem just gotta find ways to reassure her its ok when she does go into those shy moods.


I definitely think it’s normal. Don’t stress mama.

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My 8 year old is still shy as he could be and hes been that way since birth. Hes so shy he wont hug any body in our family but me and his dad :disappointed: id like to say she may grow out of it…but she may not…but itll be ok. :wink: At least i know he’ll never willingly go with a stranger or anything like that tho lol :smirk:

Depends on the child.

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It’s normal. My kids are pretty much the same way. They are fine with family, but shy with anyone else.

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I don’t have kids but I was the same way growing up. My dad wasn’t around much but when he did come around I was so shy I didn’t even want to go near him. I really just had a lot of anxiety anytime I wasn’t with my mom. Maybe she has separation anxiety? It took me years to overcome being so shy

If she doesn’t really see anyone else like you said than of course they will be shy cause they’re not use to seeing people often

Every child is different. My daughter was like that at that age, shes now 10 and is still like that lol. My son is 2 turning 3 in January and is a social butterfly with EVERYONE lol

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My neighbors girl was shy with me and my little guy her first year they moved in, she’s warmed up. School definitely helps but just give it time and do you mamas

That’s normal for a 3 yr old she will come out of her shell soon

Yeah, some kids are just really shy and some are social butterflies lol. Some may grow out of it, others may not 🤷 there’s completely nothing wrong with her being shy around people that she doesn’t know. Especially when she’s not out on a lot of social settings, like school or daycare or preschool. It may get better for her when she becomes the age where she starts school and makes more friends and is around more people then just family. But it is completely normal for some 3 year olds.

My 5 year old is still shy when it comes to people she has never seen (adults), kids she may act shy at first but like us takes awhile to warm up.

Usually they say like ur beautiful what’s ur name an she won’t answer them. (She talks non stop usually lol)

I don’t see an issue with kids being shy, once they start preschool she will start socialising with other kids, kids either go one way or the other. Stay shy an get attached (hard for u to leave with u being around her all the time which is normal for some ) or she may even surprise u and love socialising when she does start an love to stay at pre school …
Just going to the park (just to play on grass etc if she is to young for equipment) an seeing others and start getting out for a bit will be good for her .

My youngest, when he was younger. Was social went he got with other kids. If he knew them or not lol but another adult, he was shy. Until he was around them a couple times usually. Then he’d open up. Or he was just mean 🤷

My sister Rheana Brell is 16 and is severely shy :joy:

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Yes my two year old was like that even as a baby she didn’t want anyone but me but slowly she’s becoming more sociable we have had a few friends dates so that helps

My 6 year old was like that. She would hide behind me all the time. Didn’t matter who it was. I didn’t put her in preschool at all. She is in 1st grade now and isn’t shy anymore. Your daughter may do the same thing once she starts school.

My son was painfully shy until he started school. At 3, he would still cry if a stranger looked at him and refused to talk to most family. It got a lot better when he started kindergarten. Now he is in 1rst grade and he’s less shy and more just socially awkward with new people lol. He did cry the first week of school because we weren’t allowed to walk him to his class this year and a teacher wouldn’t let his sister (3rd grader) walk him. But aside from that, he hasn’t had a panicked meltdown in a long time. He’ll probably never be the first to introduce himself but that’s okay.

I was so shy as a child that I almost failed Pre-K because I was told “not to talk to strangers” so I never spoke to my teachers. 🤷 It’s normal.

My sister is 18 been like it since she was born. everyone is different. Me on the other hand a gobshite

My 3 year old hates other people…:woman_shrugging:

My older two children were super shy til they were close to 10, my oldest is an introvert. My second came out of her shell around 4th grade and now she’s unstoppable!!
My last two were ready to walk off with strangers if they smiled at them

It’s normal for this age. But social skills are VERY important when starting school. My son was held back in Kindergarten due to his social skills. I suggest preschool or head start. I know it’s hard right now with covid. But it is a very big part of a child’s overall development.

I went to the play ground recently and saw this happen with more than one toddler it could be the quarantine, but some kids are extremely shy and take a while for them to warm up to other kids. My oldest daughter was so shy I always had to step in for her to make friends because she was so shy to talk to them. All kids are different, I say if you don’t see any other development problems she’s just a shy one it’s normal

I was shy until boo bies came

My baby boy was like at 3 he was so shy and never said a peep to anyone. And now he’s 5 and never stops
Talking to anyone who will start up a conversation :sweat_smile: