Is it normal for my fiance to be upset that I am going to dinner with his cousin

is it normal for my fiance to be upset about me going to dinner with his lesbian cousin?? he thinks its weird. I think it is fine she had never made feel any type of way uncomfortable or anything just friends I don’t have any friends and I am taking advantage of having a mom friend please help I think he is insecure


Why in the world would this be normal for him to be upset???

Tell him to grow up, watch the kids, put is insecurities aside and let you have a good time.

It’s his family. Should be praised that you get along with his family so well that you can go to lunch.


Omg he’s very insecure or doesn’t trust you in that case get out of the relationship trust is everything if there’s no trust then you have nothing but misery and it’s possible doesn’t want you to have any friends…tell him to grow up and accept it or go

I’d tell her you can’t go unless he comes out loud on the phone speaker so she and him can hear and make him feel goofy cause it’s his family… He must think your going to fall for her or vice versa… I mean you married him, was he like this in the bf gf phase ? They say characteristics like that show before the I do …

he’s insecure & thinks his cuzzy is gonna take you :joy:

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That’s bizarre. You would think he would want to be you to spend time with his family.
Red flag for sure


It is normal for him to be upset if you dont listen to him? This is the question u need to ask yourself. If a person is upset because they want to get thier on way is the same as a child having a fit to get thier own way. You got a man child, it sounds. Do what you want not what others want you to do. Dont like his pissy attitude change you EVER!


First thing I would do is find out why. It could be that she has a record of using people or she could be one of those people that can only have one friend at a time. Like some have said there could have been a issue in the past with a ex.

Get your husband a paci to hold his insecurities over while you have dinner.

Just go. He has no say who u can and cannot be friends with. Sounds like he’s trying to isolate you and that’s not a good thing at all.

Urrrrm, no that’s totally weird (his reaction, not you doing it). They’re about to be your family too, he should be happy you’re getting along!

Sounds like his problem :confused:

Tell him that’s not how it works. Lesbians have types too. Not just anyone with a vagina :woman_shrugging:t2::woman_facepalming:t2:

It sounds like he is insecure for one reason or another about his cousin and/ or your relationship. I think you guys need to talk. If he won’t discuss it or give you a good reason why he doesn’t want you to go out to dinner with her. I’d do it anyways!


He needs to figure out why he is upset about you making friends with who ever. Either he trust you or he doesn’t. If the cousin is trouble he should just say so and let you decide for yourself.

I’m bisexual. My ex got jealous of me having friends, male or female. He was always convinced I was going to cheat or already was.
My husband on the other hand, trusts me. It’s not about the other people, it’s about our relationship trust. I’ve got exes I’m friends with, and he’s cool with it.
If he doesn’t trust you, that’s a big red flag for me. Y’all need to communicate and sort it out before you even think about getting married.


Sounds controlling to me! That’s a red flag ! Or his cousin is guilty of messing with past girlfriends ? Or is he guilty of something ?

I don’t see a issue. Either he has a legitimate reason why or he’s just being petty. Either way I’d still go.


Hmmm sounds very insecure,why don’t you have any friends? Is it because of him? I’d keep a
eye on his behaviour, I would be very suspicious of someone who wants to control me in that way, he could be hiding something narcissistic tendencies there :thinking:

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Have and and have many friends if your not you don ‘t changes d yes his insecurities

Does the cousin have a record for flirting with his past gf? Find out why he doesn’t want you to, is it her (being protective) or does he just not want you to have any social life (being controlling) etc


He is wrong. Go see a friend

Why that’s strange he jealous of u going out her .can’t see the problem myself what does he think she’s going to do pounce on you .tell him not to be so silly .you can have friends

Probably fiance isn’t comfortable with his cousin being openly gay; be friends with her and drop the zero.


He is very insicure about himself
You go out and make sure you have a good time
As you haven’t said “I do”
You still have time to run

He’s definitely insecure. Very stupid lol Go for sure.

Yes it’s weird!!! He is insecure and do not trust you .
You better set boundaries and go to the lunch , show him from the begging that you will not allow him to control you

What’s weird is the fact that he’s trying to keep you from having a friend. Do you not have other friends because he doesn’t let you go out with people? Huge red flag.


Would you want him going out with your girl cousin? Because if she likes girls thsts what you compare it too… in my eyes… if yall both have that type of trust in your relationship… then go for it… but if he’s expressing discomfort with it … I would consider that because I wouldn’t let my husband go out for drinks with no girl so I wouldn’t do that same but too each their own… this your relationship not ours

It’s not an issue on your side but he’s worried about yall hooking up

Just go if he loves you he should trust you.

I think you need to find more out. Is it just because she’s lesbian? Or is it her as a person? Find out why he has he has a problem with it.

If he can’t give you a real reason, like she’s toxic or dangerous, you need to run. This can be controlling behavior.

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Her sexual orientation doesn’t automatically mean she wanted to date you. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you spending time with her. It’s a little insulting honestly, considering she’s family. It sounds like he’s lost control of his insecurities. You’re decision is completely normal. Edit to add Assuming neither of you have made any toxic choices in the past that’s lead him to feel uncomfortable.


He know something you don’t.

If there’s no trust there’s nothing

It’s his cousin, he knows more about them so I’d wonder what I don’t know, and I’d avoid them if he’s reacting that strongly about it. Maybe find your own friends who aren’t his relatives. Thdts just going to be awkward when you break up

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I’d ask him re his past girls, or families past girls, and his cousin… You don’t know what has happened in the past until you ask.

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Idk are you bi? Is it you or her he has the problem with is what I’d be asking him.

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Thank you ladies I just needed to prove my point. I did go and had a good time. He didn’t like it but I stood my ground. The only thing that he is has for a reason is 1 she is lesbian and 2 she said she never wants To be with a man again. It seems so silly to me.


Wow. Maybe he’s feeling left out?? Is he THAT insecure?? You two need to TALK !!! Or this will not end well.

He’s insecure. His cousin must be getting all the ladies :rofl:


Is your fiance attracted to every woman he meets? I hate the stereotype that because someone is gay, they’ll go after anyone of the same sex.

Nothing wrong with it at all

I think your fiance is weird that you can’t have lunch with his cousin without him being dumb.

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Fiancé needs to get over it and grow up. She’s your friend and soon to become family.

Is he afraid she’s going to spill his deep dark secrets?


Everyone here can make any accusation they want becuase they don’t know anything … is he insecure becuase he thinks she is going to steal you from him ? Is she completely off the rails and causes unnecessary family drama ? Nobody know the answer but one thing is for certain that you need to talk to him about it befor it breaks Down your relationship

Invite him to come too then lol

I don’t understand why he thinks his lesbian cousin is an issue! Obviously he knows you and her.

Why do men tend to think all lesbian or bisexual woman look at every other woman as a piece of meat they’re after? It’s almost like that’s how men think and they don’t like it :thinking:.


I think unless you have done something to make him question you, it’s weird for him to be upset-especially when it’s a relative of his. If he thinks you’re going to do something just because she’s a lesbian, he’s both insecure and ignorant. People who are gay don’t just automatically want to sleep or be with anyone of the same sex.

It’s weird he thinks it’s weird you want to have lunch with one of his family members. How insecure can you be? Gross.

Sounds like he’s jealous and acting ridiculous

Hi :wave: the cousin here lol. I’m bi and am currently seeing a female. He is my first cousin. I have no history with ANY of his past relationships (in fact des is his first woman I’ve ever met in person) or any other family member for that matter. I do not want every woman I see. Desiree Ballard is engaged to my cousin there for she is my family as well. I don’t live in the same state as them. I am currently for a couple months then it’s back to my home. I too have no friends here and having children myself (3) and my cousins having children (3 as well) (1 of mine and 1 of theirs is actually 3 months apart in age) why not hang out? She’s been babysitting for me when needed so to show appreciation I took her out for lunch on me and that was all but the Cuzzo has an issue with it​:roll_eyes:

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Tell him you’d be perfectly fine with him going out with your gay cousin

As I believe im one of the few men in the group, I find it kinda weird ngl I mean the way I think about it. It’s the same as going to dinner with my male cousin! And that honestly makes me feel uncomfortable

It’s either he’s insecure or he knows something that you don’t

Why didn’t he address the cousin about it

Take away lesbian… it’s a cousin… who even cares about sexuality now days??