Is it normal for prenatals to make you feel sick?

I didn’t take prenatals, they made me sick. I barely ate any food, it all made me want to be sick. My son was born full term, 7lbs, 6oz and had zero health problems. You’ll probably feel like crap, but the baby will take everything it needs from you

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TAKE YOUR PRENATALS. If one brand makes you sick, try another. Ask your OB for free samples. That’s how I found which one worked for me.

Always eat first. Take them!

I have a friend that couldn’t take prenatals at all bc they made her sick as well. Her ob dr told her to take two children flintstone vitamins a day.

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Take these ones. Not the crappy ones your doctor prescibes that are like horse pills. Very bad for your stomach. These ones were GREAT for me and I had hypermesis and GERD so I was always sick and had a tempermental tummy. But even with my first where I didn’t have those issues I would throw up from those damn doctor horse pills. Screw those things lol

Just eat more things with vitamins like OJ & more fruits & veggies. It’s that baby takes so much from you. Eat healthy and you should be fine.

I didn’t take any at all with my second and my first it only lasted a month and my girls are both healthy happy and smart

Take them, they have folic acid in them and that helps baby keep from having neural tube deficiencies, things like spina bifida and other terrible disorders. They are important.

You can take flintstone vitamins. My prenatals always made me sick ! Double check with your Ob though

I went through 6 different kinds of prenatal before my doctor said to take the flintstones with iron daily.

Prenatals are just to help you get the extra vitamins needed to help the baby grow that yoy don’t always get in your daily lifestyle. As long as you eat healthy and do what the doc says you’ll be fine

Hell my mother painted houses, smoked weed, cigarettes and drank with me and my siblings… God only knows what else… Never once seeing a doctor. then she got pregnant when I was five, went to the appointments, took the pills did everything right and had a miscarriage at three months.