Is it normal for prenatals to make you feel sick?

I was getting very sick I the beginning of my pregnancy from my prenatals I have no idea why. I then tried the gummies. I haven’t been taking them and I’m 5 months . I’m scared something is gonna be wrong


If you eat a healthy diet, you will be fine. Talk to your doctor about if there is anything you can take.

I quit about 4 months in my kid is fine lol. But i also ate enough healthy stuff i didnt need them

I stopped taking them at 8 weeks and started taking Flinstones. Then stopped taking those around 12 weeks. My son is perfectly healthy. :woman_shrugging:t2:

I never took vitamins with either kid and they are fine


Never take on an empty stomach

talk to your doctor, but mine said if they make me feel bad it was okay not to take them. I’m 7 months and just started to be able to take them again.

Try taking them at night

Try taking them at different time of day. I had to take mine before bed. In the morning they made me sick

I would start taking them, and make sure to eat a healthy diet & water!

I stopped taking mine like hald way and nothing happened…no special diet either

I got very sick also and found out it was the iron in them so i just got a gummy vitamin with out iron and was fine

i got sick my 1st pregnancy taking them, stopped taking them at 12 weeks 1st time, 2nd pregnancy didnt even bother with them at all. 2 healthy as can be babies!

I never toke them with any of my kids
They are so gross
I wish I did because maybe I would be more healthy now
4 kids toke a toll on my body

Eh with my last baby I hardly took any either and she is fine.

Folic acid. My Dr took me off prenatals due to being nauseated by them. Switched me to folic acid.


No nothing is wrong not all pregnancies are the same justveart right and stay away from nicotine , alcohol, and drugs I’m not implying that what you do I’m simply stating that if you take care of yourself your baby is ok if you are seeing your Dr regularly and have a ultrasound just To be reassured

Just eat right. The prenatal vitamins make a lot of people sick

I took mine until 5/6 months and also took them at night. I was born with spina bifida and they blamed my mom not taking enough vitamins as the reason

My doctor told me your baby will take every single thing it needs to grow from your body. That the vitamin is more for you.


I didn’t take any type of prenatal with any of my pregnancies because they made me sick. You’ll be fine.

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I never took prenatals because they made me sick and constipated my kids are fine

Nothing is going to be wrong? Lots of women get sick off them. Take the flinstone vitamins

Try a kids multivitamin with folic acid

Plexus has a great multivitamin made with aloe. It’s called X Factor. I’d highly recommend that. I can actually take this vitamin before I eat anything and not get sick. Normally, I’d have to make sure I take one with a big meal so I don’t feel sick. This one is great and since it’s made with aloe, your body absorbs it better too. Message me if you have any questions!

I got sick with them too my DR told me to start taking them at night, switched to taking them before bed worked big time!

I didn’t take my prenatals except for a handful of times my last pregnancy. My boy came out happy and healthy.

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Take them at bed time. That’s what I do. It’s really helped.

I was always sick taking the prenatal but didn’t know that’s what it was until my exes dad told me to stop taking them and see how I felt and I felt fine…I never took them again and I was absolutely fine without them

I got sick all of the time! My doctor told me to eat something small right before bed at night and take them. Worked - no more sickness

prenatal vitamins any vitamins at that in pill form are NO GOOD PERIODDDD :exclamation::exclamation: You have to get “Vitamins” from the direct source.

I had to do the same thing with my last pregnancy everything made me sick i spend time in and out of hospital because id be so sick i took prenatals 1 week my daughter was 8lbs5oz and healthy and happy.

I started taking mine before bed that helped a little

The vitamins are really for YOU and your health. Your baby is going to get what it needs from your body regardless, prenatals are to replace what baby takes so you don’t have any problems. If taking them makes you sick just make sure you eat healthy and get the vitamins and minerals you need

Try taking them at night. It helped with my first

My sister never took prenatals and all four of her kids are perfect! I tried different kinds and they always made me sick - and then I found vegetarian prenatals at sprouts and they didn’t make me sick! They are affordable too.

I got sick when I took them too. I switched myself to the childrens Flintstones vitamins and was fine. However, I’m not one for taking anything daily and only did that with my first pregnancy. All subsequent I didn’t take any vitamins and was fine.

Taking with food helps !

I was the same way with my 2nd. I didn’t take them at all. She came out healthy.

Take them right before bed

The prenatals are more for you than the baby… keep taking them…I usually ate a nice big breakfast and then would take my prenatal and vitamins.

I didnt take them with my kids and they are hapoy and healthy. No problems at birth… Both born at 39 weeks.

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Prenatals are more for the momma. They are good for baby but you won’t hurt the baby without them. All is okay love.

I cant take prenatals, an ob I had begore toldme to take 2 flintstone vits. But i discovered the gummies- and they don’t make me sick.
If your concerned about geting the dha and the folic acid- be sure to include orange juice/oranges in your diet for folic acid. and lots and lots of your breads for the dhA.

ANY vitamin makes me SUPER sick to take while pregnant, both of my kids turned out very healthy even though I wasn’t able to take the vitamins

As an OB RN the essentials of PNV are from the family stage thru the 2nd trimester to prevent neurotube defects like Spinal Biffida, or Anacephaly. Once all the organs, bones etc are fully formed all the baby does is grow and gain weight. If you eat a healthy diet low in processed foods. You are doing better than those that do not. There may or may not be iron in yours that combats fatigue, and anemia as the baby will take what it needs from you.

The doctors can prescribe you some that are easy in the stomach or they can prescribe some medication to
Help the sickness

I throw up prenatals so I didn’t take them for both my pregnancies. My babies are fine and completely healthy.

Just a heads up the gummies have way less good things in them. My ob said never take the gummies the pills have way more good stuff in them. I always ate with mine. Prenatals are very important so id try my hardest to take them good luck

I couldn’t take prenatals. My doc told me just to take regular finstones or a multi vitamin and folic acid vitamin

The iron in prenatal vitamins is what made me sick. The gummies helped ALOT.

I couldn’t take any vitamins throughout my 3 pregnancies. All my babies were big and healthy! No matter when I took them, I’d vomit everytime and be sick literally all day and/or night!

I stopped taking prenatals with both of my pregnancies and everything was fine.

I had complications that were unrelated to prenatal vitamins.

I didn’t take prenatals with my second. Just Flintstone gummies. I was very sick, vomited every single day. The vitamins made it worse. So the doctor told me it was okay not to take them. I was worried something would be wrong with her but I carried her to 41 weeks, was induced, she was 6lbs 2oz. Don’t stress, if you’re doctors not worried then don’t worry.

I took mine at night after dinner. If I took them in the am I would get super sick

Marijuana help me I smoked it but you can do the CBD oils

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Im almost 7 months everytime i try to take them i get sick and throw up the 1st 5 months of this prgnancy i threw up every single day miltiple times a day its awful

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i couldn’t take prenatals & both my kids were fine.

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Take them later in the day. Not in the morning. Let your stomach settle first.

Make sure you have something to eat. Sometimes they can make your tummy hurt if you take them on an empty stomach.

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I did the gummies at night with like a peanut butter cracker or another snack. I could not ever take them in the morning or without food or I would vomit them right back up

Do not take them on an empty stomache or in early a.m. but you and the baby need them. The baby will drain everything from you and needs them to develop strong. Your baby can be stressed at birth the vitamins help that baby to be stronger for stress at birth, some mother’s that do not take them , I have seen their babies have a stressful birth and then develop yellow jaundice. Also the calcium and iron help with good bone development and preventing anemia. Good luck .

I didn’t take any prenatal for this reason. My teeth suffered horribly from pregnancy but baby was a ok

Lol you don’t even need to take prenatals

They made me sick too my midwife told me to stop taking it around 5-6 months

Don’t worry until you have something to worry about

Take flintstones vitamins that’s what my OB recommended because I cant take prenatals either.

I couldn’t do prenatals. They constipated me so bad. I even asked for a prescription and they still made me constipated. My daughter is 3 and doing fine.

Iron in the vitamins made me sick, so I found vitamins without and made a huge difference. (plus I couldn’t poop!) Don’t sweat it…your baby will be fine if you don’t take the vitamins. Just Tru to eat the best you can and take them as often as you can tolerate.

I only took the gummies I couldn’t take the regular pills without puking. My sister rarely took her prenatals and all her kids turned out fine lol

I don’t even take prenatals mainly cuz I forget to take them so I just gave up and stopped takeing them. All my kids were born healthy

I had hyperemesis gravidarum and I was told at the very least to take folic acid until you are able to take the prenatal vitamins! Worth looking into if you’re worried, although that’s more for early pregnancy. If you were taking prenatals before you got pregnant that should help!

I couldn’t take prenatals for 2 of my pregnancies. I decided I needed to at least do folic acid but that was it. As long as you have good nutrition you guys will be fine.

Prenatal vitamins aren’t necessary. You’ll be fine without them. Baby will be fine without them.


Just start using flinstones vitamins I couldn’t do the pre vitamins either everything will be ok just bone up on veggies too

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I took prenatal vitamins for years BEFORE getting pregnant due to having a lot of problems keeping vitamins and iron levels up already, never had an issue. Got pregnant and couldn’t stomach them, not gummy not the pill not even chewables. I forced myself to take them the first 15 weeks or so beings that the early weeks are super important but after that I couldn’t do it. I didn’t take them the rest of the time and my son was perfectly fine. I know someone with 4 kids who never took them, they’re all perfectly fine. Know someone with 2 kids who took them with one and not the other they’re both perfectly fine. Almost everyone I know with kids didn’t take them and their kids are all perfectly healthy.

I couldn’t take prenatal with either of my pregnancies. First one I just took flintstones vitamins. With my second I couldn’t even stomach those.
Both my kids are fine.

Honestly, I’ve taken them maybe 3x and I’m 27 weeks.just try to supplement with proper nutrition and you’ll be fine

You don’t HAVE to take them. Some people they make sick or even constipated. As long as you have a really healthy diet it’s okay. You may be able to tolerate a regular multivitamin better if you want to give that a shot

I have hyperemesis gravidarum so I totally get it!

I didn’t take them my daughter is fine

I couldnt take mine either made me sick, it was the iron. I didn’t take them at all and my little guy is 18m and weighs 29lbs.

I dont take prenatals my dr who has delivered all four of my healthy babies plus over 800 others says they are only for the mom not the baby… as long as you eat great and stay healthy you are golden and your baby will be healthy

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I didn’t really take them with my first 4, I constantly forgot. Just eat a good variety.

Don’t worry they made me sick so I was just chucking them up again and my midwife said it wasn’t a massive deal xx

I went thru like 4 different prenatals till I found some that don’t make me sick. and I take them after dinner before bed instead of in the morning and that helped alot

Flintstone chewables!

Perinatal vitamins are for your health, not the baby’s. The baby takes nutrients from you and the vitamins are to help replenish them. This doesn’t mean you’ll be sick or anything if you don’t take them. It’s more of a precautionary measure.

Just eat lots of meats and veggies with vitamins in them like spinach broccoli etc.

You and babe will be okay
I couldn’t stomach taking the vitamins with either of my boys both came out fine

I’d eat any time I took them and that helped alot

I’ve never taken them. Both my kids are great.

Try taking them before bed, that’s what I do

Rainbow light were a godsend for me. Nothing will be wrong if you dont take them… I hardly took them with my last baby bc I kept forgetting.
Rainbow Light - Prenatal One Multivitamin - Essential Nutrition for Mom and Baby, Daily Vitamin and Mineral Supplement, Folate, Iron, Gluten-Free, Vegetarian - 30 Tablets

I never.took mine i uave 3 totally healthy kids

I was sick 24 hrs day, for 7 months. Ended up with high bp. Pre eclampsia.:gift_heart:

The vitamins helped alot after i had my babies

I just took regular gummies and folic acid

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I couldn’t take them due to the iron. They made me sick as hell. But my kid was fine.

I didn’t take prenatals for either of my kids. Both born healthy. My daughter was almost 10lbs and my son was almost 9lbs.