Is it normal for toddlers to get sleep regression?

Hey mamas. Is a 2.5 yo sleep regression normal? My toddler has been good at naps and would usually go to bed at a decent time. Lately it’s out of control. Refusing naps, being overly tired and crying hysterically at bed (we live in an apartment and I’m sure my neighbors aren’t thrilled). Perfect example is the other night. Refused nap. Didn’t fall asleep until after 10:30. Wakes up at 6:30. I’m exhausted. I work and go to school. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. (if you’re wondering yes we Do a bedtime routine book bath bed etc).


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is it normal for toddlers to get sleep regression?

Maybe your toddler is refusing because he/she isn’t tired…

Yesss my 2.5 was going through it the last couple weeks and i researched it. She’s finally fell back into her normal sleep schedule. It was brutal. Just hang tight it will pass.

He need be get his energy out my 2yrs does same things on days we don’t take walk around block at less 2 times …usually about hr later he out , it going suck in winter bc we not going be able do it ( started it this June)

My son went through a stage like this around the age of 2. He pretty much never naps anymore - he’s up 12hrs he sleeps 12hrs usually. The only time he naps nowadays is if something wakes him up too early, we’re usually stuck up late that night after the nap happens.

My 2 yo been going to bed @ midnight lately…

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Anything change with activity or diet?
Ex: Is you’re toddler getting enough physical activity to get tired out?
Is your toddler eating anything that may keep them from sleep?

He only 2 the my son was like that put some soothing music for bedtime rub his head and he fall asleep he just need something to sooth him to bed

Might be ready to drop a nap and do an earlier bedtimem. Switch to quiet time and move bed earlier. When my son doesn’t nap he’s asleep by 6:30. If he happens to sleep in, the bedtime changes a little.

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When my first born reached 2 my doctor warned me that nap time would soon be a thing of the past. Damn I was mad when he was right because I was expecting my second born and needed those naps!

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When mine are overtired and irrational, I put them in the tub. No soap and completely different things to play with than regular bath time toys. My go to are kitchen utensils, measuring cups, the strainer maybe a bowl.
It helps.

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It’s very normal I went through it with both my girls all you can really do is try to keep them on the same routine try to wear their little butts out and then a nice warm bath and bed they go

Sorry my internet went out on me I’m not saying it’ll be easy just what I started doing and it took time

If your 2 and half year old slept 8 hours consider yourself lucky. They’ll going to go through different sleeping patterns.

I play baby sleep music on YouTube and get the room completely dark. But it’s totally normal. Some days my 2.5 year old will nap for 3 hours, sometimes only an hour.

AWW hugs. They are changing so much in toddler yrs. They dont always have vocab to tell u what is going on. It happens. Try shortening nap gradually to see if that helps with bed time. Maybe make a soothing environment, put on a light plug in that shines stars or characters on ceiling, helped with our ADHD nephews. Use white noise machine or just a fan or humidifier or music. Make sure they have fav stuffy or blankie. You may need to rub their back for a few mins, but give them warnings that they are big kid and you will stay a bit but eventually will leave. Also watch some old supernanny episodes on YouTube. She sleep trains toddlers as young as 2 and you provide comfort 1st time they get up, but after that, no real interaction verbally and just take them by the hand and return them to bed. Can’t recall how she did it with lil ones in cribs. I think it was sit on fl and grad scoot closer to door. It may seen harsh but she had kids in beds asleep in like 2 to 3 nights. I used to nanny and the lil boy (now 16) but was almost 3 went through this at nap time usually when I was back after a lil break. I used super nanny sleep tips and it would only take a few days to get back into good sleep routine. It also helped with tantrums. Every time he threw one I put him in a time out in his crib or his room. In like a few days he stopped throwing them All the time. I would just say, time for bed? And he usually quit. A lot of his crazy behavior was as a result of over indulgence from grand parents and seeing his school age older sis throw tantrums and get treats still. Tried to work with her on them when I had her but she was very spoiled. Really supernanny is a great resource for child rearing, check her out!

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