Is it normal my 6-month-old doesn't roll from his back to his stomach?

My 6-month-old doesn’t roll from his back to his stomach. Is this normal? Should I be concerned? Are there other babies developing normal and rolled over later than six months?


My daughter is 8 months tomorrow and just started rolling last week it’s all on when they want to do it

My nephew is almost 8 months old and just started rolling over

No worries . My two eldest didn’t roll till 8/9 months. The third one rolled over at 4 months. They will when they are ready. Also don’t compare, you’ll find yourself going crazy!

Mine is 7 months and she barely rolls over she only has a couple times. Don’t be concerned not a big deal your baby will when they’re ready

Have you tried to let your baby have tummy time?

My girl is almost 9 months and refuses to roll back to belly. She will roll belly to back without an issue tho! She’s just really lazy like I was according to my mom🤣. She’s right on track development wise. Just lazy lol

My 6 month old won’t roll over yet either, he will roll belly to back but not back to belly.

Every baby learns at their own pace! Some babies just don’t want to. My son didn’t he would never roll on his tummy cause he just hated being on it.

Every baby has their own time on developing what they do…so babues arejust lazy. Some are slow some are content with what they can do… but you should ask your pediatrition then you ll feel better…

My baby girl did it her first time at 4 months every baby is different

Babies develop on there own time. They roll, walk, talk and run when they are ready. No set time or standards for development. We are all unique and different. Some do things early and others take more time.

I remember when my youngest was a baby. I thought he was just gonna roll all over instead of crawling.

You can help them build up his inner core muscles. Baby needs those muscles to sit up and roll. I used a bouncer.

So no worries mama!

I guess it depends on baby. My 7 month old has been rolling since way before she was 6 months

My son was walking at 7 months. I wouldnt worry, every baby is different. Speak to his pediatrician at his next check up

Don’t worry too much my kids and all my nieces and nephews all started doing things at different times.

Noooo. they all do it on their own time. (Mom of 4)

My son never rolled over from back to front because his shoulders are too wide and, well, he was a chunker. He’s almost 3 and developing fine

My daughter is just over 7 months and has rolled stomach to back maybe a dozen times and doesnt roll back to front at all. Dr wasnt concerned at all.

Totally normal. Some roll over right out the womb, and some take forever. Lol. I have 4 and every one was different. As early as 4 months to as late as 9

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Ha! My daughter wasnt rolling over until she was crawling. Lol

I wouldn’t be concerned yet

My kid was LAZY he only rolled onto his belly to roll back to his back. He barely crawled but ince he started walking there was no going back.

It could be a comfort thing or just being lazy, if you notice any other serious concerns please consult your childs pediatrician

He’s just a tiny little guy he’s only been alive for 6 months, babies all learn at their own pace it’s completely normal. Dr’s won’t start to worry until he isn’t doing anything by 12m and even then they’ll probably just monitor. And I’m sure he’ll be rolling soon, enjoy him being immobile while u can :joy:

There is a very wide range of “normal” and sometimes babies skip milestones altogether. Mention it at his next checkup and try not to worry too much. You’re doing a great job just observing him :blush:

My 5 month old can roll. Will flip on her back then cry cause she won’t roll back over even through she can lol

My 2nd son (5 months) doesn’t roll over at all yet. He’s also super chunky :sweat_smile:

My baby is only 2 weeks past 7 months, just learned to roll back and forth, army crawl, and first two teeth popped through… All in the span of a week…

Every baby is different(i’m sure you have heard this a million times), they all have their own speed and development. I for one would not rush it, if i could go back and do it again, i would not stress about development, As long as you protect and love them they all turn out okay in the end.

Normal as long as your baby has good strength. They are suppose to but my 7 month old doesn’t and her pediatrician told me she’s not worried cuz she has good strength so it probably mean that she just doesn’t want to. Not that she can’t

Enjoy the baby, play with and give baby a bit of stimulation and stop worrying

Unfortunately my baby started late and she’s still late for her milestones at 18 months. I wouldn’t be concerned that early, but definitely take a note of it

Nope . give baby time.

Every baby has their own pace. Talk with your pediatrician if your super worried about it.
Extra tummy time might help


Don’t fret. Each kid is different. My chunk never crawled and had trouble rolling, but was literally running and kicking a a soccer ball at 10 months.

Some kids do t walk until after they are one year old.

It’s your first, so I get you checking milestones. You’re a good momma.

Just try to enjoy your little💚


My kid is 9.5 months now. He didn’t start “rolling around” until 8+ months. I swear I have the laziest baby ever.
What helped us was though was more playdates. I swear everytime we hang out with another baby he does new tricks the next day

Every child goes at their own pace, however, if he shows a delay on multiple milestones it could be cause for concern. I wouldn’t be alarmed, but I would pay attention.

You can try putting a favorite toy next to him and see if that helps all are great advice

My guy didn’t roll over til 7 months and he’s right on track

Following. Mine is 4mo and just now beginning to try it

try to give more tummy time :blush:

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My 1st was walking at 9 months, my 2nd is 10 months and isn’t even crawling yet, absolutely hated being on her front. She just but shuffles aha! They all develop differently in thier own time, don’t panic about it

My 6 month olds to lazy and thinks she is hilarious. Loves rolling from her sides but wont fully roll yet :woman_facepalming::joy:

I wouldn’t use the term “normal” as each baby’s development is different. Rolling is part of their development. If a parent should have any concerns with how their child is progressing they should speak to a professional like a health nurse or doctor.

All babies reach milestones in their own time, my son didn’t properly crawl till 10 and a half months, hes must turned 1 and wont stand unaided he doesn’t really cruise either. The milestone age thing your told or given is only a guide. Tummy time would help with this hell start rolling from tummy to back as back to tummy is a wee bit harder. There is absolutely nothing wrong with him, if your really concerned your best talking to his health visitor/health provider. Babies will do it before 6 months other babies don’t do it till after 6 months. Even sitting up isn’t expected till around 8 months old and even then that’s just a guideline

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They’re all different! My son learned how to roll from his back to side and belly to back at like 2 and 1/2 months but didn’t learn how to go full circle until around 5 months

I think every baby is on his or her own time line. I dont think its anything you should be worried about.

I agree Lots of tummy time mine is going to be nine months but I know it took longer for the back to stomach . She in the last two weeks has starting army crawling , pulling to stand and saying baba and dada . I was worried she should be doing things and then like a week later she does so hopefully your guy does too but right now I wouldn’t be worried just keep putting him on his belly

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I wouldn’t be to concerned unless their doctor says other wise. All babies develop different and at different paces

Every child develops a different rate. Just encourage more and more tummy time!

make sure he’s getting lots of tummy time and floor time or they wont learn.

Make sure to get lots of tummy time​:heart::heart:

My baby were lil butter ball s some didn’t roll over at all straight to walking :point_up: