Is it normal not to feel baby move by 20 weeks?

I am 20 weeks pregnant and still haven’t felt baby move… is this normal?

You might only feel bubbles or taps then, I didn’t feel significant notable punches or kicks until later. Also your movement tends to put them to sleep, so you may feel it more when you’re relaxing and they wake.

I also suggest moving up an OB visit if you’re concerned, they can do a few harmless tests, there’s also have baby Dopplers to hear heart rate you can buy for personal use at home.

If you have an anterior placenta it can be significantly harder to feel movements.
All my pregnancies were different. I felt the flutters with my first early on, felt my second around 16 weeks and with my third, I had an anterior placenta and didn’t feel movements until the placenta moved higher up in my uterus.

If at all concerned, it is best to get a professional opinion

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I thought I felt him move but it was only cramps I didn’t officially feel his little “kick” till 22 weeks. If this is your first i heard it takes a while