Is it normal not to have an appetite while pregnant?

Quick question? Not sure what to make of it. I’m currently pregnant with my 3rd baby. About seven weeks along. And with my other 2, I was already experiencing some pretty aggressive morning sickness. This time around, I’ve rarely felt nauseous, but I have absolutely no appetite, I don’t get hungry, and I don’t have any desire to eat, only drink. Has anyone else experienced this? I’ve looked up so much, and all the answers about lack of appetite circulate about nausea and morning sickness, which I don’t have yet. I’m super confused. The doctors haven’t scheduled my first appointment until I’m ten weeks along.


Normal for me with all my kids. Just set an alarm to eat something and drink water. I didn’t start gaining weight until 29 weeks and boy way my doctor mad.

Its normal for me. I eat less and have less of an appetite while pregnant. Ibwas told to be sure to at least eat small meals like 5 times a day. I still couldn’t do that.

Did not have one until I hit 20 weeks then it was vicious

I didn’t have an appetite through my first tri and most of my second. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Very Normal. I could barely eat my entire 1st trimester - my appetite came back once I got past 12 weeks

Just remember to eat something and or get those ensure shake drink things I know when my morning sickness was at it worst that is what saved me

I was the same. I’m 21 weeks and still don’t really have one. Morning sickness this time around has been a killer. Just make sure your keeping hydrated :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: xx

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I didn’t have an appetite almost my whole pregnancy and even lost 40lb I still ate but all I wanted was cereal and toast. My dr was concerned but baby was measuring good and growing. Keep hydrated and eat small snacks through the day

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Normal for me. I make myself eat.

I’m 34 weeks and still do not have an appetite. I have to make myself eat throughout the day.

It was very difficult for me to eat during my entire first pregnancy. Most of the time I would force myself to take a few bites but that’s as far as I could get. I didn’t have nothing sickness at all with either of my kids either.

I didn’t eat but once a day when my third pregnancy. :woman_shrugging:t3: I didn’t even take my prenatal because it made me vomit.

Normal. I’m 20 weeks with number 2 and I just never want to eat. And even when I am hungry I never eat a full meal, just sort of graze

Get checked for gestational diabetes. This can be completely normal, but it doesn’t hurt to be cautious.

Have your glucose checked just to be safe as excessive thirst can be a sign of diabetes, and remember that although many people like to eat while pregnant you actually only need about 300 extra calories compared to your normal diet :blush:

I didn’t have an appetite for the first 10-ish weeks. Then all of a sudden ended up with HG and didn’t get over that til well into 20+ weeks. 31wks now

Lots of grapes and many oranges lots lots

My 3rd pregnancy had been significantly different than my first 2. Didn’t want to eat, no nausea or vomiting. I did have cravings though. (Filet o fish plain from mcdonalds)
My first 2 kids were girls, my 3rd was a boy. Healthy as anything. :slight_smile:

I’d say at least try to stay hydrated if anything but you definitely need to try and eat something! Even if it’s something small so long as it’s healthy and has some sort of vitamins would definitely go a long ways! And definitely take your prenatals and plenty of water! Baby will be ok!

I’m 17 weeks and still have to force feed myself girl!

  1. Every pregnancy is different.
  2. If you don’t feel like eating and you just want to drink, try to drink some type of meal replacement shake.
  3. Stay calm, right now your baby is roughly the size of a blueberry, so I wouldn’t be too concerned about not having the desire to eat right now. When you go to your 10 week appointment, express your concerns to your doctor.

Yep, didn’t have an appetite either go round. I wasn’t nauseated or anything. Just didn’t want to eat a darn thing. Ever. lol

I felt exact same with my first child. I have 3 It started with the smell of roses So sick. Then couldn’t eat meat. Lived on cherries and fish I think your body will tell you what you need

I didn’t have an appetite for the first half of my pregnancy

I am 27 weeks along with 3rd baby and going through phases where i have no appetite at all and then next minute i am raiding the cupboards, then will have no appetite again.