Is it normal that daycare teachers won't even try to feed my daughter?

So my daughter who just turned a year old last month is breastfed at home but she started daycare last week but her teachers know she won’t take bottles but now they won’t even try what should I do I bring one in every day for them to try and I called her dr and her dr seems confused on why they wont atill try they just wont even give her water and says well let her go the whole day without milk or water … is this normal


Id pull her out and find another day care that’s not on


Can you send a sippy cup? I have a Dr Brown’s transitional sippy cup for my son and it works great


Definitely not normal. That is child neglect.
I’m a nanny and I’ve worked in a daycare.
I’d find a new daycare, that’s not a safe environment for your baby.


Honestly, you should have made the transition before putting her in daycare. It’s time for a cup. You need to work on this at home but the daycare should be giving her the option. Seems odd.


No they should still be trying every day! It doesn’t matter if she refuses. They should still try. Also maybe try different bottles? I’d find a new daycare


I would be asking them that work there and get to the bottom of it.

NONE of this story makes sense and I find it extremely hard to believe… so they’re starving her and you’re still taking her daily?? also YOU should have switched her onto a either bottle OR sippy cup prior to sending her to daycare :eyes: They can offer any and everything but if she’s NOT comfortable with a bottle or sippy and only takes the breast that’s kinda your problem there’s NOTHING they can do except offer her a cup or sippy probably not even a bottle some ban bottles and pacifiers past a certain age because they don’t want to be responsible for any dental issues they may cause.


Do they offer a cup? She should be eating solids by that age so I doubt she’s starving but it’s not normal to have no liquids all day. I would send her fruit with a high water content like watermelon.
A lot of states won’t allow them to give bottles or a pacifier a few months after they turn one but she should absolutely be offered a sippy cup.


Normal ? That’s abuse. Yes, abuse. Report the daycare and find a new one

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Try Nuk sippy cup. All three my breastfeed babies loved them. They have a soft nipple.

No that’s not normal. Nor is it okay. I’d ask them do they go the entire day without a drink?

Definitely not right change child care centre


I’d report the daycare center and immediately find a new one. Please do not send her back there.

Why did you not start the transition at home before daycare ?! This is on you


At the daycares I have worked at by 1 they should be transitioning to a sippy cup and milk. Our 1 year old class eats solid food and is given milk and water through out the day. With breast milk someone has to sit with the child when they are drinking it. That is very difficult to do with teacher/child ratio at that age.


As someone who worked at a daycare through a school. No this is not normal.


Both my girls absolutely refused a bottle and only BFed.
I couldn’t have anyone watch them until they were old enough to eat baby food and didn’t have to rely on milk.
I’m generally curious what you expect them to do?
If they’ve tried multiple times and she refuses then that likely won’t change. The fact you know she’s not been eating is also completely on you.
If she’s one then there’s also no reason she shouldn’t be eating baby food and some solids at this point. Not trying to be rude but I’d start introducing baby food and sending that with her or switch daycare but you’ll just have the same issue somewhere else if she refuses the bottle and it’s her only source of nutrients.

Daycares don’t give bottles to one year olds. The AAP says introduce sippy cups at 6 months. Sounds like a communication issue.


Not normal and actually constitutes neglect


Change child care centers asap, this is neglect and abuse

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Can you provide a cup instead of bottle?

Wth don’t send that baby back there.

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How do you know that they don’t try ? Maybe they do buy she refused, it’s hard for a daycare teacher to be one on one with a baby when they have more babies to take care for.


Nope not normal. I would let your doctor know and also your local dhs because if they’re doing this to your daughter I guarantee they’re doing it to other children. This is not safe for your daughter either because she is being withheld liquids all day long (I’m assuming your workday is 8 hours long) and that’s just too long for an 1 year old to go without any type of liquid. This makes me mad for you


Definitely get off fb and send an urgent email
To the authorities
That pure child neglect/endangerment
And that daycare needs to be shut down


In the childcare I work the mum give us breast milk and we give it to the baby but it would be much helpful that if you plan to send your baby to chilcare and you are breast feeding at least be sure that you introduce the bottle so baby will be prepared. At childcare we have other babies in our care and we could not stay one to one but we have to see the needs of all of them.


Isnt it your duty as a mother to ensure your child will drink from a bottle before you drop her at a daycare?


Your babe gets no fluids at daycare? Thats deffinitly neglect

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Not normal!!! :triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post:

That neglect. You pay them to take care of her and they do not feed her or give milk. Or even water. If she goes hungry and thirsty all day then she does not have normal body functions after awhile. ( urine & poop). That can lead to health problems.

I’m a infant teacher n deff not cool I would move daycare. Maybe try a different cup. I had one baby who refused to drink. Mom changed from bottle to a cup n in worked. But I would deff move daycare.

Are they using a cup or a spoon? Is she eating solids/meals since she’s one? I don’t know of any daycare that wouldn’t feed a child or allow her to stay. That’s dangerous for your child and a liability for them.

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I used to babysit few baby and those kids who turned one were full time breastfeeding. Their mom will send me their breastmilk to put in the bottle I work on how to get them to accept it and being patient with them. They did good so I don’t understand why teacher will not. I would go find other daycare


I’m confused as to why you’re still sending her knowing she’s not being fed?

Uh what? They don’t feed your Child all day?


And she’s still there… not eating and drinking for a child is dangerous…wth…


If I remember correctly from when my kid went to daycare 20+ years ago, Montessori schools won’t help a child open their lunch items. Absolutely absurd which is why I didn’t send my kid there

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Try giving breastmilk at home with a sippy cup, breastfed babies usually do better with weighted straw cups

Is it because your child is refusing everything but the breast?

First off as a mom if you knew that she was going to attend daycare why in the world didn’t you start transitioning her to a bottle? Do you know how unfair that is for the worker and the child. I work in daycare and I can tell right now our daycare cares about kids . I have had many kids start that are breastfeed who we try to feed all day long with bottle they won’t take and even sippy cups but it is so hard on us workers and it’s really unfair to the children that aren’t getting anything to drink. Yes the should be trying, but shame on you for not helping as well.


I work at a daycare and I couldn’t imagine not trying, we had a 1 yo same kind of situation we would try and eventually she started taking a bottle, you should introduce a bottle at home as well instead of breastfeeding to help the teachers out aswell

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My son started daycare at exactly 1 yr old he did not eat any food only fruit . No matter how much I tried and increased his pallet option he would gag. Idk how they did it but now he eats everything they’re were amazing and a great help for the first month I did have to pack him “lunch” alot of fruit! But he’s doing amazing now I would just switch daycares tbh it’s not worth it


I know all 4 daycares I’ve worked at after one year bottle is to not be given, must be a sippy cup. But they should have told you that if that was a rule so you could bring in a cup instead.

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As a child care teacher myself when we have a situation like this we have the parents bring in breast milk to the daycare for the child yes it can be Frozen and kept in a freezer until it’s needed and then put in a sippy cup for the child until she can transition over as far as feeding by 1 years old they should be feeding themselves all we can do is introduce the food to them and if they choose not to eat it or throw it down there’s nothing that we as child care providers can do you never force a child to eat or drink but as providers they should also inform the parents of the situation and together come up with a solution


They shouldn’t reject trying at all or at least ask if you could come in and feed her . They are supposed to give water and keep trying with the bottle or ask you to find a different bottle or use a sippy cup that looks like a bottle . Some people are on the job for money not for children .thst is not ok to let her go without something to drink

I work in a daycare and that’s not normal. As long as you want them to try they should try. That’s definitely not okay.

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How do you know they don’t try?
Do you provide a sippy cup?
Do you provide other other food?
Do you work on bottle or sippy cup at home?

They can’t force feed her! They can try to give her the bottle but can’t make her drink it.


I’ve had my kids at centers that at 1, they offer cups and solids, for self feeding and drinking… but didn’t push either of them. By one, typical children will use their pincher grip to eat foods… and will attempt cups.

I BF’ed, and mine really never took to bottles… but we’re pros at cups and solids. By 1, though, they were starting to (very messily) use forks and spoons.

This is what happens when they have been exclusively been breastfeed. You have to introduce some bottled feed at least a couple times a week.

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They need ro offer their sippy cups. Bottles shouldnt be offered at all. And they should be offering solids. Thats usually the standard for 1yr olds. Test sippy cups at home, no bottles. My daycare wouldnt even give my daughter her bottle that she actually did like once she was one.

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So does she not drink anything other than BM? No water at all even when home? I mean she should definitely be using a sippy for water at home to eat with solids.


Get a new day care before your child is neglected even more and possibly to a dangerous point.

But also the baby needs to eat, if she’s only BF you need to work on her taking a bottle at home.

That’s abuse and not normal at all

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No it isn’t normal. I use to own a daycare. Doesn’t make sense why a worker would do that.

She needs a soft tipped sippie cup. And it’s YOUR job to work with her on that. She doesn’t need the bottle after a yr old

As a parent you should know it’s not right or normal . Find a different day care

Should be strictly solids and sippy by now. No bottles or boobs. Or binkies

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Id be having a meeting with the person who runs the daycare and finding out more of what’s going on because this sounds crazy. Are they offering a cup? Literally nothing wrong with BF a baby, but if the actual bottle is the problem then a transition may need to happen.

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After a year they shouldn’t be on a bottle. When I worked at a daycare we wouldn’t give bottles either to the one year olds but absolutely sippy cups of milk or water. And if they didn’t all day we immediately informed parents because it’s an issue all around.


Most 1 year old classes at daycares won’t give bottles. She needs to be transitioned to a sippy cup- that age class eats solids and drinks water/milk from a cup.
It’s not fair to the teachers either honestly, ur child should have been comfortable with this before enrolling.


Our daycare made it very clear they only offer sippy cups after 1 and if the child is not ready for that they don’t accept them. I know that can be hard but they can’t bend the rules for everyone. I exclusively breast fed also but it was nice once my little got used to the new routine. It’s not fair to expect the daycare to change their entire process for you. If your child isn’t ready that’s ok. Find another daycare that better suits your needs :heart:

You should offer cups and bottles at home… YTA

No not at all. Find a better place for your child.

No that’s not okay. Send her a bottle of milk and a cup with watered down juice. They can offer it until she eventually take it. She needs to have liquid intake throughout the day.

Why are you blaming the daycare? Teach her how to drink from a bottle at home

She should have been on a cup before starting daycare. You should have transitioned her before starting.

Formula try that till she gets bigger or you pump

They are starving her!! Call the police!!

they need to offer her sippy cups and food too

Everyone attacking the op about why this 1yo is still on bottles! No they don’t need to be off bottles by 1! All children are different and we don’t know this child and whether they have difficulties or delays, as this isn’t what’s up for discussion. The lack of attempts to try and get the child to drink is. Imo they’re not trying and offering enough times during the day. It could be the child isn’t thirsty/hungry at that time but could be an hour later?

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Unpopular opinion…You should’ve been giving her a bottle to get used to one before sending her to day care. They probably don’t have the time to sit there and fuss with her. They have other children to take care of. Start giving her one at home.

She needs a cup not bottle and yes she should be given one or atleast try to.

I’d find a new daycare. They should be working with her in this transition. If she won’t take a bottle start her on a sippy cup.

She should be drinking from a cup and by now keep working with her at home

Wean her off the breast, teach her to drink from a bottle, and give her safe solids. Make sure she is eating and drinking properly from a bottle, a sippy cup, and is having safe solids before you send her to daycare.

Girl if you don’t press the issue :roll_eyes:

As a childcare teacher by this age she should be at least be sipping from either a sippy cup or a bottle with a straw. It’s not normal for them not to try but also, we physically can’t force your child to drink the milk or water if they aren’t drinking it them selves.

If she doesn’t like a sippy cup your more then welcome to ask them if they can give your daughter a small cup as she might like that independence.

I’d be removing my child or going to the owner. If your child is 1 they need liquids milk water etc. They need to be trying to feed your child doesn’t matter if your child is breast fed or not.

Honestly some of this falls on you because you should have been preparing weeks ahead time for the transition to daycare. How do you know they aren’t trying? They can’t force her to take a bottle or cup. I’ve also never heard of a 1 year old not taking any cup at all. You can’t place all the blame on them.

She should also be on baby food and cereal by now they could be feeding her that

This isn’t the daycares fault if your daughter literally won’t take any drinks. I’m not sure how this specific daycare works, but one year olds at the daycare I worked at transitioned to the next room and are offered meals. If your daughter is offered their food, that’s plenty of food offered throughout the day.

Sending a 1 year old to daycare that won’t take a bottle / or cup is odd.

Get them to try a cup instead. My daughter would refuse a bottle, sippy cup fine.

If they can’t get her to eat they can’t shove it down her throat. You need to solve the problem at home before putting it on a daycare that has a bunch of other kids to tend to

Chick! Get your kid out of there! Ug no this is not normal!

Why is she still going there?

Try to find a job so u can work at home n be with baby just suggesting

It’s your fault not the daycare… you should of started that at home

So does she not drink anything other than breast milk? Surely she gets other forms of liquid in a sippy cup/bottle at home?? How does she drink elsewhere when she’s not with you??

Do they offer her solids? As a former daycare teacher, & I know I might be the odd one here, it is frustrating when a parent knows their child will be starting daycare & do not try to ease the transition by preparing them & in this case it sounds like you haven’t attempted to get her ready for the transition to bottle. Your child is already getting used to new teachers in a new environment, & it sounds like you were just expecting them to figure it out :grimacing:

I work at a daycare center and yes technically they should be drinking from a sippy cup/open cup at that age. I’m in an infant toddler room, they give me the infants that age out at 15 months. I would never not give a child something to drink, but I do also successfully assist in transitioning all the toddlers to sippy cups with parents help. A lot of the toddlers I get are still on bottles and that’s fine we just recommend sippy cups. My son is 13 months and I transitioned him to the NUBY Mini Grip sippy cup and he took it right away. A lot of the toddlers are on special milk as well and parents just pack them in a cooler bag. My director has never said anything to me about accommodating children either. I would have a talk with the director and express your concerns !

Yup. Thats why I no longer work at daycare, they look down on helping the little ones

Definitely not ok, some of it is on you to get her into eating solids now and start on a cup at home too. Get two of the same cups and send one to daycare so she doesn’t have to try to figure out two different cups. But daycare shouldn’t be just not giving her anything at all. Definitely not ok!

No,. child can’t go all day, but your post is so confusing… You should have weaned her more before you brought her there; didn’t you realize there would be a problem? Ask the day care why they won’t feed her. Are you talking about bottles or baby food?

Report this daycare to the authorities.
This is neglect. If they are openly willing to neglect your baby they are probably neglecting them all

Switch day cares why even ask that question it’s your child if a daycare won’t provide help or give your child … your child don’t belong there

Please report that center. Who knows how many others they’re neglecting. wtf

You’re in the wrong here. You’re really sending a kid to daycare who wont drink out of a bottle which means they wont be getting any liquids for the whole day?? And now want to shift blame on the daycare? This is like sending a 7 year old that’s not potty trained to school and getting mad their teacher wont change their pamper. Getting your kid on a bottle should’ve been a top priority for even considering sending baby to daycare.

Why exactly aren’t YOU trying to transition YOUR child to a cup or bottle? Idk why you think this is the daycare fault when you set your baby up for failure.