Is it normal that I have not produced any milk?

Weird question I’m 36 and a half weeks I have my c section scheduled for the 6th of October, I wasn’t planning on breast feeding cause I didn’t with my first son but I haven’t produced any milk yet is that normal.?


Don’t worry. Your milk won’t come in until after baby is born! You’re fine :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s normal. I had to have c sections with both of mine and milk didn’t come in until a few days afterwards

Yes! I have 5 children and have never produced a drop till my children were born. I also have an amazing supply, Totally normal!

I didn’t produce any milk until a couple of days after both my kids were born. The lactation specialist told me it could take up to 7 days after birth.

I’m 22 weeks and started to get abit of colustrum come out but that’s only if I squeeze the boob. Un gonna be bottle feeding too. Otherwise I think it’s normal for it to start properly after giving birth. I wouldn’t worry too much especially if your not planning to breast feed.

I never did until after baby except for my 4th baby I started leaking a little bit towards the last few days

I didn’t have any signs of milk coming in until i was in labor with my daughter had her at 42weeks… my 2nd was about 2 days before she came and my first kinda sucked cuz I was leaking at like 24 weeks and almost had him early because of it

Yes. Please educate yourself for your own good. So many births are sabotaged, breastfeeding quit, and circumcision performed because women don’t educate themselves

You’ll get colostrum after birth and then produce milk around 8-24 hrs after that.

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Totally normal. Not everyone produces before birth. I don’t until after birth.

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There is no “normal” some women never do. Doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong or anything to worry about x

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Your milk doesn’t produce until after birth

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Ive never produced milk before i gave birth either vaginal or csection both took a few days for even the colostrum to come out. I was lucky to get 1ml of it a day. Very normal. I have 6 living 2 angels.


I didn’t produce any before the birth. And breastfeeding is free so do consider it.

Having baby sets it off, as does skin to skin. You’re fine lovely, please don’t pump or express either.

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Sorry moms crazy question. If milk only comes in a few days after birth. What does baby drink when its born🤔

My milk took 3 days after delivery with all of my kids.

I never produced milk before birth with either of my children. I had plenty after my c-sections.

Normally you don’t produce milk until the baby is born.

Everyone is different but for most, milk actually comes in after baby is delivered. The hormones from delivery will trigger your milk to come in. It can take 3-5 days.

Your milk won’t come in until after baby is born. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah…you haven’t had the baby yet. Once placenta detaches it usually triggers

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I’m 35 weeks and haven’t produced any either

It’s normal you can get it before or after but the milk doesn’t really come in full till a couple days after birth