Is it normal that I haven't felt baby kick yet?

I’m currently 16 weeks three days pregnant with the 4th baby. I haven’t felt this baby kick yet, but I am on the heavier side, and my stomach is big. I’m just scared cause I haven’t felt anything yet. Is this normal? Have any other moms experience this? I don’t have my next Drs appointment until the end of the month, and I’m starting to worry; last time, there was a heartbeat.


Yes, totally normal! Baby is still so tiny.

I’m 20 weeks and honestly don’t really feel anything. I was curious too. This is my third baby and I feel like it’s just taking forever lol

I didn’t feel any kicks until at least 20 weeks.

So many women avoid contacting their obgyn and or going to the E.R in fear they may feel silly if nothing is wrong or in fear of being judged.
Always contact your OBGYN

I will say, my placenta was in the front so kicks were harder to feel. Wishing you all the best.

I didn’t feel anything till 20 weeks :slight_smile:

Do you know if you have an anterior placenta? I did and it took a while to feel kicks

I am pregnant with my 5th and my placenta is attached to the front of my uterus (anterior) which made it harder for the doctors to find the heartbeat and it took longer for me to feel movement. I’m now 24 weeks and she is definitely letting me know she is there now!

I’m currently on my 3rd pregnancy… I’m 21 weeks today & I just started feeling her move in the past couple days. I was worried too, but I just tried to wait it out.

Have you tried the tricks like drinking cold water or sweets? What about when you lay down on your side?

I’m pregnant with my fourth as well and I didn’t feel him move till like 18-19 weeks. I wouldn’t worry to much about it, all babies are different.

My first pregnancy I was 20 weeks when I felt my daughter. Second pregnancy I felt him at 19 weeks.

I’ve had five babies- the earliest I ever felt movement was 18 weeks… the latest was 25weeks… everyone and every baby is different- movement varies just the same

My second babe (now 5 weeks old) didn’t feel him move until 21 weeks

Most women don’t feel movement until closer to 20 weeks or later. If you have an anterior placenta it could take longer. You’re way early to be worried. Give it a few more weeks

With my third, I didn’t feel her kick until about 22 weeks. I don’t remember when I felt the first two.

I didn’t really feel much until 24 weeks with my 3rd

It depends on the mother, but usually doesn’t happen till about 20 weeks

I’m 21w3d with my second and just found out I have an anterior placenta. I have only felt him move a few times.

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Depending on where the placenta is sitting might make it harder to feel movement

I was always 18 plus weeks before i felt baby

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With my first pregnancy, I didn’t feel anything until the 26 week mark.

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They always told me to drink a mt dew to see if I could get baby kicking and if u couldn’t then to def call cause they say my dew get them rolling

I had worried too because I didnt feel baby kicking until closer to 20 weeks. Hes very active now at 34 weeks.

My third baby I felt later than my first 2 because of where my placenta was. I wanna say it was around 25 weeks. My first 2 were 19 and 20 weeks.

Am pregnant with my fourth and didn’t feel the baby kick till I was almost 22 weeks. Am a bigger person as well and the baby found a spot to use as a cushion type so when baby kicked I wasn’t feeling it.

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I’m 32 weeks with 3rd baby my placenta is more in front( I don’t remember what it’s called) and I feel slight movements but nothing big like my last two dr said nothing to worry about

I just started feeling my son move. He’s my fourth baby and I’m almost 23 weeks. I started feeling him a little bit around 22 weeks. I have an anterior placenta too.

I was the same way at the beginning. I didn’t feel anything til after 25 weeks. I’m on the heavy side so they said that had to do with it too. Everybody would be weirded out that I hadn’t felt him but at every checkup, he had a heartbeat and was fine. I’m 37 weeks now and he’s moving so much. They say drinking sugary stuff helps.

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I didn’t feel movement til 20 weeks & was skinny when I was pregnant.

I often had to poke around and encourage my second daughter to move around.
My oldest daughter was my mover. My youngest liked to get herself in spots or positions that were uncomfortable for me

I’ve never felt a kick or movement much before 20-23 weeks and I’m in my fourth pregnancy :slightly_smiling_face: just wait a few more weeks mama.

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It prob has to do with were your placenta is sitting I had this with mine the 1st I felt all the time and second hardly at all and not untill like 25 weeks dr said it was where my plecenta was

My first pregnancy i was 18 weeks second pregnancy im currently 19weeks tomorrow and haven’t felt anything yet.

felt the 1st one move at 3 months 2nd at a little over 4 months

I never felt my oldest baby kick. The only movement I ever felt was hick ups. It freaked me out. Dr was never concerned. It had to do with his position, my placenta & him being pretty chill (which is his personality). My middle moved allllll the time & still does. My youngest never had big movements. I felt him just not as often & no hard movements like his sister. It was similar to really bad gas mist of the time :joy:. Every pregnancy & baby is different. I’d mention it to the Dr. She may want to do an u/s to make sure babe is ok. But I wouldn’t freak out especially at 16wks.


my 1st i never felt for probably 7mths the others i was four or so mths

I don’t think I felt anything til around the 20 week point. And even then it wasn’t strong and I was still in size4 jeans then so I think you should just give it more time and not stress yourself out.

I had placenta in the front of my belly. It was hard to feel my last baby (3rd) up until he was born. The only time I could feel him was on my side and I had to sit completely still

Some people don’t realize they are pregnant until they give birth. Everyone is different.

Mine started kicking at 24 weeks but did feel faint wiggles at around 20 weeks. Every pregnancy is different but it’s still best to check with you OB if you’re concerned.

I felt my first move at 17 weeks and my second at 13 weeks! But don’t stress mama! Sometimes if your placenta is in the front you don’t feel movement as often or as strong.

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I am pregnant with my 3rd and on the heavier side. I am currently 21 weeks and didn’t start feeling baby fully till I was about 17-18 weeks. I was worried and panicking but the baby is healthy and great heart beat.

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I didnt start feeling my daughter until I was 23 weeks. And she was my first

My friends didn’t feel her baby move at all, in fact (and I know you all are not going to believe me) she didn’t even know she was pregnant until she went into labour. Before you all go off half-cocked, I saw her everyday, she didn’t look pregnant at all and she still was getting her period. All she ever complained about was severe back pain.

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The Placenta might be at the front so cushioning the kicks :relieved:


I’m 17w5d and maybe feel my baby every 2-3 days and only once when it does happen. Just talk to Dr when you go in and try not to worry yourself, every pregnancy is different :blush:

Get yourself one of these! Saved me ALOT of worrying :relaxed:


I felt first 3 little before 15 weeks! 4th baby o didn’t feel her till closer to 20 weeks! She didn’t move much the whole time I was pregnant… I ended up getting a heart rate monitor… ($35 on eBay), helped my mind not wonder!

I didn’t feel anything until 22 weeks… then he never stopped

I didn’t feel a thing until 34 weeks …I found out I was pregnant at 33 weeks :woman_shrugging::ok_woman:

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Not really until around 18 to 20 weeks is typically when someone feels their baby move at all.

Depending on where the placenta is you may not feel them until even after 20 weeks. I didn’t feel a real kick until between 20-21 weeks when I was pregnant with my toddler bc of that.

I’m the same way. 16 weeks with my third and I can’t feel any kicks yet.

I didnt feel anything with my pregnancy until after 20 weeks. I started showing at 20 weeks and then maybe a couple weeks after I felt movement

I’m 18 weeks, and I think I might have felt it, but I’m not sure so I ordered a fetal doppler. I hope it comes in today. I get worried about it too.

I would say it’s normal. But for both my pregnancies. I rarely felt any movement. I was constantly worried cuz I rarely felt them. And even in ultrasounds when they would move I usually didn’t feel it unless it was a HARD kick

Drink some orange juice that shoul make it move.if not go to the doctor

I didn’t feel anything until I was 24 weeks! My placenta was anterior so it was in the way of the baby.

Definitely normal. If its ur first pregnancy, chances of feeling baby kick at this stage are slim. Usually around the 25-30wk mark u start feeling little flutters followed by hard kicks

I’m 32 weeks with my 2nd and I didn’t feel him move till I was well into my 2nd trimester. And each baby sit differently. My first sons kicks felt totally different then with this guys. I wouldn’t really worry about it but if you’re super concerned you should talk to your doctor. I always freaked out until I could feel them moving so I understand!

If can be normal, especially if you have an anterior placenta that is more towards the front of your belly. With my daughter, I felt her kicks around 21 weeks because of it. My boys I felt much sooner than that.

It could be you have a front facing placenta. If you have a front facing placenta you won’t really feel movement until towards the end of your pregnancy when baby is bigger and stronger and can produce stronger kicks. About half of my kids I’ve had front facing placentas with, it is definitely scary if your doctor hasn’t told you that. I would just ask your doctor if you have a front facing placenta, often times they don’t even think to mention it.

I never felt my baby kick

It is normal! I didn’t really feel my son move until probably at least 20 weeks. I also never felt anything major the entire time…just “flutters”.