Is it normal that my 1-year-old doesn't talk?

My son is one tomorrow! I’m worried he’s not where he is supposed to be verbally. He doesn’t say “ momma “ daddy” “ bye,” nor does he play peekaboo. Is that normal? This is my third child! You’d think I would know by now!


have his hearing checked. Have him evaluated for autism.


Have you considered get his hearing checked? All children develop different, have a chat with your public health nurse

He should be saying momma and dad. Contact early intervention.


I didn’t speak until I was 2 years old and then started speaking full sentences. Give the kid time.


My boys didn’t talk until they were 2.5
They are having no problems talking now . The problem now is trying to get a word in edgewise

Einstein didn’t speak until he was four years old. RELAX

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Maybe check his hearing

It’s normal… the older siblings probably do his talking for him like mine did with my 3rd child . They will get it in the end this is what my gran told me xx be patient

My second child didn’t speak until she was almost three, be patient and keep encouraging

There are 2 older kids talking for him… he’s got nothin to say… it’s completely normal.


Its eldest started talking when he was three…

N he hasn’t stopped since​:sweat_smile::grin:

If he is still being social (smiling at you, laughing, and interacting) I wouldn’t worry too much. you can try teaching baby sign language. My grandson didn’t show an interest in talking so we started using basic signs with him, like mother, father, drink, eat; things like that. He caught on very quickly and learned many words. We made sure that we spoke aloud to him as we signed. Before we knew it he was talking and had developed quite the vocabulary and completely skipped the “baby talk” stage.

My niece was almost 3 before she started speaking. When she did she spoke like an adult! She never spoke like a child or baby.

Relax he will when he is ready

Dr to check the ears

My daughters were totally opposite. One talked 1st and walked late and the other one walked early and talked late. My 4yr old talked early cause his sisters were always talking to him!!! Check with your dr and see what they consider to be a problem!!

kids are monkey see monkey do, I never spoke to my kids in baby talk, it was adult talk and they never had speech problems. If his hearing is not impaired start talking in adult and he will then pick it up and start talking. I also made my kids TELL me what it was they wanted, which gave them a chance to say what it was and to say it right so I understood them. Getting something before they ask or YOU doing the asking isn’t helping them speak up. It’s as simple as talking if you let them do it. Kids should never be compared to others in development. Each child is different and there are many ways to help them, find one and use it. This is why I avoided other mothers with “my kid” does this or that…I don’t care, I care about my child only and you should also.

My oldest didn’t talk until 2 and my youngest didn’t talk until 3…both of my girls are honors students…12 and 15 now.

He is fine. Don’t worry, Mama.

Some kids are late but if you are super worried talk go a doctor or health visitor

just as a precaution measure, I would talk to the pediatrician to have that issue checked, some don’t talk until they are 2 or 3.

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When they do start talking, they don’t stop!

My son just turned 1 on the 23rd of October and he doesn’t talk either. Our doctor had us go to a hearing appt last Friday. Apparently children should at least know one word by age 1. My son passed his hearing tests (which we knew he would cause you can play Mickey mouse club house and he will stop what he’s doing to go find where it’s coming from lol its his favorite show). Every child learns at their own pace, if you are that worried deff talk to your doctor.

Hes probably fine but you should have his hearing checked no harm in that


Every kid hits milestones in their own time, but if you’re concerned, a quick check and talk from the doctor can help but you at ease

First I would have his hearing checked. If all is good…then I would not worry. Once he starts…you will be wishing for quiet!! My son did not talk or walk till over a year. He still does everything at the last moment!!

Warrants a evaluation

I did not talk till I was 4

My daughter just started talking and she is a little over 2. If you are worried though tell the dr and they can test for speech or hearing. I had an eval done about a year ago and its normal. They will when they are ready.

They are all different .

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I was told my son should be saying so many words by 18 months. I didn’t believe it…even after I took him for a speech evaluation. It wasn’t until I took his twin sister for her evaluation and saw the difference…then I believed it.

Normal,every one is different.I have 3 boys all adults in their 30’s and I have learned when they have something to say they will in their own sweet time,my youngest didn’t talk til he was 3 and half,and he had 2 brothers who talked for him…lol

Something is wrong, get him checked. Nothing normal about it.

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Talk to your pediatrician. I had one in speech therapy years ago. She would point to things instead and cry cause I took the car seat outta the truck. Lol. She’s all better now and has a younger brother that does speech therapy at school. From what I gather, they both have adult size tonsils but doc said it was all good.

Totally normal. My son didn’t talk well till he was two, my daughter was reciting Shakespeare at 10 months…lol (jk) Kids are all different.

if he can just point and the older 2 get it for him he won’t bother to talk.

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You hv to talk to them constantly

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All children have their own time. Don’t compare your child with others, worries should start at 2 or later. There are simple things to see if you should be worried. Like no eye contact, or no attempt even if not talking cannot show how their feeling or what they want, frustration on not being able to convey their needs. Just be on the look out, but getting a child sent to doctors at one for lack of fuller sentences is a bit over the top, but that’s my opinion of course.

My sister is 3 years older than me. My mom used to say all the time that I really didn’t talk until I was about 18 months old because my sister did all the talking for me.

It’s normal some kids start at 2


My grandson didn’t talk right until he was four. When he did start talking he could go for hours…lol…give your son time. He’ll catch up.

Get his hearing tested

Every kid develops differently the best thing you can do is speak with your pediatrician or family doctor they know your child better than any of us would and if they see reason for concern they’ll address it


He will talk when he is really
But if he doesn’t talk with his Dr.
My kids didn’t talk until they were two or three

All children are different. My daughter is about to turn two and finally is communications with words instead of just pointing.

Have your child checked out for safe measures… :heart:

Talk to his ped. I know they had me fill out a questionnaire before her year appt. Did they do anything like this? Kids develop differently. He may not see a need to talk yet. No need to worry just yet.

Babies usually talk when they’re ready. My cousin didn’t say much until he was 2 now, he talks all the time.
Talk with your children’s Pediatrician and voice your concerns. If they feel the need to run some tests, they will.
Good luck!

Have his hearing checked and talk with his pediatrician.

All kids go at their own pace. I’d have his hearing checked. He may be autistic.

More importantly, why are you asking the random world of Facebook instead of your child’s doctor. Common sense goes a long way.

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My son, didnt speak till about two. I was so worried. He clearly understood, so I knew he could hear. He mostly pointed, nodded and such. Then he just started talking more and more. He’s 25 now and I can say that I find for the most part hes just kinda quiet. He played football in H.S. had plenty of friends- went on to be a Marine! I think when I compared him to other kids it was just like ok this one is damn near reading books and my kid ain’t even talking! But yeah each is different. Now my second boy he spoke alot but wasnt saying words correctly. Like with say wowipop, and weyo for yellow. People told me to take him to speech therapy and I did not. Cuz I did not have the money- eventually he also just spoke better and better. Honor roll in H.S. - so each kid is different.

all kids a different. but I would just be on the safe side get hearing check. but yeah your one year old will talk when ready.

I wouldn’t say it’s not normal, but you should talk to the doctor about it.

Some kids are slower then others… My son didn’t really talk until he was 1 and a half. But now he is doing really good even with him being 3. It just takes time

Id be a little worried, maybe he cant hear well??? Maybe he is just an observer?

Your son should be babbling and cooing to himself at least. If not then you should take him to the pediatrician and get him checked out. Most likely he has a hearing impairment. There are a whole slew of other things but usually it’s hearing related.

No it’s not normal. Why are you asking strangers instead of just making an appt with a medical professional? That kids go at their own pace crap is just that…crap. while all kids develope differently, there are critical milestones they should be meeting or attempting to meet. Which are around certain age ranges.

Give him time. When he starts he wont stop

How often do you read to your child? Or have conversations in teaching him? Being your 3rd child ? You should know by now how to be a parent? A child doesn’t develope on there own, you have to guide them and then if nothing? Then you make an appointment to see a doctor in why his not talking…

I wouldn’t worry at 1, but discuss it with your pediatrician. My son is a slow talker but he’s getting there and super smart in other areas. Dr wasn’t concerned until he was 2

My second child refused to talk bc his older brother did it all for him. We went to speech therapy and it helped a lot. I would talk to a dr or therapist and make sure theres not something more going on .

Milestones and talking always worried me. Has the pediatrician said anything?

100% normal. My son didnt say mama dada till 13-14 months Aynd hates peekaboo

Mine was the same. Turned out it was the ears.

Not at all normal…some times kids are different and take a bit longer than others although id get it checked out just 2 have peace of mind

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Trust your instincts and ask your child’s pediatrician. I wouldn’t trust the opinions of those who don’t have a degree or certification in OT, PT or speech.


I’ve been told this happens a lot when there are older children in the home. They don’t need to speak because everyone speaks for them. I would bring it up at your next pediatric appointment just for peace of mind but I wouldn’t worry. All kids develop at their own pace.


All are different I think one of mine stacked a booster seat on a chair to climb up and unlock a dead bolt before he talked He did start talking between 1 and 2 but was way better with his physical skills. My early talker didn’t walk until 12 1/2 months

2 of the 3 of my kid’s didn’t talk much at this age. Small sounds but that was about it.

My 3rd didn’t talk, brothers would talk for her! Wasn’t on till we were at speech therapy for my 2nd that the therapist picked it up! She ended up in speech therapy herself, she did have other issues like though. Now she is 9 and she is so soft spoken all the time… till someone pisses her off! Then she s different​:joy::joy::joy:

You should get his hearing tested

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I didn’t learn how to talk till I was almost 3 cause my brother would do everything same with walking but that was half because of my brother and half because I’m very badly pidgeon toed

Mine didn’t talk until 2 and then it was complete sentences. Plus she needed tubes.

Every kid is different. My 4th has no speech issues while all my other kids do. And has 3x more than they ever did at 16 mos

Don’t wait! Evaluate! Seriously, don’t let anyone tell you it’s normal, or not to worry, not even the pediatrician! There’s nothing to lose by going to a Speech-Language Therapist, but if something is wrong and you don’t catch it early, it could have a devastating impact on the rest of his life.


My daughter, now 27 had the same thing. She would only point at what she wanted. The doc. told us that she’ll talk when she’s ready. Once she started she was fine. She was about 18-20 moths when she started talking up a storm. But like others here say, have him evaluated.

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Best person to ask is your son’s pediatrician. Although some kids speak before others. Some kids later than others. Each child learns and develops at their own pace.

I wouldn’t worry. They are still little babies at 1. He’ll speak when he’s ready.


Sounds like autism. My son done that. Different types of autism.

My 3rd is 2.5 years and pretty much only says those words. But that is fine for a one year old

My daughter 8 now was like that cause her brother did all the talking g for her

My baby girl turned 1 on oct 26 and only thing she says is mama dada baba and then growls lol

My kid is almost 2…be 2 in December and hardly says but a handful of words… just takes them their own time. And I definitely know there isnt a problem with her hearing cause if you open a chip bag in another room with the door shut…she comes running for it. :joy: just takes them some time. BUT if your concerned ask ya pedi :slight_smile:

My son doesnt talk that much and hes almost two. Every child develops differently and maybe hes just not ready yet.

My grandson will be 2 on the 28th and his younger sister is 14 months old neither talk. He can say simple words and the 2 of them have their own babble language with each other. I wouldn’t be too concerned.

My son is 14 months had him checked at 12 months cause he wasn’t talking yet and his ped. Said that they weren’t worried until at least 18 months

Seriously… Stop telling this Mum that it’s normal and to wait. It may have worked out for your child, but this kind of advice could have seriously negative consequences on this child’s life.:sweat: PLEASE SEE A SPEECH-LANGUAGE THERAPIST! Not a pediatrician! And do not wait!


Yes id worry. Yes all kids are different but this is way to much

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My daughter is 21 months and she’s just now starting to talk some. She had a ton of ear infections which caused hearing loss so she was put behind some. But our pediatrician said she was more worried about our daughter understanding what we’re saying then actually talking.

All my kids did this. When they went to Pre-K they saw a speech teacher once a week and we’re fine by kindergarten. Now they won’t stop talking :joy::joy:

My 3yr has a speech delay but your child still has plenty of time to speak stop over thinking it till the doctor is concerned. Thats thier job

Sounds normal to me! When my youngest of 4 boys, turned 2 in February, he only said around 12 words, dr said that was normal! Now at 2 and 9 months he says everything!

One of my nephews was almost 3, grunting and pointing. Family and pediatrician were sending him to a specialist for an evaluation, but the appointment got canceled when he told a waitress, “Dammit, bring me milk!” Sometimes silence is golden …

It’s normal. Children develop differently and at their own pace. I wouldn’t worry at this young of a age.

Its normal. Just give it time

Start with your family Dr and keep advocating for your child. They should refer to pediatrician. You can also self refer to speech and language

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Is he supposed to be potty trained at 1 too?? Kids do things differently. Give them time to learn geez


Some kids take a little longer but if they start to get sounds and they begin to disappear that’s huge red flag too…u could look into an early intervention program in your area amd talk to ur pediatrician…my son has CAS childhood apraxia of speech…theres also a dyspraxia that jas to do with motor planning movements, walking clapping stairs etc. Apraxia is mainly the mouth…u could research it a little and see if your little one shows any of the characteristics but it usually takes a little longer…we started tackling it at around 18 months i believe

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