Is it normal that my 6 year old is losing so many teeth?

Hello ! My daughter is about to loose her 4th tooth in 2 months ! Is this normal ? lol she’s almost 6!

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Yes. Very normal. My daughter lost so many teeth quickly (within a few years) , I lost track. She is 9 and her last dentist appt confirmed she has lost all her baby teeth already. Don’t stress. :blush:

Yup it’s normal my boys are 7 and losing teeth left and right as we speak. It’s crazy how many teeth they are losing at a time.

My daughter will be 8 in a couple weeks and has only lost 4 teeth

Kids loose their teeth are different times. Some one at a time. Some 4 or 5. If concerned seek a dentist

Yes. My daughter lost her baby teeth early. By the time she was 8, she had only adult teeth. Her dentist was shocked. Her mouth was so small that it caused crowding but she can’t care for her teeth well enough to get referred for braces. It’s rough when it happens young, but not abnormal.

Idk about 6 in two months, maybe she’s trying to get tht money id watch she not forcing them out my son would try.