Is it normal that my 8-month-old wakes up so much at night?

My daughter is going to be 8 months this month and she is still waking up every 3-4 hours to eat. Any advice???


My 11 month old still wakes up multiple times, even my almost 5 yearold will still wake during the night. Its normal for infants/children to wake during the night even as an adult I still wake up during the night lol

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It’s biologically normal for them to wake up often. So yes, it’s normal.

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My almost 3 year old still wakes up throughout the night. It depends on the child.
my daughter is autistic and I’m sure that plays a part.

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Completely normal. Having a relaxing bath and snack before bed sometimes gets them to sleep a bit longer. Every baby is different though

That sounds normal. 3-4h is a good stretch.

Normal. And may he teething also.

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My son definitely was … he’s just over a year now and it’s about one or two times a night for a bottle. I started giving him a little water right
Before bed too, maybe that can help.

My son didn’t sleep through the night until was 3 and half.

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My now almost 3 year old was sleeping through the night around 7 months. My 10 month old gets up every 2-3 hours still. My now 9 year old was up every 2-3 hours as well until he was 18’ish months. Every child/baby is different :heart:

My two year old is still up 4 times a night

Baby’s have periods of sleep regressions especially if it’s during a period with a lot of motor growth/milestone growth. Very common to have a sleep regression period at 6 months and 8-9 months.

My 2 year old was like that. I started replacing every second bottle with water instead of milk. The first 3 nights were hell but by the end of the week I found she was starting to sleep through her water bottle wakes.( do sleeping 5-6 hours at a time) after about a week of that I only gave her a bottle of milk to put her down and all water the rest of the remaining wakes. Now we are 4 months in and she doesn’t have any milk to go to bed or through the night. She sleeps through

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My son did this until I started having him go to bed later.

My 10 month old still wakes every 1-2 hours. Every baby is different. My oldest slept through the night since he was 4 months old :woman_shrugging:t3: we’ll never sleep again it’s okay

Nope… try water in bottle/cup… at 8 months if she is eating ppl (completely solids) she should last thru the night…


My son is the same and he’s 9 months

feed her 3-5 meals in her day. try to introduce real foods, sounds like she’s got a good appetite

I think it’s different for all children. All my children slept through the night by 6 months old though

It depends on the kid to be honest. Try giving a nice warm bath and then massage with some lavender cream, story and bed.

Very normal. It’s normal for quite a while longer

Are you feeding the baby solid food? Baby Cereal with some fruit or something in it and a smaller amount of milk keeps thier tummy full longer

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Should be having solids by now. She’s probably hungry.


All children are different. I know it’s tiring but Don’t compare your child to whatever other parents say their baby is doing

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My son was up every two hours around the clock to nurse until he was 9 months old. He didn’t actually sleep through the night until he was 2. Two of my 3 girls slept anywhere from 4-5 hours at night, the youngest girl woke up every 2-3 hours every night. Every baby is different

I’ve had my great niece since she was 4 months old. From 4 months to 11 months this child woke up every hour to every hour an a half. I was so exhausted everyday.

It’s her normal routine so why wouldn’t she