Is it normal that my child cries when other kids cry?

Hi, I took my 5 month old do daycare for the first time today. She said he’s a super content baby; the only thing she said is he will cry when another child cries, like a chain reaction. Is this something I need to worry about, or is it normal? Is this just getting used to this new environment and over stimulated? He has a 7 year old brother and a loud barking dog and I’ve never noticed that he cries when they are loud.

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I totally remember this happening when I worked in the baby room at a daycare. I always thought it was normal, I wouldn’t worry. Once you get one to stop, they usually all will stop crying.

When my 14 month old cries my 8 week old will start crying -

My theory.

Your baby has never heard a cry, that isn’t his but he knows what it means, so maybe just empathy or even confusion? My youngest daughter is 6 and to this day, cries if someone else does.

It’s totally normal for a baby to cry when they hear another cry. It’s like a chain reaction that you have to soothe a bunch at the same time lol. Even though your kiddo is content and chilling once they hear another sound an alarm they figure they must be in danger too, it’s just instinct taking over.