Is it normal that my child listens to everyone else but me?

Let me first say im a good mom or at least i try to be… and i use discipline, with a explanation and then redirection … my 2 year old acts like a tottally different kid when I’m not around… I feel like I’m always getting on him but everyone says he’s so well behaved when I’m not around… Is this normal behavior?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is it normal that my child listens to everyone else but me?

Yep ! My mom tells me all the time how he is completely different when I pick him up lol it’s normal 100%

your own kids are always more comfortable around you, therefore more likely to be comfortable enough around you to act out when they won’t in front of others that they’re less comfortable around.

Yes this is normal. I have raised 4. 27,25,23 and 15. I finally realized that as long as when they left our house and behaved I must be doing something right. I was always complimented on how well behaved and respectful they were when they went with others. It is frustrating knowing they can behave for everyone else. It does get easier the older they get.

Completely normal and frustrating for us parents. We are their safe place where they can let out all the bad feelings that build up. My daughter gets great behavior reports from school and comments about what an angel she is from other people, she is a terror at home though

Ya, your suppose to be his safe space. He feels he can let out his frustration & all his pent up energy etc.

It means he’s comfortable being himself with you.