Is it normal that my child wants nothing to do with her dad?

My 2 year old is a top level clinger at the moment, and wants nothing to do with her dad. Poor guys feelings are so hurt and he tries so hard to connect with her, but if I’m around, she flat out refuses to be nice to him. If I’m not, she engages and interacts, but the second mama is around, wants nothing from him. Is this a real thing for them to show parental preference? And do they ever grow out of it?


That’s my daughter to a T for a very long time. She’s just 4 n they are slowly bonding more n more but it’s definitely me most of the time I think it’s cuz most of the time moms are primarily the care givers

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My daughter is 6 and we joke around all the time that she’s still attached at the uterus and we forgot to cut the cord.

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My daughter has told me she loves daddy most/daddy is her favorite since she learned to talk

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Unpopular opinion: foster her feelings, and never ever ever make her feel like she’s being dramatic because she’s at a preference. Always listen to her, and his feelings are only secondary to hers. It is what it is.


That’s my kids all 3…age 16,14 and 6
They will be home with dad for hours and not ask him for a thing, they will literally wait on me to get home and say they need dinner, but told dad they weren’t hungry. They will walk passed Dad to ask me to open something.


Perfectly normal,. It only last for awhile , then it will be all daddy , the rest of her life

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My son was like that, from about a month old until he was nearly 5 years old… but now he’s such a daddy’s sidekick at the age of 10 I’m kinda jealous :laughing:
My 4 year old is the opposite, she’d rather have her dad then me… but she deals with me :rofl:

Yes, this is very normal!! Tell Dad it’s your turn but I promise he will get his. Kids often cling to mom in their 1st 5 years. Little girls often become Daddy’s girls around school age.


My son went through this I wud say it’s a phase it last about 6 months wore me slap out I wud go hang at my parents while he sat home with him so they cud bond

My 15 month old currently wants whoever is home that isn’t me. He wants daddy or his big sister.

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Yup. They go through phases back and forth.

My daughter never wanted her dad when she was a baby. Then suddenly at around age 4, it flipped and she’s been a daddy’s girl ever since. She will always choose time with him over me. Shes 20. My son has always preferred his momma, except for a brief patch at age 3…then back to me. It’s okays just try to create opportunities for them to do things together so that you aren’t hindering a relationship between them and it’s fine.

Totally normal. She realizes it’s you that can depend on.

Just hang on tight because the hurt I felt when it was me on the outside lol… They switch up the little traders :slightly_smiling_face: all of a sudden you are going to be chopped liver… it’s normal!!!

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If my mom is around, no one else exists in my two year olds world.


my daughter was like that they grow out of it

Is the dad a stay at home dad?, Are you gone all day at work? These could be playing a factor into this. I have 3 girls my youngest is now 5yo and I have been working overnight since she was born so when I was home or wake she wanted up my butt and still does

My daughter finally started letting her dad help her with stuff when she was around 4. Before that she didn’t have much interest in him outside of playing occasionally. I heard that babies see moms as an extension of themselves instead of an actual person until a certain age so I think it’s normal for them to be extra attached to mom :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes it’s normal. Yes she’ll grow out of it. Next week, you’ll be ignored :laughing:

Yes, it’s a 2 year old thing. Please encourage them… have him give her the treats, fun time, etc. I know it’s bribes… but she’s 2.

She probably needs to spend more time with him