Is it normal that my doctor refused to see me for my depression?

I went into my OBGYN about my c section scar it is still infected after my baby just turned 4 months I told my doctor I’m having issues with anxiety and depression and he told me it’s not post partum as I’m past the 12 week mark so I’m no longer in post partum and told me I need to see my primary care doctor as that’s not something he deals with as he only helps moms who just had a baby…I don’t even know what to think. I’ve never been depressed before or had thoughts like these, and he’s saying it’s not post partum? Does post partum really only last 12 weeks? I see videos all the time of women saying they are 6 months post partum. I just feel worse because I felt very unheard.


My obgyn told me ppd can last up to 2 years. I went to her when my daughter was 1 because I just didn’t like my family doctor at the time. I would find a new doctor personally.


OB’s are not educated in dealing with post partum mental health. It isn’t their fault, it’s just not what they do. It’s not ok that he didn’t help you to feel validated or provide advice on who to reach out to, but this isn’t where this stops for you either. Your family doctor is certainly the right person to speak to and if you don’t have one, than go to a walk in clinic. I’m sure it took a lot out of you to speak up in the first place and it’s not helping that you weren’t able to get help there. Please don’t let your head take over on this. Your feeling are valid and with help, you’ll be feeling better again. :purple_heart:


I was told 2 years. Maybe different Dr.s say different things. If your cut is infected after 4 months Maybe you need to get a different Dr and opinion. God bless and good luck but definitely get help that depression is nothing to play with at all.

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I think it’s beyond silly to think that PPD has a specified time limit. Every Mamma is wired differently…I suggest finding a doctor that is willing to help you. A doctor who has more knowledge of PPD. OB’s are not necessarily educated in dealing with PPD/Mental Health.


I don’t go to a toe doctor for my heart. There’s professionals that deal with mental health. Maybe start with primary care and see what they suggest.


I talked to my ob after one of my pregnancies about PPD and she agreed I am but it was also past a few months after my baby was born and she had me talk to my primary or even seek out mental health services. I think it’s just the timeframe you’re in.

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I believe PPD lasts a long time for some people. See your primary doctor. Would sure think an OBGYN would have some experience with PPD. I like female doctors because they understand women issues.


I think maybe he meant like as far as what they deal with in PPD. Maybe after a certain point , it becomes something you see your PCP for.


Well , he is a OBGYN , they do not treat depression or any other mental illness, do as he told you and go see your primary doctor :woman_facepalming:t2::woman_facepalming:t2:

My ob was happy I came to her rather then my primary for depression. She got me on meds and helped me so much. It’s not normal for him to dismiss you that way.

I didn’t have ppd until 6 month after I had my child

They can only keep treating you for a brief period of time after delivery. It has to do with billing and Insurance I believe.

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I don’t think they meant you can’t have PPD. I think it’s because an OB/GYN is a specialist and that’s not what they specialize in beyond the immediate post partum.

Mine lasted a few years. Then again with my son. He’s 7 now but it lasted till he was 3

Uh you need a new Dr cuz that’s bullshit. But it can’t hurt to see your primary. It’s really whoever can get u treated first, go with them. Your primary can treat it too. Anyone who says it goes away at the 12 week mark is a damn lie!

PPD last up to a year sometimes longer if not properly treated for it. I had this issue with my OB as well and I went out and found a doctor who specialized in PPD and got help through them. Please please find someone who will listen to you do not just blow it off it will only hurt you more.

Prayers for you momma.! :heart:

Yes PPD can last longer than that. However according to certain ways insurance works, I think the insurance only covers an OB for PPD up to a certain amount of months, after that for it to be c9vered by your ins you need to see a primary, or mental health specialist.

You can definitely have post partum beyond 12 weeks. Go to your primary doctor for help and then find yourself a new obgyn.

Yes, they don’t deal with that. You need to see your real family doctor. Or go to a walk in

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PPD can definitely last longer than 12 weeks. Your OB probably just doesn’t handle it after that amount of time. Your primary care Dr could see you or even a psych Dr. I hope you’re able to get the care you need :heart:

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Insurance wise they can’t bill for it after 12 weeks.

My ob only helped me for a few weeks then I was referred to a psychiatrist.

ob/gyn only deal with the mother bc of the baby. Once the baby is out and the scar ( if having a section ) is healed, they don’t have anything to do with you anymore. It’s harsh but it isn’t their fault. After 6 weeks, he’s done his part of being your doctor and it’s up to your primary doctor to go from there.

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PPD can last up to 2 years after birth. It takes up to 2 years for your body and brain to FULLY recover and repair itself. I would STRONGLY suggest finding a new obgyn and checking in with your primary care in the meantime.

This is something you would need to see your family doctor for so you can receive ongoing care not your obgyn.

PPD can affect you up to 2 years after birth. OB is only after 6 weeks of birth. Or the clear on your physical body. Yes, absolutely talk to your primary care provider. They will point you in the right direction.

Now, if you talked to your obgyn and told them you are having thoughts of harming yourself or your baby, then they would proceed with the situation as an emergency and act right away.

Good luck. It does get better. You are not alone. <3

It’s an OBGYN. Go see you’re regular doctor

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OB’s arent trained to deal with depression, that’s something you need to talk to your family doctor about

Go get a second opinion. His word isn’t final and doctors are wrong all the time. He sounds like an idiot.

From my understanding if you are going to have PPD it happens in the first 12 weeks after that it’s typically something else. Which is when you would see a regular doctor or go seek mental health professionals.

PPD can even come a year after birth

PPD can last years! It can also become postpartum psychosis. If I were you, I would just go talk to my primary and see if they will help. It’s also good to get in touch with a therapist they can help you so much.