Is it normal that my hands are falling asleep while pregnant?

FTM 36 weeks. My doctor told me it’s normal but my hands are falling asleep. When I wake up my right hands hurts so bad I can’t even use it. I have a brace and I have Tylenol But doesn’t seem to do much is there anything else I can do to help especially while I sleep.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is it normal that my hands are falling asleep while pregnant?

Yes I had that happen during my first pregnancy too. The braces don’t work so I don’t know why they suggest them. It should stop shortly after having the baby it did for me.

The tendons and everything tend to swell in the wrist, so it actually turns into carpel tunnel while pregnant. But hopefully after a few days of giving birth it’ll go away!

Happened to me sometimes. Never happened again after I had my son.

I lost circulation in my left hand around 30 weeks with my first, by the time I had her I couldn’t feel from my finger tips to my elbow it was just constant numb tingling. As soon as I had her it went away and was back to normal

I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel at about 30 weeks. My OB said that it’s completely normal due to increased fluids pushing on the nerves in your wrist. My hands would go completely numb, particularly at night when I was in bed or propping myself up on my elbow. My fingers would also hurt soooo bad that bending or manipulating them was so uncomfortable. They offered me a brace and said to take Tylenol and to watch it to make sure that my hands weren’t changing colors or becoming so swollen that I couldn’t even move them. I will say, aside from being sick every single day of my pregnancy, I had a fairly healthy one so if that is not the case for you please monitor and keep your OB informed. As soon as I gave birth it went away within two or three days so you will for sure have relief. Good luck, momma!

It only happened to me when I was pg with my 2nd