Is it normal that my mother charges me for everything?

I’m a mom in my 20’s and while I’ve always struggled financially, I’ve always made ends meet and given my kids everything they need and want.
My mother has never been one to help out in any way unless she is compensated for it. She is a hairdresser and she does my hair. My hair is platinum which I know is expensive to maintain and she charges me full price what she charges a normal client and I always tip her at least 20% every session. I currently don’t have the money to get my hair done right now and she says I better come up with the money to get it done or go somewhere else because it’ll be too grown out for her to do it by the time I can get it done. (Which makes me feel bad because I want to support her obviously, even though it’s my birthday)
Also, if I ask her to babysit in the rare occasion that she would ever say yes, I pay her to do so, plus a tip. And any time she’s selling clothes or going through clothes to get rid of, if I ever want anything of hers, I have to buy it from her. My grandma has always told me that this is very wrong of her and that she’s taking advantage of me, and I dont think she would do that to her own daughter, but I also don’t understand why I don’t ever get a deal or help from my own mother. I understand that I’m an adult, but it seems like often times she bleeds me dry. She also asks for very expensive gifts on holidays for hundreds of dollars when she knows it’s unaffordable, but I always make it happen anyways, when she spends FAR less on my siblings and me.
I’ve had to borrow money from her before and she charges interest as well. She says this is all to teach me to be an adult (which I moved out at 17) and that she needs to make money too. So I guess I’m just asking, is this normal for a mother daughter relationship?