Is it normal that my newborn always seems hungry?

Hi mommies
My ONE month old is bottle fed breastmilk all day and formula at night. He always seems hungry if a bottle isn’t in his mouth or he’s not sleep he’s grunting and fussy. Is there anything I can do is this normal ?


Have you tried a paci? Might just be suckling for comfort.


Try cereal maybe the formula isnt thick enough and settling his tummy like your breastmilk is… I just had to switch to cereal in my sons formula bottle first thing in the morning cause hes was constantly fussy if he wasnt eating

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Are you pace feeding? Burping every ounce? Are you looking for hunger signs such as closed fist in his mouth? Are you using gas drops and gripe water? Cereal is not the answer. If you have done all of this you should talk to your pediatrician.

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Maybe try giving bigger bottles and burping in between ounces he could be going through a growth spurt. Could also be gasie though our daughter wants to eat every time her tummy hurts. We do leg exercises to get the gas out and on really bad days gas drops are a God send!!

Babies cluster feed. It’s normal. Are you pace feeding and frequently burping?


With my Grandson, he was eating every 2 hours like clockwork, and using his pacifier in-between.
We also kept a regular supply of gas drops & gripe water (daytime & night time) & used them as needed around the clock. Both helped wonders for him. Hes now 7 months & we havent had to use gas drops or gripe water for about 2-3 months now. It just takes time for their digestive system to settle.
But he is breastfed, & he still eats every 3 hours, maybe every 5 if hes sleeping.

Babies also nurse for comfort

Talk to your doctor as far as feeding goes this group isn’t very helpful honestly everyone will try to shame you for giving a baby rice cereal even if a dr tells you to my nephew was on formula from day 1 and his doctor told us to put cereal in his bottles cuz he was always acting like he wasnt getting enough to eat so definitely talk to your doctor (don’t bother trying to shame me Idgaf)

My son was basically attached to the breast 24/7 the first few months of his life.

Also my favorite baby book is moms on call. It covers EVERYTHING with feeding and is written in bullet points not paragraphs so you can get through it quickly!

Sounds like acid reflux. Have him see a dr

Could be gassy, tired, hungry. It’s OK to offer more milk, if baby takes it baby is hungry. They usually won’t eat if they aren’t hungry. I went through the same w my 3 month old

Ask doctor first but we put rice cereal in bottle after 4months but if you do gotta be thin cereal but sometimes boys have appetite so try puree baby foods ask nurse or doctor first

Sounds gassy from having 2 diff food supplies. Try rubbing his tummy when he’s grunty. Worked for my littlest

Only one month old. Could just want cuddles. Watch for early feeding cues. Breastmilk does digest faster then formula, also up until 6 months you feed on demand no schedule this early

Try adding a teaspoon of cereal to his bottle. When my son was born he was 10 lbs 14oz. a those little glass bottles they gave you back then his second day he was taking 2 at a feeding. The day after we were home he was taking a 12oz bottle. In a month"s time I was putting a teaspoon to a almost tablespoon of dry cereal in his bottle. This was my second child, a big boy with an incredible appetite. All my baby boy would do is cry and cry :sob: called an talked to the nurse and explained what was happening,when she called back and said the doctor didn’t recommend me feeding him any more that it would stretch his stomach. After another night of no sleep for either of us, I did what I felt my child needed. He slept until 6am sold, although he was so quiet it scared me, that for the next few days I would check on him like every 45m to an hour. That’s what he needed, but the little fella wasn’t getting enough,although by his next appointment he had gained 5lbs an I know that’s a bit much an his doctor was upset because I didn’t follow his orders. A mother knows what’s best for her Child. Today I have a very healthy 25 yr old he’s 6’4-6’5, I’m guessing on his weight about 260/280 size 14 shoes. That little bundle of joy I love so dearly is now still growing into a very handsome younger man, I still love him all the same… So I would say go slow ask your doctor his advise but go with your motherly instincts. Mine never steered me wrong. Hope this helps you.


The commentary on this thread is disgraceful. Everyone calling each other names, bickering back and forth. All these Facebook medical experts… I’ve seen mom’s calling each other bad parents, lazy, irresponsible… how others raise THEIR kids isn’t for you to judge ffs