Is it normal that my newborn stays dry all night

Is it normal that my newborn doesnt have a wet diaper all night? Since he has came home a few weeks ago he basically holds it until the morning…is this okay?


You need to take him to see someone, dry nappies aren’t good. He could just be holding it but the Internet cannot tell you xx

My son had a kidney blockage and needed cathedars to go. Take him in.

Toilet trained already na needs to be seen by dr

Id ask the dr and if they said nothing was wrong id keep going to different drs cus no little baby should be dry all night long.

Go to dr.thats not normal

No normal at all! Please see his doctor asap!!!

The saying is what goes in must come out… there could be a number of issues going on… 1) he is dehydrated 2) kidney issues 3) anatomy structure issue (issue with circumcision if you did get him circumcised)… this is definitely not normal a newborn should have as many wet diapers as they are days old the first week and then average 8-12 in a 24 hr period after that.

Doctor asap! A newborn baby shouldn’t be holding their urine. Now; my 2nd born did this for a few hours after his circumcision, but he was back to peeing normally once he wasn’t numb anymore. A newborn staying dry all night is concerning.


Did you cut part of his dick off. Might not want to urinate in an open wound