Is it normal that my son is not finishing his night bottles?

My son is almost two and has been not finishing his night bottles, is that normal at that age???


Maybe try swapping his bottle with a wee cup and give him a smaller drink of milk before bed. If he’s eating well during the day he’s probably using his bottle as a comforter. Good luck :blush:


What is not normal is that you still have him on the bottom at 2 yrs. The Dr. doctor should have told you to ween him off at one yrs old. I don’t want to hurt your feelings but it’s true.


My 2 year old has a cup of milk before bed, but rarely finishes it.

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In my personal opinion he is too old for a bottle. I would start weaning him off that asap. A good night time routine suggestion would be dinner 6-6:30, bath following, books and off to sleep no later than 8pm. Maybe a snack and some water before he brushes his teeth if he’s showing signs of hunger or to help with the weaning process. But I highly recommend eliminating the bottles. He is still your baby, but the reality is he’s not a baby anymore. Best of luck to you :heart:


2 on a bottle? Yes mama… sippy cup asap.


He may be starting to lose interest in the bottle. If he is eating normal amounts of regular food I would think he is ok. Some babies wean themselves off of the bottle.


My 2yo takes a cup of water to bed. Sometimes she drinks it, most times she doesn’t. I stopped milk at 1yr, she used to have her night bottle at 7pm then slept until morning, she still goes bed at 6-6.30pm now until 7am.
If you meant 2month, my 4month old has 5oz of his 8oz bottle every night at 8pm then off to bed, he sleeps until 7am.

2,…my granddaughter is 18 months and off the bottle…


He doesn’t need a night bottle. He should be eating 3 meals a day and small snacks in between.


That’s because he dosen’t need them. Offer water instead until he stops waking for them. Then cut the bottle all together.


My 2 year old gets a sippy cup of water to have at night. I know I wake up and need a drink sometimes, so it’s there if she needs it. If he’s still drinking milk during the night, you can slowly wean him off it by diluting the milk with water. Eventually it will be just water. I do suggest getting him off a bottle and on to at least a sippy cup. Some babies/toddlers do well going from a bottle to a straw cup or a 360 cup. Maybe try those with him?


2 years?? Honey, he doesn’t need that bottle anymore. Take it and replace it with water, bottle rot is a very real thing. Especially at night. Take it away.


Mine stopped the bottle at 1 so he most likely doesn’t need it anymore.


Mine never had bottles at night didn’t want or need them at 2 yrs old just little drink out of cup xx then slept all night X well most of time l.o.l xx

He shouldn’t be havin night bottles at 2

Unless this is a typo and supposed to say “2 months” he souldn’t have a bottle barring any developmental delays
At 2 they shouldn’t have anything at bedtime and should sleep through the night

If he IS 2 months and not finishing bottles it means he’s not hungry, start skipping every other bottle


Most kids don’t have them at that age, so yes it’s normal he doesn’t want it.


He’s probably not hungry…


Should of been off a bottle around the age of 1 personally. It’s not good for their teeth and if falling asleep with it can cause tooth decay and also is a choking hazard


He should have already been off bottles.


That’s because he’s too old for it. :woman_facepalming:t2:


Totally normal. At 2 he shouldn’t need a night time bottle. When I switched my daughter, she had a rough time, so I gave her water in a sippy cup and it worked perfectly. If he’s waking up in the middle of a night for a bottle or a snack, he didn’t get enough throughout the day.

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Make sure you’re taking him to the dentist. :100:

He may be weaning himself. Try giving him a bigger dinner and reducing how much you feed in the bottle at night and then eventually wean him.

I give my almost 2 year old a bottle of milk every night. It helps fill his belly a little before bedtime and he seems to sleep better. If he doesn’t want to finish it that’s fine too. Everyone has an opinion about their teeth or them still using a bottle, but what’s the difference between a bottle of milk or a sippy cup of milk.

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I would say yes because he shouldn’t even be on a bottle anymore.

I’d put him on sippy cups. My now almost 3 year old REFUSED to use a sippy cup. I had to find the right one he liked. He got over his pacifier easier than he got over the bottle. Give it time, but he should be off the bottle as soon as you can.

He’s Probably full, or mostly full, so if he’s not waking up crying for food that’s good.

2 or 2 months? I’ve never known a 2 year old with a bottle let alone a night bottle. If he’s actually 2 I’d say he doesn’t need it if he’s not drinking it. If 2 months I’d say the same…If he’s hungry he’d drink it.

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It’s not so much the bottle but what you’re doing to his teeth.
Setting him up for cavities with letting the milk sit on his teeth.

Milk and formula has sugars.

Just wean him. It will be hard for a few nights.

I’m a mama of four. I know it’s hard to upset them.

At 2 he should not be getting a night bottle. He will have bad teeth because of it. Yes baby teeth are just as important as adult teeth because they set spaces for them to be straight.

Take bottle away. He’s done with it. Last drink should be at least 2 hrs b4 bed.

Does not need night bottle. Good meal at night, some water before bed, will learn to sleep a good nights sleep

My daughter took a bottle until 2, we recently just switched to a sippy cup within the last 6 months.
Don’t let yourself down mama.
We still give her milk at night, and brush her teeth really good in the morning. :heart:

Sometimes she finishes it, sometimes she doesn’t.

I know someone who did that and their child got bottle rot on her 2 front teeth because of it. That’s why they say to take the bottle away

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Wow, some of these comments are just plain ignorant. It’s true that most of the time they recommend weaning from a bottle around 1, but I promise he won’t be going to college drinking a nighttime bottle :woman_facepalming:t4: Every kid is different :woman_shrugging:t4: But he’s probably telling you he just doesn’t need it anymore and weaning on his own. And all these people saying he “should” be sleeping through the night… must have perfect kids :sweat_smile: My 7 year old still wakes up and wanders into my room sometimes, I don’t even want to say what a horrible sleeper my 2 year old is :joy:


But to better answer the question about him not finishing the night bottle before everyone went off on their tangent about the “bottle”, I think it’s perfectly fine. If he’s not finishing it but seems content, then I’d say you’re doing just fine.

He’s too old for a bottle.

I have no judgement whatsoever.
I’m a single mother with no help and my youngest would scream at night and didn’t give in for quite a while, waking the others up, keeping me from getting sleep, a lot of the times get so upset he would puke then I’d have to clean that up too… I’d try to give a sippy and he would throw it…
then I’d have to to the single working mom thing the next morning no matter how awful I felt or how little sleep I got. get up early get them ready in the morning try to get myself ready get out the door drop offs then to work all day til it was time to clock out pick up kids go home try to get a little family relax time, try to get the house cleaned up, do homework dinner baths night time routines then fall out exhausted all to do it again the next day…
I let him have a bottle at two bc I picked and chose my battles in that time I needed to get sleep to be able to do everything I needed to and do it well. To function…

Things finally got a little less hectic and I threw the bottles all out plus he was biting the nipples ruining them anyway…
he was not happy for a bit but in no time he stopped screaming in the middle of the night BOTTLE and started saying SIPPY CUP. So I had one filled with ice water and a dry pull up next to his bed n he went right back to sleep and so did I.

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Hes 2? He is way to old for a bottle!!

Why is he still on bottle feedings at 2 years old?

At two - that kid should be sleeping at night, not finishing a night bottle .

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He’s too old for a bottle at night, and of milk? That’s going to rot his teeth unless you’re brushing his teeth after the bottle:

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2 year olds shouldn’t have bottles, especially at night. It will ruin their teeth :worried: sippy cup with water is best

2 year old doesn’t need night bottle

Why is he on a bottle? Way too old.

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A bottle at night at the age of two will never help you potty train the child to stay dry for the night


2 and a bottle? A 2 yr old should be sleeping though the night and deff shouldn’t be sucking bottles in the middle of the night or waking up for a bottle in the night.

He should be well off the bottle wow

Oh yes he should of been done by 16 months.

Most kids are off the bottle at that age. You should have taken it at 12 months or so. If he’s not finishing it he just doesn’t want it. What’s the big deal?

2 year olds dont need night bottles…