Is it normal to be bloated in early pregnancy?

I’m only 11 weeks pregnant and have been struggling with bloating (my upper stomach only) pretty much beginning at week 7. In my first pregnancy, I never experienced anything like it. The bloating gets way worse after eating. I’m not able to eat much because of it. It sometimes causes me pain. It makes it hard when I’m at work because I’m constantly moving around, and it is extremely uncomfortable. I’m uncomfortable all day because of this. I told my doctors about it, and no one seemed at all concerned. Has anyone experienced this and have an idea how to help this issue. Just to add, this is my 2nd pregnancy but my first one while having hypothyroidism as well.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is it normal to be bloated in early pregnancy?

Digestive tract slows down during pregnancy. Eat lots of greens and try to stay regular.

Do you eat a lot of salt?

Yes it’s normal lol trapped gas u may need to fart lol

I’m about 10 weeks pregnant with baby 6 and I look like a whale my lower belly just popped out and I feel I have to breath in when I’m out as I seriously look about 7 months pregnant… I don’t wanna get fat it’s making me depressed and anxious about the whole pregnancy

Yes. It’s normal. I also have trapped gas along with that and it causes awful pain in my stomach.

Do you have a gall bladder? A lot of people have issues with their gall bladder pregnant. Do you have pain too or just the gas and bloating? Common foods that cause problems are greasy or spicy. Pork and dairy were my problem foods, even 1% milk and pork marked 99% fat free.

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is it normal to be bloated in early pregnancy?

Have you had your gallbladder checked? My stomach was really puffy right under my boobs, in the center, and made my life miserable. Good luck!!


I’d get your gallbladder checked out! I had the same issue and it turned out I had gallstones and needed mine removed.


The 2 comments about gallbladder sounds like good advice, so I would check that out. As a thyroid cancer survivor/warrior and surgical Hypothyroid warrior, I say ask your Endocrinologist about this. Since the thyroid (and/or thyroid hormone replacement medication) controls every aspect and function of one’s body, it would ve smart to ask them if your Hypothyroidism and pregnancy, together, can cause your body to do weird stuff, especially if your thyroid and/or medication isn’t functioning as I should. Women with thyroid health issues have to be a bit more aware than healthy pregnant women, because your medication (if you’re on Synthroid or Levothyroxine) may need to be adjusted. Get lab work done, too.

It can be normal to be bloated so early on, with my last pregnancy i found out on the wednesday i was pregnant and by the friday none of my clothes fit me, pregnancy hormones can cause your stomache to bloat up quite quickly, if your doctors arnt concerned then they don’t see it as a problem, and most wouldnt give you any medication for it because of the pregnancy, it should calm down soon enough x

I have inflammatory bowel disease and pregnant with my 3rd and I’m very bloated at times. But with each pregnancy I showed a lot faster due to the bloating. My IBD goes in remission and my body doesn’t know how to react to it

I’m 15week and have been dealing with bloating since I was about 6 weeks. My other two pregnancy were nothing like this one. My doctor say all is fine just eat smaller meals and more fiber. Hope it helps a little bit

When I was pregnant with my son I found out when I was 4 weeks (when you know you know) I said I wasnt going to tell anyone other than close family until after my 12 week scan due to miscarrying the year before but I was that bloated I couldn’t hide the fact I was pregant, I finally stopped looking bloated around 18 weeks and then out of know here by 20 weeks I was huge, so in my case it was normal… It got worse when I had eaten certain foods so I feel your pain as I know how uncomfortable it can be but if your not happy with what doctor has said go get a second opinion.
As for it been your second pregnancy only advise I can give is that each pregnancy is different and you might be carrying opposite to your little one this time, I had a boy and I have heard you tend to bloat more with boys, as they say your Alot more round with a boy :woman_shrugging: hope it does get better for you x

I was definately bloated this early. Was horrible… bought stretchy waste preg pants And jeans at 11 weeks was so bad. It definately eased up around week 15 though. Feel for ya :pleading_face:

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is it normal to be bloated in early pregnancy?

It might be something that you are eating that is making you feel that way. When I was pregnant with my son I would feel bloated after eating it took my a while to figure out why I felt sick everytime I ate until I realized I couldn’t eat or drink anything with dairy. When I cut out all dairy I didn’t feel bloated or sick anymore

Are you relieving gas? Burping etc? Id suggest a sprite or ginger ale after eating. But if it doesnt get better bring it up to your dr

Find a doctor who is concerned. How is your bloodpressure doing?

Im expecting baby # 7 and i felt like this and still feel like this and I’m now 18 weeks

Have your gallbladder checked

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is it normal to be bloated in early pregnancy?

Yes, it’s pretty normal. In my 3rd pregnancy, I was in maternity pants by 12 weeks cause of the bloat. The bloat should go away by beginning of the 2nd trimester.

Sounds like gas building up almost. I honestly don’t remember if I ever felt bloated during my pregnancy…

Bloating does happen but ask the to run a panel to see how your liver enzymes and pancreas look to see if you’re having gallbladder issues.

This happened to me! Bloating was really bad from like week 10-14 it hurt and looked like I was 6 months pregnant already. Dr said it’s super common. The thing that worked for me was upping my fiber to help balance all everything in the digestive track with fruits. I ate a lot of apples, strawberries, and kiwi. Helped so much!

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I had ridiculous bloating with my first born son. All day every day and it made eating rough. I would be so hungry but be 4 or 5 bites in and feel so full from the bloating.

Check gallbladder unless you have had it out already.

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Have you had your gall bladder checked recently? Mine exploded shortly after giving birth to my 2nd son. I was having the same symptoms you described plus insessant burping and heartburn that wouldn’t go away…


Yes this is very normal, I had it with both of mine!

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Yes!!! 4 pregnancies and no gas. Pregnancy 5, I was bloated and farted constantly! It was embarrassing!!! It went away after a few months.

Did you have it before being pregnant…I get that and i have gallstones…I have hypothyroidism too

Yup. Girl. That shit sucks

17 weeks here and I’ve been bloated all 17 weeks- every time I eat I bloat like I’m 48 months pregnant :disappointed:

I’m 12 weeks and am going through the same thing, have been since around 5-6 weeks actually. I’ve read that it’s due to the added progesterone hormone that basically relaxes the muscles which causes constipation and gas but also slows the digestive system. Unfortunately I haven’t found anything to help ease the bloat, I just plan to wait it out.

I was about 8 weeks when I started bloating really bad. I looked five months pregnant I bloated so much I already needed maternity clothes at that point, though that wasn’t uncommon for me because I bloat really bad during my period.

Have your gallbladder checked. It is normal to have extra gas during pregnancy but it’s better to be safe.

I had the same thing, to the point that it was more comfortable to start wearing maternity clothes early lol

Just drink some baking soda it will get rid of it

Continue to press your providers, because it could also be a gallbladder issue or an endocrine problem, as you suggested.

Yes it’s one of my first symptoms of pregnancy. I look huge my first trimester from bloating lol.

Each pregnancy will be different and your body will react differently. It’s perfectly normal to experience what you are experiencing.
Lay off the salt and carbs. Try some Sprite, some gas x. Try not to stress upon it. That can make it worse.

Yes I went through it on my first pregnancy I couldn’t eat because of how uncomfortable I was :weary:

Yes same with my 5th pregnancy… I drink alovera juice it helps alot

Get checked for gallstones. I had same symptoms and it turned out I haf gallstones.

I take Metamucil everyday cause of mine. Im 24 weeks and 3 days today and I still stay bloated and eating makes it worse. Stick to lots of water and little snacks and meals.

I was so bloated early on, almost right away. Everything was fine and by second trimester the bloat was gone.

I’m in similar situation, bloating started as early as in 5th week and is still there at 11 weeks! It’s my 3rd pregnancy and it didn’t happen in the previous two.

Some bloating is normal in the 1st trimester but shouldn’t come with pain. every pregnancy is different but if u feel something isn’t right get a 2nd opinion. Having hyperthyroidism isn’t helping u either considering u can’t take alot of medication while pregnant. After I had my oldest I went 6 months complaining about off and on stomach pain. I went 2 numerous doctors and the er 3x. I was always told it’s the body recovering from a vaginal birth. Well after the 3rd time I was in the er keeled over the bed in pain I told them I wasn’t leaving until I got an answer and the doctor himself comes back and tells me that my gallbladder was about a week from busting and had 2 have 2 surgeries. 1 2 take it out and 1 2 release remaining stones. Long story short if someone had just listened 2 me about my own body instead of just telling me I dont know what I’m talking about I would have been able 2 get relief sooner.

Take probiotics clean out your gut

I am also 11 weeks and dealing with this as well!!! I have read progesterone can cause some of this! I struggle to eat and feel so bloated after only a few bites. I burp very often and pass gas but nothing relieves the pressure! Following and good luck mama

With my current pregnancy I found out I was pregnant because I had bloating At 4 weeks to where my pants didnt fit.

I was pregnant with twins and bloating was horrible I mean id be big during the day and then at night id be uncomfortavl3 and almost twice as big as I was in the mornings and by next morning be bacj to normal twin size and start process all over again lol

Normal. I was bloated on and off for the first trimester. Eat small more frequent meals. That’s all that helped me. It’s just something you have to wait out. The pain you could be feeling is trapped gas. Your Gi tract slows down and it’s not uncommon. It can be really very painful. I thought I was having contractions with my first it got so bad :joy:

I experienced this with my 3rd and not my first 2, it was reflux. I take pepcid everyday now and it helps tremendously.

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Sounds like Acid Reflux