Is it normal to be itchy while pregnant?

Hey everyone! So I’m currently 34 weeks +4 days pregnant. I’ve been dealing with an extremely itchy upper back ,up on my neck and to my left shoulder since last night. There is no rash, no redness or any bumps or any kind. The itchiness isn’t getting better or worse but it’s driving me nuts. This is my third pregnancy and have never had something like this happen before. Is this normal or do I need to call my L&D and get myself look at? Thanks

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Yes, for me it was with all 4

I had this. I would scratch myself until I was bleeding. They checked my liver levels and that was it. But it went away as soon as I gave birth.

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Definitely have your liver level checked. My daughter went through the same thing and it was her liver. It was her 2nd of 3 pregnancies. They ended up having to induce her a month early. Good luck

Yes! I had this! I had to have bloods drawn to make sure it wasn’t a liver problem but I just moisturised alot… it was mainly my legs… and all my arm hair fell out :laughing::laughing: I’m all good now :laughing:

Call your doctor. Your liver levels need to be checked.

Sounds like Cholestasis to me, which can be dangerous. I had PUPPP while pregnant with my first, and there is definitely a rash associated with it.

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I don’t know if it’s normal but I had really bad itch all over my body like you and nothing helped it. Doctors said to try chamomile oil but that didn’t help either. The itchiness stopped when I gave birth. Whatever you do, please try your best not to scratch it, it will turn into stretch marks

Have your bile acid levels checked. I was itchy only on my ankles and had high levels and was induced.

Something with the liver, I was the same and as soon as she came out, itching was gone. Nothing wrong with my liver either; can’t remember the medical term for it. Mine was so severe she prescribed me meds that helped but it didn’t stop completely, but it did help

Have your liver checked. Mostly you get that on hands and feet. Just a quick blood test. Cholestasis.

Cholestatis issue especially if it’s in the palms of your hands

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Have you liver function check. Sometimes bile can leak under the skin which becomes extremely itchy

Google PUPPS and talk to your doc.

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Go to the doctor could be pupps


Doctor asap and test bile acids as you we’ll be induced no later than 37 weeks for potential health problems for both you and baby

Check your bloods for bile levels incase you’ve got obstetric choleastasis

I had pupps while pregnant with my second son , Dr’s didn’t even know anything about it told me to put on cortisone and that did jack squat, had to research and figure it out myself after he was born it got worse and spread all over my body ended up using all natural stuff from the health and nutrition store and it went away with in a couple days (I had been only getting worse after baby was born)

It can be normal but it’s also a sign of cholestasis.
Definitely get checked by your doctor.

I’d definitely check with your provider it could be a condition called cholestasis.