Is it normal to bleed more at 4-weeks-postpartum?

4 week postpartum and bleeding picked up more. Is that normal?


I had it fluctuate and bleed the entire 6 weeks after birth for all 4 of my kiddos. Some days will be heavier than others and it’s pretty normal

Mine fluctuated the whole six weeks, it would come and go sometimes lighter and sometimes heavy

should be starting to bleed less, I bled a lot the first 4 weeks with my 1st baby and when i had my 2nd i hardly bled at all and was done by the time I was discharged to go home 3 days later

Yes I bleed for 6 weeks postpartum. Every body body is different… my 1st baby I bleed for 6weeks straight and it got heavy towards the end… 2nd baby I barley even bled. Didn’t even need a pad

Did you get up and move around more than usual? I over did it with my 3rd and kicked the bleeding into overdrive. I seen my doctor as well.

4 weeks postpartum - could be your first menstrual cycle and maybe that’s the increase.


This happened to me! I started to really slow down at the beginning of week 3 and then i thought i was almost done and week 4 i had a lot more bleeding. I thought something was wrong but my ob said it was normal

Could be your period so that’s why there is more blood

It’s probably from the scab falling off the placenta wound, thats normal for about 4 weeks pp. It makes the bleeding pick up for a couple days

If you’re doing too much that can happen. Rest and relax :heart: