Is it normal to bleed while pregnant?

Has anybody had very heavy bleeding for days and not miscarried? That’s what happened to me and I don’t understand. My pregnancy appears to be normal and healthy now like it never happened
I see an OBGYN, not seeking medical advice, just want to know if other women went through this


I had the same thing last year when i was pregnant… My placenta was under my son instead above, and it kept detaching itself and every time i would bleed… Finally as i got bigger it moved up to the right place and reattachrd itself… It’s very common… Its called placenta priva(i belive)

I haven’t personally gone through this, but I had a friend who told me she had full monthly periods during her pregnancies with both of her daughters. Everyone’s body is different, but I would definitely keep an eye on that if it keeps happening

With my 1st pregnancy i had bleeding lasted for 1 week with clots got an ultrasound n baby was fine another week passed and had the same thing the blood went all the way down to my ankles… I thought for sure I lost him but nope turns out I had a blood clot where he attatched … 2nd pregnancy i had bleeding as well and it wasn’t as bad but got an ultrasound n baby was fine I now have an 18month old and a 3 week old :slight_smile: n with the blessings I had the worst cramps ever!

Bleeding can wall off and never occur again.