Is it normal to bruise while pumping?

Have any of you mamas who pump(ed) ever experienced bruised breasts? The lower half of mine are purple. I don’t have clogs ducts or mastitis, I pump every 3 hours.


No make sure it’s on right

And that you have the right size

Thé suction draws blood to the surface.
I had bites , scabs, bruising until he was six month then Id had enough.

make sure you have the right size flange and it’s on correctly. you can still get a clogged duct/mastitis though no matter how often you feed/pump.

Decrease the strength of the pull. There should be a nob
Get some arnica at CVS or walgreend, great for bruises, sore muscles, swelling. Safe as it is homeopathic

Nope that’s not normal, sounds like your suction isnt right or your flang cof be the wrong size as well or pumping on too high of a sped