Is it normal to constantly needing to wear panty liners?

Is it normal and okay to constantly be needing to wear pantiliners? My doctor isn’t concerned but I’ve had to wear them all the time for years. I haven’t had any children yet and I’m 20 years old. Does anyone else have this problem ? I know some girls discharge more than others but it’s embarrassing to have to carry around liners all the time


It’s why my doctors encourage breathable cotton panties. Otherwise that idk what’s really normal or not. I have had children and I suppose having them for any leaking if you have a weak bladder or before I had children I’d notice an increase of discharge before my period. I never notice the increase anymore. Just lots of cramps and maybe a bit of mood swings. Probably more due to the birth control. Your pH balance could be off as well. Just need more probiotics in the diet or some depending how the level of bad vs good because we all have good and bad bacteria just might have more bad than you should have. Just a visit to the ob/gyn ans they could get you squared away.

Over the counter of doctors can check for bacterial vag or yeast. Allot of women I know have to probiotic and a pill to help! Especially if your man is throwing you off too.

 It sounds like you have an overly sensitive pH balance. You have to be extremely careful with what soaps you are using, if you are sexually active, make sure your man is clean, what soap he is using can affect it. Condoms. Just about anything can throw off your pH balance.  nothing to be embarrassed about. More women have these issues than you know, and as you get older, you’ll learn that. Most women your age are not going to talk about it.  it also doesn’t hurt to get a second and third opinion from other doctors.


Find a different doctor if you’re concerned. If you’re highly sexually active that can definitely be a reason. All womens bodies are different and some will have more discharge than others. It can be from hormonal to sex to foods you eat also.

Im late 40s and have had to for years… as long as you know you it may be normal… I just don’t like the wetness of it but it has never been a problem and there’s never a smell and I have a great relationship with my gyno… everyone is different. I do always go free after my night time shower.

U need to change drs or demand this 1 sends u to a gynaecologist. Yes it may be nothing but it’s best to check it out. It’ll give u peace of mind 2. I hope u get sorted :heart:

I am 46 I had to wear them everyday my doctor said it’s normal for some woman…

This is not normal…i got a bladder sling .at45…im now 61

Discharge is completely normal, it’s your vagina‘s natural way of cleaning itself out, you can choose not to wear panty liners, but it will put stains in your underwear, panty liners are not necessary, in my opinion, but I can see how preferring to wear them over having stains in all your panties would be preferable.  Also, it doesn’t go away having children, the only thing that went away for me after my child were my breasts :smiling_face_with_tear:

Strengthen your pelvic floor