Is it normal to cramp in early pregnancy?

I’m due for my period in 6 days but decided to take two pregnancy tests ( and normal test which showed two lines and a digital that said pregnant) I was having bad cramps and got worried so I went to the ER tonight… when I got there they did a pregnancy test and it was negative (I was so shocked) then they did a blood test and it showed my levels were at a 50. They did a ultrasound and it didn’t show anything bc I should only be 3 weeks pregnant. I’m so confused as to why both my tests were positive, the hospitals was negative but the blood did show low levels. I’m so confused right now but will be calling my OB in the morning. (ER doctor did say my levels were low and he didn’t know why but when I googled it it said for 3 weeks pregnant 50 was normal) so is this normal or should I be concerned?


You’re pregnant for sure lol
Your HCG is best in the morning and the later you test, the lower the chances of showing + on a test. Congrats!!

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Call your ob and have them check again. If you levels continue to double each day you are pregnant

I had an etopic and literally some test would be positive and some negative. My blood work came back at a 9 (anything over a 5 is pregnant) got up to 100. follow up with your doctor in afew days to request another beta.

Don’t google. Don’t trust our advice. Every women is different. Good luck hun.


You are awfully early in the pregnancy, so I wouldn’t be surprised If certain test were negative… by 4-5 weeks they will be a bit higher… I would definitely call your ob to do a second blood test just to make sure your levels are going up… but congratulations hun

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Blood is reliable and digital and most store bought tests believe it or not are more reliable than doctors or the hospitals tests. 50 is right about where urine shows on Most tests. So its possible if you took urine at ER later in day to get a negative.

I had similar situation and am now 28 weeks. So congrats!!! But i hate that am i am i not pregnant point? Also 50 is high HCG for not missing a period. Definite pregnant based on info you listed.

You’re pregnant! Congrats!

You’re so early cramping can be normal. Just wait it out

Congrats hun you’re pregnant

please follow up with your doctor…if you are having cramps and pain it could be ectopic same thing happened to me

The threshold for detecting hcg is different between wiz quizzes but blood is consistent. You wouldn’t see much via ultrasound until about 6 weeks. All normal and points to you’re legitimately preggo

A negative pregnancy test is more likely to be false that a positive response. The hospital uses the same test we can buy at the dollar tree. I would make an appointment and try not to stress.

I took a pregnancy test with my daughter super early about 2 to 1 weeks. I’m now pregnant with my son and I took a test about 3 weeks and it didnt show up til I was about 5 weeks pregnant. Dont stress take it easy and wait a couple of weeks and see.

My lowest HCG test I ever had was 38! And I was pregnant, carried a healthy baby boy. Good luck, hoping & praying for the best :heart:

I was pregnant twice and it didn’t show at the hospital because I didn’t miss my period yet

You’re just early most likely. They can’t pick much up on ultrasound until 6wks and that early your hormones will fluctuate in your urine.

I was told if you have any levels hcg your pregnant. Low just means your early I was about 3 weeks when I found out too

The hospital urine was probably a 100 hcg concentrate test. You’re definitely pregnant!

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I had the exact same thing with all 3 of my pregnancies lol I lost the 1st on n I have a 17 month month old and I’m 33 weeks pregnant with my 2nd

Of your two tests came up positive, you’re pregnant.

Sounds like a chemical pregnancy, so sorry.

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I had an ultrasound 4 days before finding out I was pregnant. Of course nothing was on the ultrasound. I had the ultrasound to check my uterus because I had been having issues with cyst and such. I was suppose to of started my period the next day and because mine of never normal or on time I waited two days after it missed to take a test and it showed up. Dr said i was to early for it to show up on the ultrasound. I was cramping and all that from a cyst I had at the time on my right ovary plus the implantation of baby. I wouldn’t worry just yet. This is my third. With my second I was getting negative test results even with me being pregnant it just took a hit to finally show on the test. I had the gut feeling I was pregnant. It was just to early. So just make an appointment and go from there.

False negatives happen. Not really false positives. So congrats!

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I found out with my last two kids at 3 weeks they wont see anything on ultra sound go back and have your levels checked in two days and if they’ve gone up you are good I was told I was miscarrying but really it was just too early I have a 13month old and am 26weeks pregnant now it’s hard to calm your mind while you wait but really it’s all you can do good luck

You are just not far enough along uet

I haven’t been in that situation but I work in a hospital so I know how it operates. First off, ER docs know about nothing when it comes to OB stuff. Secondly, the pee test at the hospital is cheap. The ones off the shelf can detect low level HCG in early pregnancy. Just try to relax, freaking out won’t help you nor the baby.


Ummm, over 25 is considered positive so I’m confused. So you’re either pregnant or had a chemical a pregnancy,

Probably. Not pregnant.

It could be ectopic or you could have had a chemical. Or the blood just didn’t pick it up (which is normal) there’s an app called glow it’s for pregnancy it’s really helpful and the women on there are awesome. I’ve seen multiple posts about basically the same thing. I took 3 tests at exactly 3 weeks (a week before my period was supposed to start) and got 2 positive signs and a positive on a digital

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Sorry to hear this. I went through something similar but at a later time in pregnancy. Mine was a chemical pregnancy. Good luck to u

My levels at 3w4d were 16 and I’m now almost 20 weeks with a baby boy. Levels can vary so much.
Edit: my doctor also said that 16 was right where I should have been for how far I was and they were not concerned at all!

Yes just wait it out another week, until your supposed to get your period when it’s “late” and then go to the health department for pregnancy test/check.
*also take it easy, if you are indeed prego you dont wanna be doing over the extreme or drinking or anything.

I would just wait couple more weeks

Give it a week and try again.

If you took a test and a digital that were both positive and had a positive blood test, you’re probably pregnant. But it’s entirely possible to not get a positive this early depending on the sensitivity of the test and the concentration of your urine. And this early, there’s nothing there for an ultrasound to detect. Call your doctor and proceed as advised.

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Blood test work fairly early.I was a week@it showed

I went thru this and i was just very early ! Like 2 weeks along. They had me come back every 2 days for hcg levels and they progressed until they saw my baby at 5-6 weeks! =) hang in there!


You’re preggo just wayyy too early. I’ve had ultrasounds early on for 3 pregnancies all at 5 weeks and the only thing that shows is a gestational sac, at 3 weeks there wouldn’t be anything yet. Remember you’re only a week out from conception! 50 definitely is normal.


The dollar store tests are what the Drs use, I’ve used them for all my pregnancies because they typically pick up low levels, I’ve found out at 4 weeks with all my kids and had a chemical pregnancy back in Dec.

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Its early I didnt show for two months later finally got a positive test

Cramps early on is normal


And er tests suck when it comes to early detection

You have nothing to worry about right now. 50 is fine for 3 weeks. Just schedule with your OB and relax! Congratulations :tada: and good luck!

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Check out Life Before Birth on YouTube!!! It helps explain everything from start to finish

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I had the same experience. Two positive tests at home. Negative one at the hospital. Blood test showed hcg was at 45 and I was 3 1/2 weeks. 3 days later hcg blood test was 169. It’s just Sounds like your “a second pregnant” as the ER dr told me lol your levels are in completely normal ranges for being that far along. But it still cant rule that it’s a viable pregnancy. If you’re really worried wait a few days and then go get your levels checked again they should nearly triple within a few days.

You’re probably a week or so pregnant so super early (I was almost 2 weeks when I found out & ultrasound didn’t show anything) Just blood test showed positive

Same thing happened to me. Tests were positive. Dr said no. Came back two weeks later. Positive.

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Of a pregnancy test says pregnant, chances are you are. False positives CAN, very rarely, be caused by a uti, kidney disease, or high amounts of the urine. Wait a week.and test again. False positives are very rare.

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give it two weeks and retest, probably super early and ultrasounds don’t pick up anything til so many weeks as it is

On the verge of a miscarriage

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Could be a miscarriage or a very early pregnancy. Recheck levels in a few days. Mines was like this when I found out I was 3 weeks pregnant. Levels were low then spiked super high after one week.

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They can’t really see anything on and ultrasound unless your 5 or more weeks

I understand the need to know but honestly it’s way too early. Most people dont even know they are at that week. I would wait it out

Whatever you do, do not listen to the hospital! Please! I took 10 pregnancy tests total, plus 2 at my doctors. All came back pregnant. I was 6 weeks. I knew I had a miscarriage at work. I went to the hospital and she flat out told me hers was negative and hers was right. I told her to explain to me why all my home tests came back positive. She couldn’t and left the room. She did no scan and no blood there. My doctor did the blood. My blood test even came back positive. If you are over 5 on blood, you are pregnant darling. Stay away from the hospital and go to your OB. I wish you the best :heart:

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I cramped for two weeks after my missed cycle

I didn’t get a positive for pregnancy for almost 3 months. But, this was way back in the 80’s.

Call ob to check levels 48 hours after first check. If they double you’re pregnant. If not you’re not.

It’s a very early pregnancy. But threatening because of the cramps you are reporting.

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I found out i was pregnant at 2 weeks

Be careful with the hospital tests, I had a positive so I went in and the got my urine mixed up with someone else’s and said I wasn’t pregnant. I demanded another with a blood test. Surely enough I was pregnant lol

Implantation cramping and your insides shifting can cause cramping too… If you’ve had any previous miscarriages, IUD’s or abortions it will be more painful due to uterine scarring

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They should have seen thickening of the uterus

Completely normal! Your body is adjusting to a baby in your womb. You’ll cramp as your baby grows, it’s just your body making room. :heart:

I had to be on bedrest because of my cramping tried miscarrying

i never did. always go to dr to check

I just delivered my 3rd baby, she was my 6th pregnancy. I had cramping early on and it was just my body acknowledging that baby was there and things started stretching early with her. As long as you are not seeing bright red blood it’s just the body getting ready for baby. Don’t worry mama!

My last two pregnancies I cramped so much it was painful some days and obnoxious the other days it got less and less as I went on and moved to other things lol.
So yea very normal but also no cramping is normal too, pregnancies are so random lol

In my city we have a number we can call (811) and we get directed to health physicians/nurses, we can describe our symptoms and they advise us on what we should do. Do you have anything like that available? I’ve had 2 miscarriages and was cramping early on, I called right away but based on everything I described she didn’t think doing anything was particularly necessary, turned out it was like a combination of indigestion and constipation that I wasn’t aware of :sweat_smile: it was causing abdominal cramping.

It can definitely be normal. As long as it isn’t too painful or one sided. One sided pain is a symptom of ectopic pregnancy

From my experience it is normal. My Dr said that with my third I would show sooner and cramping was normal because you body remembers to start stretching your ligaments for baby but I still worried. If you start having heavy cramping or spotting I would be worried but you can always go to the ER to check your HCG levels and an internal ultrasound but may be too soon to see much of anything

Yes as long as your not bleeding you should be ok.