Is it normal to feel anger towards my boyfiends for cheating?

My boyfriend cheated on me with an ex-girlfriend when I was six months pregnant with my firstborn while I was finding out my firstborn had a kidney problem. I was never able to get over it at my pace. I was always pushed to get over it. Then seven months later, I catch him texting his ex-girlfriend. He said he apologized to her for what he did in the past. I realized I hold a lot of resentment and anger, and pain due to those situations. Is that normal to have those feelings?

Completely normal, you are entitled to feel this way. Now you have a choice to make, let it ear you up, or get over it

Completely normal to still feel resentment. But are you honestly able and willing to move past that? For your own peace of mind.
When I was pregnant with our first, my boyfriend left me to date someone else. Eventually he came crawling back swearing he knows he was dead wrong. He’s been trying to make up for it ever since. That’s the only reason I was able to move forward with him is because I see him actively trying. We haven’t had an issue like that since and it’s been 5 years. But to be honest it took far too long for me to really forgive him.
You need to ask yourself if you’ll be able to trust him again. If he’s making an active effort to better his part in the relationship.Texting his ex doesn’t seem like his efforts of being a more responsible and loyal partner are going towards you. But only you know what goes on between you two. Ask yourself the tough questions now. You’ll know what’s right for you.