Is it normal to feel flutters in your stomachs months after giving birth?

Is it normal to feel flutters in your stomach years after birth? Yesterday and today I felt flutters while at work and they felt like the flutters you feel when baby is starting to kick. I haven’t gotten any nookie in 10 months and I am so dumbfounded.


I get them and its been almost 10 years since my last baby. I thought gas but nope phantom kicks lol and 10 months :flushed: without any girl I’d be frustrated :sweat_smile: unless you’re single then I understand.

I felt them 15 years after having my 2nd kid. It’s normal.

Weird to feel but normal! Phantom kicks, I felt them for years after my first and a year or so after my 2nd, so far haven’t felt them after having my 3rd.

Yeah I felt it for years after having my son. How I don’t feel it anymore

Yep. It’s called phantom kicks. My son’s 5…I still get them periodically and freak out thinking I’m pregnant :joy:

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My youngest is 7 and I still feel phantom kicks all the time

yes, felt them 6 years after my first child.

Phantom kicks. I get them ince in a while almost 15 yrs later.