Is it normal to feel pelvic pressure at 17 weeks pregnant?

hi! I’m 17 weeks pregnant, and I’m experiencing some pressure in the pelvic area… feels like theres extra weight… my guess is that it’s the growing baby but I just wanted to throw it out there and see if anyone has any comments… I have an OBGYN appt Monday so I plan on asking them as well… thanks!


The baby could be head down? I wouldn’t worry too much :slightly_smiling_face:

As long as there’s no pain or bleeding, everything should be fine. It’s just your uterus stretching and the baby growing.

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Have you taken any tums…I have terrible gas pains in that area

Prolly round ligament pain… I had that and sometimes still have it :confused:

It’s the baby. I had the same pains

This is actually pretty normal, I had it with both of my children. Unfortunately one of the possible side effects is that you’re no longer going to be able to jump up and down a run without peeing yourself. Keagls and if you can go swimming a lot. It decreases the chances of your pelvic floor becoming ridiculously weak

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It’s completely normal darl. I get that from 12 + weeks it’s just everything is moving around inside :slight_smile: plus baby is growing and so is your body

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Lol get used to that feeling hun! Cause its gonna get about 4x more intense by the end!
You’re fine, babies make your body feel weird af


Baby making it way turning hurts and they are being ready to be born
All is good unless water breaks and bleeding

Sounds normal to me. I experienced a pressure feeling as an early preg. Symptom

It’s your uterus growing.

I had a lot of pain thru this pregnancy down there. Had to get a belly band which did wonders. But it seems to be normal

Usually round ligament stretching out

I had the same & it totally freaked me out. Went to 2 different ER’S & then to the ob Dr. He aaid its my uterus growing. It finally went away but it did hurt. Completely normal!

I had the pressure pain so bad with my fourth last baby I could barely walk it was do bad u couldn’t turn in bed I cried until I had to force myself to start labor at 38 weeks pregnant

Very normal. Uterus and round ligament pain. Only going to get worse. Good luck!

Im a little over 18 weeks and had the same pains and discomfort, for me it was round ligament pains.

Sounds normal. Tiny human is probably pressing down there. Mines been doing that this entire pregnancy. Decided my left hip was his favorite spot super early on and hasn’t liked moving from there yet and I’m 37 weeks lol. Gets more uncomfortable the bigger he gets but eh it makes him happy lol. Maybe yours is gonna be like mine and like sitting low the whole time, might be comfy for your lil one.

Yes it is, just your body getting ready to grow a human