Is it normal to get infections after giving birth?

Is it normal to get an infection in your uterus after having babies?? Just worried about my sister. She had twins last recently then wound up in hospital cpl days later with the infection! She had to be in iv drip.


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Her doctor would be able to answer this


I would watch for fever and trust your gut, if you feel like anything is wrong then try to get a full body scan because infection can be life threatening, and a sign of something worse

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Sometimes there is retained placenta which will rot in a couple days. Out of seven pregnancies this happened once. Having twins could have confused the placenta weigh outs and yes she could. Be glad you got it. And glad they have the iv drip.
Hugs. Nothing is normal nothing is not normal.
Hugs. It’ll be ok. It was # 2 so I still had more without that issue.

It happened to me but it wasn’t in my uterus they didn’t know where. My water ruptured versus broke so I developed group a strep in 24 hours bc I was originally sent back home my OB was pissed. I refused to be admitted again so had go back daily for 7 days straight to get two antibiotic injections in my butt cheeks.

After the placenta comes away from the uterine wall it leaves a big wound basically…I would imagine if any bacteria gets in there can be infection.

I had that happen… not sure how normal but not unheard of.

Haley Accamando is that what you went thru

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