Is it normal to have anxiety in pregnancy?

Did anyone else’s anxiety peek in the third trimester? Any tips
On how to cope while getting through this? Thank you :heart:

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No but it has peaked since giving birth.

Mine definitely did. I tried to practice a lot more self care during that time. Reading. Painting my nails. Warm baths. Quiet time to myself. Whatever it was that could help me focus and keep calmer. Yoga too.

Good luck mama. You’re in the home stretch. :two_hearts:

I went to a therapist my third trimester due to depression and anxiety, it helped and I’m four months PP and haven’t had to go back

My anxiety peeked at the 4th trimester, and I cope by crying in a corner sometimes

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Yep and the last week was hell!! After birth I was so relieved. Tears but happy tears.

My anxiety hit me at the end and hasn’t gone away. Taking a shower or bath helps. I normally just sit in the and just try to relax. It can get pretty bad sometimes just hang in there.

My mood swing for sure

I’ve always been so good about not letting it take over but with two kids under 3 and hubby being gone all the time I’m losing my shit. I’ve already talked to my ob and we both decided meds this far along are not a good idea. I was on them before I got pregnant and stopped once I found out.

I just try to ask hubby to let me take a bath or watch a hour of tv alone to breath

If he’s away for work I lock myself in the bathroom and cry

Breathing Excercise …Breath In Your Nose …Hold It…Then Let Out Your Mouth …Keep Repeating …Over And Over …Think Of Anything That Makes U Happy …

I’m in my 3rd trimester, 3rd baby. I have horrible anxiety pre pregnancy and I was taking zoloft and ativan. The only thing that helps me right now is a fan. Sounds weird but my anxiety makes me feel like I cant breathe. Having a fan blowing air in my face helps so much.

Yes, it gets heightened too. Don’t be afraid to reach out to someone