Is it normal to have irregular periods after a miscarriage?

I had a miscarriage at the beginning of May and right after I got on birth control (the shot). My period comes back, but it's 11 days long and counting(my period usually lasts five days). So my question is…is it normal for my period to be longer than usual after a miscarriage? Or should I be worried

Yes! Ive had 10 and each time was different. It will take some time to get back regular.


Are you possibly pregnant again?

Yes. But still talk to your OB

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Oh gosh. I got the shot and my period lasted for an entire 3 months! Needless to say I did not go back in to get it for another 3 months.
I will add that it wasn’t after a miscarriage.

Yes it is hun there is more to discharge :disappointed_relieved:

See a doctor if you question what’s going on with your body!

It could also be because of the bc talk to your gyno about your questions

The shot could be doing it …

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It’s likely the shot causing it not the miscarriage. Some women even have it for months after their first shot and if it doesn’t even out by the second shot they recommend getting another form of birth control. However speaking from experience I wouldn’t suggest depo to ANYONE. Everyone I have ever known has gotten it including myself has had long term complications from it.

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I would say it’s probably the birth control shot affecting it

I’ve always had great luck with the shot, but I know a few people that it caused to have a constant period or very irregular periods. None of these were after a miscarriage though. Don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor or get another opinion from a different doctor.

I had a miscarriage in early/mid March and still haven’t quit bleeding. They’ve even put me on 2 birth controls right now and it’s not easing up. Going on month 5.

It could be due to the depo shot. When I first got on it I bleed for almost 3 months straight. After that I never had another period the whole 8 years I was on it.

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When I had the shot I bled for like a year heavy. I ended up having a clot on my overies. Years later after the shot I had a late miscarriage baby born 18 weeks but I only bled how I was supposed to.

This is my post im off the birth control already but my period came mabye 1 week early before the birth control shot ended at 3 months but im still on my period going to be 3 weeks already and this is not normal for me idk if it was because i got on the shot right after my miscarriage

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I got the depo and bled for 93 days straight

To me that sounds more like a problem of your shot then the miscarriage because whenever I was on the shot it did the same thing to me I bled more times than I didn’t

Your dr would be the one who could best answer your question

I used the shot for a while. Didnt have periods at all but constant pmt and gained loads of weight.
Did your periods return to normal after the miscarriage and before you started the shot ?
Really should give your body time to adjust after you misscarry before starting any form of contraceptive.
Its probably a combination of both and will settle in time…as always see your Dr if you’re concerned
I’m very sorry for your loss :pensive:

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When I first started depo my periods were longer than normal and eventually went away. I took 2 rounds of the shot so I was protected for 6 months and decided to stop but afterwards I didn’t get my period back at all for 2 years. And when I did get them back they were so irregular

I would definitely see a doctor and be sure that your body fully removed everything from your uterus. I know someone who did not do this and is having many problems all the way around and had to have surgery a year later.

Talk to your doctor. You could have retained fetal tissue or just a thickening if the lining. It’s possible you might need a D&C. But speak to your doctor. Continued excessive bleeding can lead to anemia. Depending on how low your blood count is it can be dangerous. Speak to you GYN

Sorry for your loss.
While I haven’t been through this, I’d say the the shot is more likely to be causing this… I’m no doctor though.

After my miscarriage I was almost 3 months with my period. Went to the obgyn twice and the said nothing was wrong.

When I got the shot I bled for three months would never get it again

After my first shot I bled for a month straight then didn’t have periods till I got off it

I was on the shot and bled on and off like spotting the entire 9 months I was on it.

Could have to do with the shot as well. I would track it and consult with your doctor

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It could be from the shot. I was on the shot for about 6 years and when I first got on it I bled for about a month after I started it but the longer I was on it my periods slowed and then eventually stopped and I didn’t have one for years until I switch to the pill

The shot can do that

The shot can mess up your cycle for the first couple months. Mine was pretty wonky for the first 6 months then disappeared.

Should definitely contact your primary physician to see if they can either refer you to the OBGYN for an ultrasound to make sure that there aren’t any remnants. Also could just be that your hormones are all out of whack from the miscarriage and starting birth control around the same time. Either way, talking to a doctor is the best option.


You should talk to your doctor, there might have been something left behind in your uterus after the miscarriage and you might need to have a d and c. But talk to your doctor oh, good luck to you.


Always consult a medical professional when it comes to something like this. All of our hormones change when pregnant.

Short answer: talk to your OB but yes, it is pretty normal. Getting the shot mixed with the miscarriage might be the cause. And I’m sorry that happened to you, whether you wanted the pregnancy or not :heart: hope things get normal soon

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Yes, it is normal. Obviously you can call your doctor and ask them. But when I had my miscarriage 3 years ago, it took a very long time for my periods to go back to normal

since you had a miscarriage and didn’t really get back on track with your cycle before getting birth control, you’ll most likely bleed heavier and longer. also the birth control could just be what’s making you bleed. either way, it wouldn’t hurt to call your doctor. when I first got on the shot I bled for over 20 days, I told my mom and doctor and they both were like “you’re fine it’ll stop soon”
I felt like I was being ripped apart from the inside out.
so sorry about your miscarriage also, I had my fourth miscarriage in April. :white_heart:

I had a miscarriage at 18 weeks, I did NOT go on birth control after but my periods were lighter and less painful than they were before :heart: I’d def ask your doctor

Idk what exact “shot” they’re referring to but I have nexplanon (no miscarriage though, so sorry for your loss) and after I had it put in my cycles went for about 6 weeks on 2 weeks off for like a year.

It could be that not everything came out from the miscarriage or it could he the new BC. Either way give your dr a call and they can help you figure it out.

Definitely ask your doctor. If he/she isn’t willing to listen to your concerns, you need a new doctor. Sincere sympathy for your loss.

After getting first Depo, I spotted for 3 months straight. It wasn’t until my second shot that my period went away completely with spotting for a day every few months or so. Mix that with a miscarriage, I think this could be expected. Please talk to your Dr about concerns. And I’m sorry for your loss


If I were you, I’d go see a Gyn doctor and get evaluated for retained products of conception. If you did not get a dilation and curettage after the miscarriage, you still have to be checked

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So soon after a loss I would call the doc.

Could be the shot causing the long periods. For me when I used depo years ago I didn’t have a period for 3 years other than spotting. When I got off I bled for 1 year almost no break in the pattern. After other pill options nothing worked until when I got the copper implant did my body regulate.

It is because of the shot. That happened to me after my first shot and can last a couple weeks but after that you probably won’t get a period at all.

The shot made mine longer, could be from that instead of the miscarriage


Its the birth control shot. Eventually ur period will disappear altogether. Keep in mind after u get off shot, all ur periods that disappeared come back to back.

I’d say it’s more likely the birth control. But see your doctor to be safe

Please contact the doctors to check your iron. I’ve had the same thing and ended up on iron for 6 months and had to have a blood transfusion, in short it can be normal but check you arent going anemic xxx

Consult your doctor but i had 5 day periods

It’s also normal to have irregular periods after the birth control shot.

Ask a medical professional, not Facebook!!


I bled for 6 months also straight after the first and second shot. I had to wait for the the second shot to clear out of my system, get on a pill, and then it went back to normal; took about 8 months.

Ask your doctor and quit asking people on Facebook how the world is awful

It’s probably from the shot. If your cramps start to get really bad or your period doesn’t go back to normal, talk to your doctor.

The depo shot will make your cycle very irregular and it may stop completely after the second or third shot

the shot is probably whats causing that but i cant say 100%

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Talk to your doctor but yes it’s normal

It’s definitely worth a call to your OB-GYN or general practitioner

We are not doctors…call yours.

Instead of worrying, get checked out

Probably a good question for your doctor

No just go to the OBGYN…and he will put you on some pills…to put you back on a regulation…I had that happen…but mine went 17 days straight…finally went to the doctor…and he gave me pills…and after taking them…I was once again regulated…and back to normal…so do not wait…go see your doctor…

Talk to your Dr not face book

Never had a miscarriage but I’ve tried different birth controls and ones that are not the pill jack up your period, sometimes you don’t have it for a year and sometimes you have a period for a month

Go to the doctor that not normal

I think a Dr would know.

Is birth control not the miscarriage

Mine did not come back for months after my first one. Second one was lighter for awhile.

I had the shot many years ago and bled for two weeks and was in absolute pain the whole time.

Ok , now m wondering why these women on here don’t consult their doctors. So Nameless Netwotk is just trolling out these ? Questions? For click bait. So✌️ out. Don’t want to play your game anymore. Boooooo

It’s pretty normal. Has happened to me. With that said though definitely follow up with your gyno.

It can happen, but check with your doctor if something doesn’t seem right.

You could try asking a Dr !!! :astonished:

these are questions for a dr.

Ask your gynecologist, not us idiots on FB. that’s TMI for you to share with outsiders. Why would anyone care?

It’s probably the BC

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Is it the depo shot? Most women have irregular periods for a few months to a year after starting the shot. Sometimes you get lucky and won’t have your period at all after some time. I do t think you should be worried, but if you are I suggest talking to your dr.


Everyone is
different. Call your OB/GYN.

I don’t think it is uncommon, because your miscarriage could be an underlying issue you should discuss with a doctor. Probably nothing horrible. I ended up needing a rather simple hysteroscopy procedure that ended up removing some polyps I had no idea existed. They were causing my relentless problems. Been fine ever since then luckily. I hope you will be okay and can continue on with your life in a more comfortable manner soon.

Side effects to depo. Some people it stops periods others is messes up. They put my eldest on the pill to stop the bleeding for a few mo the and seemed to work.

I bled for months after one of my miscarriages, kept being told that it was normal by nurses but I eventually went to my GP who put me on a weeks course of metronidazole cos he believed I had inflammation of the lining of the womb and I stopped bleeding within days of starting the course.
If you have only just started the birth control it could be that causing the bleeding too. Speak to your dr.

My periods have not been the same after my miscarriage and it’s been almost a year exactly and I’m not on any type of b.c. The first few were significantly heavier and longer but every person is different. If you have concerns talk to your doctor.

After my miscarriage my periods go heavier and longer, and definitely more painful.

I got the shot and bled for 9 months…

Probably due to the drop shot

Check with your doctor, but it seems reasonable that it might have extra tissue to discharge after a miscarriage (sorry for your loss). The rule of thumb in the medical world is to get medical attention immediately if you are soaking through a pad in an hour or less. But definitely ask your doctor. I had this issue myself after fetal demise (before my youngest) and needed a second surgery.

It could be the birth control shot because. I had regular periods after a miscarriage but when I took the birth control shot and made my periods Irregular

You probably just need a D&C, a scraping of the uterine wall. This was a very common and easy procedure 20 years ago, I don’t know if it is still a common practice

You need to get off FB and ask your Dr that question . We are not medical trained to answer questions like that.