Is it normal to have pain months after a c section?

I have a question for C-section Mama’s I’m pregnant with number 6 just 9 months postpartum I’m 3 months pregnant. Is it normal to have sharp pains on each side of your stomach and could it be C-section related?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is it normal to have pain months after a c section?

It can take up to 2 years to heal internally from a cesarean. It’s likely a combination of that plus your body’s normal stretching during the new pregnancy.

That’s a question for your Dr


My c-section was 4 years ago and currently 5 months pregnant and have sharp tightening pain where my insion is. My Dr said it was normal.

Don’t u think u should give ur body time to heal before becoming pregnant again…


Yes, especially being pregnant that soon after. That pinching feeling lasted until my son was almost a year old and I wasn’t pregnant again until years later.

Maybe because u haven’t healed properly yet. Surgeon told me to wait at least 2 year to allow to heal after my csections.

I would definitely ask the dr as I would be worried about if u haven’t healed then a baby growing inside u getting bigger especially if ur already getting pains.

14 years later and I still get a random sharp pain on the right side of my stomach. Also if I move wrong or twist too hard I get the same pains. It’s annoying but normal

It can take up to 24 months for you to fully heal after a section. Mention it to your doctor

It can be scar tissue pain.

Ten yrs later and I still get them randomly

Did u have a csection with all ur children u said this is ur 6th pregnancy? I can say the more csections u have the more scar tissue there is which is why typically drs dont like to do more than 3 on a person. Plus if u are 9 months pp ur body really hasn’t had the time to fully heal from previous csection all the stretching of the body is bound to cause some pain. Its been almost 15 years since I had my csection and I still occasionally get pains but I was told it’s because of the scar tissue and normal so I guess either way there is bound to be pain of some kind no matter how long its been.

Hummm to soon your body has to heal


Just means your nerve endings are still regenerating. If that’s 5 c-sections, it would be normal for nerves and healthy tissue to get destroyed. Pregnant again this soon after a c-section, you’ve got a ton of buildup of scar tissue that’s stuck to your muscles and possibly your uterus and other organs, now that you’re growing from the new pregnancy and it’s gonna be a rough go.

If the pain is severe enough to keel you over, you’re bleeding (even the slightest bit of spotting), dizzy or feeling pain or discomfort going to the bathroom, don’t question it - get to the hospital

Why wouldn’t you give your body a rest? Ask doctor, nerves related to last cesarean.


Sounds like typical round ligament pain.

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Doctors recommend waiting 18-24 months between delivering and getting pregnant again. Child birth is traumatic to your body, no matter what way you deliver. Your body needs time to heal. Having a c-section is worse because it causes scar tissue. My oldest daughters will be 19 this year. They were delivered via c-section, and I still get sharp pains, shooting pains and sometimes a pulling sensation. I went on to have two more c-sections after that one, three total, and it seemed to get more “intense” trying to heal from each one. So I would say with the fact that you delivered via c-section and got pregnant 6 months after, your body wasn’t fully healed and is now stretching and growing again.


My last c section was 8 years ago I still have pain on my scar and it’s numb to the touch


I had my first two literally back to back I was 4 weeks postpartum when I found out I was pregnant I had internal bleeding around the baby they kept saying I’d miss carry or he’d be handicap because there was blood in the amniotic fluid but he’s perfect it was very scary though

6 years since my last c-section and I’m currently almost 6 months pregnant and I get the sharp pain when I cough/sneeze mostly but every once and awhile it just hurts around my scar. My theory is it’s the scary tissue inside being stretched some, Dr says it’s normal.

Is it round ligament pain?


My c-section baby will be 6 this month, and I had pain for months afterwards. Truthfully as crazy as it sounds I still get them randomly. If it’s severe or constant I would definitely talk to your doctor just to be safe though.

It’s been 9 years since my c section and I still have pain every once in a while

If the pain feels like electric shock, numb and sharp then it’s nerve pain. You need natural nerve neutralizer u can buy on Amazon and or gabapentine that can be prescribed by your ob.
If it feels like muscle soreness and pulling then you have round ligament pain. Either way talk to your dr Becuz it’s basically only been 6 months pp.

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most likly cause you didn’t wait. standard time for having more kids after c section is 2 years, id call your Dr and ask what’s going on


I had CS last year July and it still hurts, Doctors recommended two years or more to hv another child. To me nine months is too early tho.


Thought u should only have 3 c sections?


I had 2 c-sections and my tubes tide and for like 15 YEARS if I would get out of bed quickly I had a sharp pain right under the belly button. My OBGYN said many women complain but there is nothing wrong! :expressionless:

Yes, 2.5 years on and it still hurts if my daughter presses down on the scar…

I had that and it turned out that they had left an instrument in me.


I would mention to your OB and they will prob want to check how your incision is doing. That is very fast after having a c section so for sure could be a sign of something wrong but also could just be your body reacting due to the short heal time. I had shooting pains and numbness around mine for over a year after. I got pregnant again when my son was 2 1/2 and have had no pain.

you have to remember, a side that you are already pregnant just 9 months after you had your last baby, You have 2 scars, one on your body & one in your body, your uterus


Call your OB. Your OB would want you to call them.

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I had 4 c-sections. My first 2 were 1 year and 2 weeks apart and both were emergencies. Everyone’s body is different, but you have to realize that your uterus has been not only stretched, but CUT, so it has scarring that will hurt more than other women that have not had a c-section. After 4 c-sections I had to have a hysterectomy due to such bad scarring and pain.


It’s always worth bringing up! I had 2 c sections. My 3rd was vaginal and I had no pain.

My 4th though … ( keep in mind it had been 5 1/2 years since my last c section by this point) I was certain on a few different occasions that my uterus had opened up! I had sharp pains and it hurt to bad!

…. Turns out it was a case of extreme ligament pain that just happened to start in my lower belly :sweat_smile:

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My C-section baby is 15 years old, I have pain so the time on one area of my scar. Sharp stabbing/pulling pain. I was told it’s scar tissue and to massage the scar daily but it never helped.

Yes sounds very normal. Your body went through alot and you didn’t give yourself long enough to heal


Please ask your physician. You’ll get all kinds of opinions on social media. Your doctor knows your history…

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Still have pain in both of mine the last one was nearly 6 years ago and the older one is nearly 9 years ago.

You didn’t even get yourself time to heal jeez.

I had my first 3 c sections in 3 Years and 10 days…

Yes it’s scar tissue related I just had my 5th c section and it was horrible It nearly killed me.
Tube is clamped now and I’ll never Be able to have anymore abdominal surgery because they couldn’t even sew me up properly as my uterus kept tearing it was only 1mm thin they could see my son through it before the cut him out. They said I’ll forever have scar tissue pains and they can’t even put nerve blockers in like they normally would.

Scar tissue has to be surgically remove to get rid of the pain.

I’ve had 3 c sections and my youngest is 3. If I lay on my stomach and try to get up I get sharp pains like that

It might be the time between your last C-section and getting pregnant again. My children are 5 years 8 months apart. I had no pain. Even now that my youngest is almost 7 I have no c section pain. Please consult your OB.